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  1. Hello, Need a suggestion for a build for Glaive Prime around Glaive Acri-Critaata +111.6% CC // +97.1% Melee Damage // +56% CD Thanks in advance
  2. I was on a long break and came back just recently, I don't get a lot of "Network not responding" However I have connection issues in the game big time, most of the time -on recruit chat- either players failed to send invites to me or I fail to send invites to them.. or even invites get sent but they or me get "failed to join" Analyze Network in options shows "All systems nominal." though it does take around 15 seconds analyzing network before it gives me this message .. not sure if they is how long it should take. and public matchmaking most of the time I end up alone, sometimes one or 2 players would join me
  3. So they start by "on wf market price is xx" because they want to haggle for price lower than the lowest price on wf market ?!! like my example I'm offering it for 150, and lowest on wf market is 100 so they hoping to get it for 70 ? is that what you mean If so then why they contact me ? why they don't go to that 100 player and start haggling from there ?
  4. Why, because someone somewhere offering the same thing for a lower price that means I'm "tricking people" !!!!!!!!!! What we are trading away here is the product of our own effort, time and rng Someone wants a quick plat so they offer lower price, so for that I'm "tricking people" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. However there is the rare case someone wants to buy the same lowest price on wf market or even lower than that, those I tell them "then go buy it from there"
  6. Hagglers are welcome, but players I'm talking about here say more than "price on wf market is ###" .. really not that hard to tell the difference I didn't start trading yesterday
  7. I already sold a few sets to hagglers, yeah I'm not here talking about them I returned to the game 10 days ago, but yes it sadly has been like this since I joined WF 5 years ago
  8. I came back about 10 days ago after about 2 years break And lo and behold, self appointed trade regulators still a thing Like for example I offer to sell Ambassador set for 150P, someone will contact you saying "on WF.Market the price is 100P", those I came to just ignore them 1. This is the lowest price, not the only price. 2. Trading in-game is like free market 3. That site isn't official nor affiliated with DE 4. It is my time and effort I spend in the game, I will price what I offer as I see fit and depends on offer and demand I see in the trade chat I might adjust the price Or even childish behavior like they invite you to dojo > initiate the trade and put the plat just to cancel it when you press ready and leave either without saying a word or leaving a "nice" comment That later kind of players I feel like I should be reporting them in-game for grieving or something..
  9. Verv Ephemera says "September 2021", but it is not yet available .. are those loot drop in the second half of their months ?!!
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