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  1. ing no on this. Messes with my eyes. And because i use prowl 99.9% of the time her aesthetics are pointless.
  2. Damn i would gladly pay to use m on top line stuff. But if thats the case ill just keep using other RJs. I think mine as is has 10 minutes of flight time because screw farming. So much easier to just t others do the work so i can just play the damn game.
  3. The gunner intrinsic has a snap to lead indicator bonus cant remember what level it is on. Im putting all points in gunner for that.
  4. Talk to support general discussion cant help.
  5. Iv been plating RJ since launch and have seen exactly 0 of these ships. Where what and how the heck do i find them?
  6. Got acceltra with riven and hunters munition and mesa works well for me
  7. Amesha is the way, our lord and savior! Steve did say he wanted everyone to stop using itzal all the time lol.
  8. I dont see any stat change when upgrading avionics grid. Bugged maybe or am i missing something like i dont know maybe an ingame tutorial or help guide?
  9. I haven't played much railjack, Im having trouble getting behind the purpose so to speak. What can I gain from RJ that adds to the core game? Are there mods, weapons or mats i could use elsewhere? It just feels disconnected and compartmentalized similar to archwing, where everything gained or experienced is useless in any other part of the game. its a great add on dont get me wrong but thats the issue i have is that its an add on not an organic growth of the main content. Maybe im wrong or that organic part just isnt here yet. Maybe i just fell victim to the hype train. But at this point i just camt find a reason to hammer away at it.
  10. Im thinking Great Fox or The Flacid Perpetrator eithr one will work. Im at work so have not updated yet, dont steal my memes! Others i thought of: The Pen15 clubhouse The clam ram shack The YMCA back ally Axe wound plugger
  11. Its always affected gameplay. There is no pay to win. Pay for faster yes l, but entirely achievable without. I played for 5 years without spending a dime. And considering how easily you can trade plat for prime parts you never have to spend money.
  12. After watching the gameplay I'm torn. I feel they should have built it from solo into co-op. If they don't have a functioning system to join random groups and we have to deal with the toxic recruit chat it will be a disaster, the last time I tried to recruit it took longer to setup than the mission took to complete it was a joke. On one hand it looks fun with a crew but easily could turn into a micromanaging nightmare with inexperienced players, and who the hell wants to voice chat in this game let alone type orders to crew members. That is the dumbest setup. outside of pro league games I have never once played a game that required talking to people to accomplish a simple task.
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