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  1. Made a poster for the scariest of all things in Warframe. Higher-quality google drive pic. (Compressed imgur pic in case the above ceases to work)
  2. Better Clan Pending joins the fray, with our entire dojo stylised as a "functional" space station (it's a living space, hence why there's so many people) featuring primarily Corpus design influences but there's basically a barracks area for every other faction because otherwise we couldn't justify having non-Corpus research labs and that'd suck for our stock of mastery fodder. Huge salutations to the entire clan who in a little over a weak managed the construction on their backs, farming millions of Plastids, Polymer and Alloys to feed the beast that is the 100x decoration cost clan tier multiplier. I know some might have an issue with the video at points featuring people more than the decorating, alright, but for one they deserve it, for two doesn't seem to be against the rules - frankly, if you don't use Warframe's one and true endgame to improve the dojo looks, I don't know what are you doing 😎👉👉 Clan name: Better Clan Pending Clan tier: Moon Clan Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Link to a video preview
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