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  1. Why do you play this game if you have nothing but negativity to say about it? If I thought what you do about this game, I'm sorry I wouldn't play it I would go do something else with my time.
  2. Will we be able to use the Diluted Thermia for the Deck 12 escalation Boss Fight after the Thermia Fractures event ends if we still have some in our inventory? Or will we only be able to use it during the event to farm Hildryn parts bp? Also does it use up one Diluted Thermia from from whomever inserts it or does it take one from everyone in the squad?
  3. Before the rework I could be mining, fishing, or scanning something when enemies come around and all I had to do it was quick melee then go back to mining, etc. Now every time I just want to melee an enemy disturbing me while I'm mining, fishing, or whatever I have to keep pulling out the item wheel to re-equip my mining tool or fishing spear. This breaks up the fluidity of what I'm doing and just gets annoying after a while, especially if enemies keep re-spawning periodically in the area. Why can't whatever is equipped previously regardless of it being a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, mining tool, scanner, or fishing spear just be fluid with the new melee rework. Why does my primary or secondary weapon need to be re-installed and not whatever item i was using after I just want to quick melee a nuisance then quickly go back to what I was doing while mining or fishing? So far that is the biggest issue I have with the new rework. I really do enjoy the new fluidity of the gun to melee play.
  4. I love the new more fluid melee to gun switching but I have one issue that is annoying with it. When mining or scanning something and an enemy comes near me an I want to just melee it to get rid of it and go back to mining I have to pull the item wheel back out again because it removes my mining tool when I melee. When you do a melee with the fishing spear equipped and you press aim or fire button the fishing spear comes back automatically but not with mining tools or scanner. Please make it when you use melee that whatever was equipped before whether a weapon, mining tool, scanner, etc. keeps that item equipped when the fire button or aim button is pressed again instead of going back to the gun. It is extremely annoying to have to keep pulling out the item wheel to equip my mining tool every time I just want to quick melee kill an enemy nearby. Please can you make this possible? Edit: It looks like the fishing spear staying on even after melee for me was an isolated glitch because it doesn't seem work that way anymore.
  5. WOW, It's very simple you turn your PC or whatever device you have you watch Twitch with then open twitch turn volume off. Make sure device sleep mode is disabled and device is plugged in to a wall or power supply of sorts. If you have a twitch account linked to warframe and here is another important part, you are Subscribed to the Warframe channel. You should get the drop if something so trivial is what you need to make you feel better. Someone in the world is always asleep, tough luck. Plus it's 7pm their time, I think they are doing more than they should to accommodate people of all days like Valentine's Day, where they could be out enjoying time with loved ones instead of here for yours or others entertainment. Thanks DE for all you are doing and keep up the good work.
  6. Good thing they always put it up on youtube immediately after for you to watch anytime and you can actually FF or REV through content. Only thing is you miss out on winning prizes while live on twitch. which is probably about a 1/100000 chance of happening anyway.
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