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  1. 7 hours ago, Hypernaut1 said:

    Yeah, I think DE has a better idea of what people enjoy with their internal stats.

    Absolutely (or at least in terms of what people spend more time on): I meant that in the context of sample size in player-made surveys (which the post covered), not as a general statement.

    I don't know though if a significant amount of people on the forum would be as disingenuous as you suggest: to lie about what they enjoy just for the sake of complaining (seems silly but I can't rule it out, don't visit here often). What I really think the discrepancy you describe primarily comes down to is previously mentioned here and in the doc as well: the source of the respondents. It's possible - and I'd argue it's even very likely - that people from the forums are not representative of Warframe's playerbase.

    I'd agree this kind of polling can't be taken at face value but it's not supposed to be and it's not because it's flawed - you simply need to work with and attempt to interpret the data, which the linked document does very nicely. In business, companies normally use both internal metrics and consumer surveys to draw conclusions, as both of these provide different kinds of data (both of which are valuable for different reasons). As for DE though, I can't say - as far as I know, they haven't done a survey in some time, and looking at  https://www.warframe.com/2020stats I am honestly not sure if they put much stock in internal statistics either.


    43 minutes ago, Aadi880 said:

    I'm not saying this data is or is not accurate, nor to downplay ones work or insight. To the person I was replying to, I was saying its nothing that DE already didn't know

    Sure, cheers then. I was just clarifying the "But they will do nothing regarding it. Why? Because the sample size is mind-numbingly low compared to the people who are actively playing warframe." sentiment.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Aadi880 said:

    But they will do nothing regarding it. Why? Because the sample size is mind-numbingly low compared to the people who are actively playing warframe.

    That's a funny thing about statistics: obviously, you can't ever poll a group of people in its entirety BUT you don't need to. Even a seemingly small fraction of the whole can give you reasonably accurate insights, even when you're using random sampling (which is really the only option here since, well, we don't really have the information needed to do quoata sampling). In practice: the sample size in this survey would be good enough to produce data with a 99% confidence level (academics normally use 95%) with the margin of error being 3% for a group consisting of a MILLION people - and, while I don't have the player stats obviously, I still think that'd be an extremely generous overestimation of Warframe's active playerbase.

    No, the amount of people answering is most assuredly not a problem. The only issue to consider is mentioned in the doc as well: it's whether the data is not biased due to where the respondents have been found at, i.e. mainly Reddit, Facebook groups, the forums and Discord communities - if people who do not take part in Warframe online socially would not hold singificantly different opinions. Realistically though, we have no way to properly find out.

    tl;dr this is as good as it gets


    Good job OP in trying to make sense of the data, it's a stimulating read, even for people who would view the results differently.

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  3. 4 hours ago, (PS4)Zero_029 said:

    Hey Dayren! Is there a better survey pending for us console tenno after this one?

    I don't think so, unfortunately - I am doing this one in relation to player activity and I have no way to check that on XBOX/PS4 (Switch now as well I suppose) as far as I know 😕

    4 minutes ago, rastaban75 said:

    I would have preferred if the questions regarding things that we like/dislike about Fortuna were treated differently. In specific, I would have liked all things you mention to get a scale (e.g. from 1 to 5) with the lowest number showing "don't like at all" and the highest "I love it". For example:

    Kitguns: 3/5

    MOAs: 1/5

    Lore: 4/5

    and so on, without limiting the number of possible replies to 3. Nevertheless, I replied to the survey as best as I could.

    This approach would be good for a follow-up survey but here, I am just trying to identify the key strenghts and problems people have rather than rate every feature individually - I didn't originally know how many respondents I could gather and survey size (i.e. like with having separate rating question for each feature) can negatively limit the number of people willing ot take it. Thanks for filling it out as best as you could though!

  4. 8 hours ago, Sajochi said:

    I just have a natural inclination to be suspicious of most surveys. However, question 8 seems really out of place in the whole thing, and when you answer that and go into 9 it can seem like there's a hidden agenda. Not saying that's the intent, that's the vibe I got.

    Good call on #8 - I have switched the order for #8 and #9, it makes more sense that way. Hidden agenda-wise, if it's the question's topic that gives it to you (rather than a problem that effectively affects data collection, whether due to sloppiness or a "hidden agenda" - e.g. limited number of answers not covering the whole problem or wording suggesting only one type of answer) I am afraid that's nothing that can be improved in a survey. At least rest assured that as long as that's the case, surveys yield non-hidden-agenda data as they technically reflect what the respondents really think. That becomes a much bigger problem only after survey results are processed by media.

    24 minutes ago, PurrrningBoop said:

    Hi, OP! 
    Hope I'm not too late to the party 🙂
    I'm not a native English speaker, but I'd like to share some qualms regarding several aspects of the survey, probably nothing serious, but nonetheless (please do not take it too close to heart): 
    Survey introduction: "The survey will be used for a video..." - what kind of video? Due to the fact that surveys gather information that a certain individual requires for THEIR OWN purpose, a participant should have a clear understanding of a said purpose. Analysis/discussion is a very vague way of explaining it.   
    TL.;DR.: I do not know you, therefore would be awesome if a trustworthy introduction was in your OP and link, explaining: who; what; where; when; how and why. 
    What about anonymity? 
    Question #6 The tasks construction seems a bit off, even after reading the next question, i feel that some aspects that i will leave out could be used somehow.  
    Maybe something like(?):  

    • Please select 1-3 things that you enjoyed about Fortuna part 1"  
    • Please select 1-3 things that you least enjoyed about Fortuna part 1" 

    Would be interesting if the questions #6-7 were remade into a section which included respondents oppinion regarding games Visual and Mechanical parts separately. 
    Question #8: Isn't friendly for me, how am I supposed to know if I joined somewhere within  Octavias update timeline? Regardless of my answer it will kill off any chance of a statistical analysis, if that is the goal of course. (what value does my answer has if i'm not a day one player?) 
    Question #9 Would have liked an option to select several variants, also "playing Fortuna" and "playing Fortuna more" are, I feel, 2 different questions.

    Also, a friendly thread bump 🙂

    Hey, first off, thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! Based on it,

    - updated the introduction with more details, channel link, anonymity concerns
    - #6 and 7# - yes, the questions are way too big/general but visuals couldn't stand on their own - there's not much to them, it'd be more or less "do you like them, yes or now" - in retrospect, even that would probably be a better way to go around but unfortunately, there's too much pre-existing data to change the structure now and have respondents re-take the survey
    - #8 was pushed to the bottom, allowed it to be skipped - to clarify, it's not directly tied to Fortuna, rather its reception - to see which updates people see as the best and how it relates to playercount statistics
    - #9 reworded to just "playing Fortuna"

    again, thanks for taking the time to write all this down!


    3 minutes ago, FlusteredFerret said:

    I think we need to bear in mind Fortuna isn't quite finished yet.

    Would have liked more options on what we like / dislike about it.


    That said, it is starting to feel just a little bland already. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel one or two lore quests would help prolong interest and make it feel more connected to the rest of the game...like how we have Saya's Vigil and the Revenant quests for Plains of Eidolon.


    If you select "other" - it was outlined in the questions but now it should hopefully be more clear. If you have more than one thing not included in the static answer options you'd like to mention, just write all of it into the "other" field, I'll sort through it after the survey's concluded.

    If you really want, you can fill out the survey again with this in mind: the survey only allows one response per user so as long as you're on the same device you can retake the survey and it'll overwrite the original answers with the newest submitted version.



    Last but not least, also thanks to everyone who took the survey so far!

  5. 1 hour ago, Sajochi said:

    Decided to take a look and answered pretty honestly but the survey seems like it holds a hidden bias. Maybe I'm just being overly suspicious. 

    Please, do elaborate: it is not supposed to. The wording, answering mechanisms and question order can be edited on the go if needed be.

  6. Hey, to keep it brief: I am a questionable internet person and I am looking for some real data to base a questionable internet video on so that I don't have to preface every sentence with "I think that" and "In my opinion".

    To keep it as accurate as possible, I am gathering as many answers as possible from as many diverse places as possible, so naturally, I am now asking for your help here on the forums. If you are on PC and had a chance to experience Fortuna, it would help a great deal if you could take a few minutes to fill out the survey linked below. Thank you in advance!


  7. Better Clan Pending joins the fray, with our entire dojo stylised as a "functional" space station (it's a living space, hence why there's so many people) featuring primarily Corpus design influences but there's basically a barracks area for every other faction because otherwise we couldn't justify having non-Corpus research labs and that'd suck for our stock of mastery fodder.

    Huge salutations to the entire clan who in a little over a weak managed the construction on their backs, farming millions of Plastids, Polymer and Alloys to feed the beast that is the 100x decoration cost clan tier multiplier. I know some might have an issue with the video at points featuring people more than the decorating, alright, but for one they deserve it, for two doesn't seem to be against the rules - frankly, if you don't use Warframe's one and true endgame to improve the dojo looks, I don't know what are you doing 😎👉👉


    Clan name: Better Clan Pending

    Clan tier: Moon Clan

    Clan platform: PC

    Clan role: Founding Warlord

    Link to a video preview

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  8. Euh, put togather a few not-so-interesting clips and added rather unfitting music, for dem lolz. Feel free to watch, switch to  720p if having problems with video quality: 



    Also! Good luck to other people, seen a few really awesome entries on my brief stroll through the thread :D




    (Edited! Added the /youtube player thingy! With misleading thumbnail! Makes it look way better than it actually is! Exclamation mark!)

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