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  1. There are many low res textures throughout the dojo. There are many fixed-color sections of rooms (prime example being the bulk of the solid light-blue floors in virtually every room). There are inconsistencies with what channels similar aspects of rooms are assigned to (i.e. between clan halls and hallways). Some large rooms have a hallway stub that does not use the custom colorization at all. Inconsistencies between rooms as to whether the consoles can have their color customized or not and via which channel. Lighting customization is equal parts too convoluted and t
  2. This is so desperately long overdue. Especially with how long some branches of the menu are and the fact that there's no "back to top" and you have to step up and down and watch the animation for each step. (so separate suggestion: let the menus that branch just pop out into the empty space on the current screen instead of animating the entire page change) And I would probably leave the "animated menus" on, at least if they reduced the number of pages you have to individually step through every single time you want to do something.
  3. YES. This is another needed QoL feature to unburden us from the long trek out of one fully-animated menu chain and down another and back again.
  4. Was thinking about something like this too. It's a pretty desperately needed QoL. Especially with how much time you are forced to spend going into and back out of real-time animated in-world menus to do virtually anything in the game. Navigating a menu should not involve watching an animation for every single branch of the menu (including the main menu) opening/closing.
  5. They have barely done this sort of thing with some of the deluxe skins, but they could print themselves a ton more money with (I estimate) less work than Deluxe skins by working skill cosmetics into things similar to how Path of Exile does it. But anyway, yar.
  6. This is so BEYOND obnoxious. NPC I hardly know pops up in the middle of massive combat to scold me about about killing something I never even heard of much less knew was around.
  7. Oh, and if you really want to futher restrict it for some reason, make us go to Baro for this service.
  8. We don't really disagree, but I'll just point out that I didn't necro the thread, and one of the posts I copied was a new one (and we share our specific complaints anyway, heh). So yeah, to reiterate your clarification: Conservation has definitely improved, but needs further crucial improvements.
  9. I'll start by saying I love the relic/void/prime system for many reasons. It fills a great role in the game. This is just a small refinement (pun intended!) I think we really need. Once you max out a syndicate, you essentially have free infinite relics. Running most endless mission types will get you more relics than you can ever open, especially since the reward tables for Void Fissure missions typically give you even more! [bonus feedback: replace most of those un-ranked relic rewards with partially-ranked relics!] So let us mulch our relics for a miniscule amount of traces, so
  10. These posts in particular are outstanding feedback, IMO. In particular for me, the orange-on-orange-on-orange-on-orange remains absolutely unforgivable. The fact that the tranq rifle beeps constantly with no indication of range or direction is maddeningly useless. Same with the directional arrows on the scope that only point left and right (not up and down) and do so 99% of the time rendering them also virtually useless. Replace Oxylus's "Worse Loot Radar" precept with one that temporarily highlights conservationable critters on the screen and minimap!
  11. It's been happening ever since update 29 at least. Everyone in the squad gets the screen fade-out black-out (same as when you fall in a pit and get reset) whenever anyone in the squad uses the tentacle fast-travel thingy out of the Deimos Vaults. It's extremely irritating and disorienting, and I can't believe I haven't seen it addressed.
  12. Same! Surprised to see it wasn't mentioned.
  13. Yes! That's how it should be. (and yeah, liches just don't get any assignment. That's fine!)
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