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  1. OH man, I wish I saw this earlier. DE really should pin your stuff!
  2. For the time-zone-challenged: Thanks to the spreadsheet guy who updates this! At: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-1VQuL7gjUaxm7XLd1MNP_RjqgVaF_i911eNQCkfXoY/
  3. Please. Please just make the fight either shorter by timer, or get faster if you defend well enough (or turn it into a defence wave based on enemies killed) Because as it is right now, it is a TERRRIBLE fight for farming Trinity. I had to farm trin2 for helminth, and 15 minutes PER attempt was an abysmal, boring slog of just standing around and waiting for timers to end. SOME interactivity that benefits the player, by rewarding with shorter missions, or/and brain activation please. As it is right now, trin is really not something I'd recommend newer players to get, unless they can get their hands on prime. which is a shame...because... it's Trin. Also maybe even out the drop rates for all 3 parts. Systems being on a lower drop rate is just so 2017~
  4. I came here for the fanart collection. Please share the artists who were featured on the stream! ^-^
  5. I had an idea I always found it really weird and well... nonsensical to have larvlings show their potential weapon in a FLOATING UI ELEMENT over their heads. It makes no sense in-universe. but of course, it's an absolutely necessary feature. But hear me out: Why not just equip the Larvlings with base version of the weapon too? They're already infused with Kuva by being specially chosen grineer, so why not hand them a special grineer weapon too. *cough* Bramma *cough*. then the floaty UI thing will make sense: because we're just getting a closer look. This has no farming implications or benefits, a player would see the weapon in a few seconds anyway. And since NPCs can clearly equip weapons of most classes in Railjack (IDK about melee yet), it shouldn't need more coding for the most part. Would be really neat to get this with the corpus liches! It was the last Devstream showing the corpus larvling wielding an unrecognizable weapon that gave me this idea.
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