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  1. Why did they bother with this system? Wouldn't it be easier to just put a button on the Arsenal screen, and when you press it, it checks your loadout to see if it matches one of the most-used templates, and then either gives you 1-3 steel currency chits, or else locks you out of running missions for 20-40 minutes? Same result with much less hassle. (I'm gonna claim I'm joking instead of just being salty. To DE's credit the system is exactly what they said it would be... just not something that in any way appeals to me as a player).
  2. Well yes, that's part of it and I guess I needed to make that explicit. L4D's Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Tanks and Witches etc are crucial dynamic design elements to procedurally crafting a satisfyingly interesting flow to the mission. Warframe already has similar special enemies (Nullifiers, Ancients, Eximi, etc) but it doesn't use them with necessary creativity (and then you've got the Orb Vallis where instead of snipers and CC units complementing the horde, they ARE the horde, and everything is awful). Hence why a (relatively) simple AI Director to procedurally but strategically spawn them when and where would be a tremendous improvement to the design. And not all mission types need get the same treatment. Survival can still be 99.9% horde with special units only rarely breaking up the pace. Whereas something like spy and sabotage can be a lot more tactical from the enemy's pov.
  3. https://left4dead.fandom.com/wiki/The_Director Been in the back of my mind for 6+ years... And surprised I've never seen it mentioned that I can recall. This is an old tool that dynamically spawns enemies/resources based on player performance in the mission. It seems like the applicability of such a feature to Warframe's procedural mission design would be obvious. I understand that warframe's maps not being as linear complicates the implementation, but the philosophies behind L4D's director still seem like they would be the perfect way to make gameplay more interesting and more challenging in far more robust ways that will yield exponential benefits for linear development costs. This feels even more relevant than ever with the sad realization that DE has gone YET AGAIN to the counterproductive EHP-bloat well. You already have better so many better options for dynamic and interesting difficulty increases in the game, and the concept of the Director's dynamic difficulty adjustment could tie all of that together and warframe's satisfying core gameplay could take a quantum leap forward in terms of repeatable entertainment and far more bang for your development buck!
  4. Tedium is not Challenge. Gear checks are not Challenge. Such a wasted opportunity to make the content more interesting and challenging with the tools you already have in terms of enemy types and abilities, nightmare modifiers, sortie modifiers, etc.
  6. Uh yeah, that'd be nice! ha
  7. Perfect for a Simaris reward: [Sample Collector]: scans flora and fauna for DNA samples (i.e. kavat dna and plant ingredients even when they are fully scanned- no Simaris rep or Affinity reward needed per scan). I know this suggestion is as old as the Oxylus itself, but mo threads mo chances to get it, right? Also [Scan Matter]'s existence is offensive, but that's a separate topic 😜
  8. This is ANOTHER thing that I never realized was a thing until this thread! 😛
  9. I was directing you to the thread for the topic you are discussing. THIS thread is for the separate topic of the Color Blindness compensation features added to the game at the same time. I am not trying to dispute nor downplay the problem you are having! You are not alone, and I hope they can help you and everyone else get the game working the comfortable way you were accustomed to.
  10. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  11. And I better link these videos, which do an outstanding job of not only explaining the specifics of gaming with colorblindness, but many good and bad solutions on the market.
  12. Also, this thread seems like a good place to just point to this thread which highlights specific problems in game with sound and color impaired gamers in Disruption:
  13. 😳 This is a thing??? Sigh.... warframe... warframe never changes... Anyway, everything else you said is SOOTH! And thanks for the heads up on the visualizer!!!
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