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  1. Wjat kills me the most with NW is the lore delivery. I remember reading that it was supposed to be a new lore delivery tool but for me its fallen flat. I cant stand her vpice and so far none of the lore fits into the lore, if that makes sense. Might just be me but the who what where is just blah.
  2. Cool thanks for the clarification. Im not a combo guy I just mash E so I never would have noticed.
  3. So I tried the wukong and cant figure out what they melee 3.0 part is. Like what is different?
  4. I got lucky. 4 runs all 4 parts no duplicates. Weeeeee
  5. Yes. I agree with you. I was only giving an example to keep it grounded for anyone who may not understand the games mechanics and help them understand why it may not work the way they expect it to.
  6. Disruption is the best part so far. Its a good balance for time and difficulty. They should remove the mods though, they suk.
  7. 6000 = 6K. You are correct. Butt 100*60=6000 - dr% from armor (say 80%) = 1200. The numbers look nice but armor scaling will make it useless against armor. Its a cool party trick.
  8. 6k damage reflect does zilch when u factor armor scaling, daiku looks useful though.
  9. They need to remove the whole natah crap. I cant see sh*t with her stupid face. Plus I have all that anooying crap muted so i dont have to en to it 30 different times. Its a decent fight could be better with some tweaks. But they need to modify the droptable and add some resources, to boost repeatability. As it stands few will play it after they collect the mods and wisp. Its a good fight but not that good.
  10. It took awhile. There is a terminal on the platform u use it after u destroy a synovia.
  11. The drop table looks good for wisp parts no 2% pieces. But the table turns it into a one and done boss. What reason is there to keep coming back? They should have added a 10x hexenon drop aswell. So they listened to complaints on drop chance but now the lack of useable and or necessary drops kills any reason to come back. Just like all the other bosses. I cant remember the last time i ran something other than eidolons because i aquired what i needed from them. They could have atleast made mods for weapons people actually use. These mods wont make crap weapons more fun to play.
  12. This is where wisp should be, less tedious to farm vs boss. Ill give it a go but the should remove the mods and go relic only for this mode. New mods dont interest me in the least. At least make the afinity on par with running hydron, once u get the mods and no longer need hexenon why would anyone bother.
  13. Not excited about thumpers. Im afraid they will just make POE too annoying to play. They should drop the weak point gimmick and just let us blast them. Or make them a bounty only spawn so we can grind POE with out the added headache.
  14. Please allow use of primary and secondary weapons during aegis storm. Bale fire is slow boring and after a certain enemy level it becomes useless.
  15. Why?? This crap is why some of us use him. Who wants to manual scan anything? Just less reason for me to play Fortuna. Scanning things is such an imersion breaker for me.
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