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  1. 5 common avichea tags might as well be a thousand.
  2. Warframe has been one of the most amazingly optimized games ever since launch. I need to stand and applaud your diligence and innovation!
  3. Looks like you replied to the wrong thread, because what you just said has nothing to do with complaints about gating core progression behind an unrelated mini-game.
  4. The huge model (especially its huge corpse) is problematic, but as an enemy it's one you can deal with directly. Your allies' (Nekros) specters, however, just pile up and cover the whole screen pretty easily. They need to clip out like Mirage's copies or something. Here's not-the-best-screenshot-for-example-but-the-best-I-have-right-now. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1588036697674518420/8226DD58ED56A3BB3FC8927C7A8D3BDF8F22FAF5/
  5. They made an entire planet that's just red, brown, and orange. Ha!
  6. Great ideas! Meaningful choices! More options! A great mechanical and thematic focus for the Helminth system! LET THE HELMINTH ESSENTIALLY GIVE YOU AUGMENT-MOD-TYPE EFFECTS WITHOUT COSTING THE MOD SLOT! Start with existing augment mods, and add in new ones as the ideas arrise! Have it cost all the resources and progression that you already planned for with the system as is! Swapping abilities between warframes is becoming more clearly to me a bad idea... they were balanced against the other skills in a warframe's kit (if at all). Individual skills on warframes are not and like
  7. Oh no.... we've gone back to the old pattern... 1) Have a big idea for an all new exciting system that will transform the game. Promote it as such. 2) Realize too late that it's actually hard to make work. 3) Spend the rest of your effort and resources hammering it back down into a simpler shape that eliminates the potential it had to actually innovate on gameplay, and leaving it with just the general flavor, the same old grind, and the inevitable bugs. 4) Patch out the bugs eventually. See also: Liches, Squad Link, and (to a lesser extent) Railjack. Steel Path w
  8. All the other nerf-centric whining I've seen in this thread is baffling too me, but you two got a real good point. This is the kind of thing where I'm usually ok spending an amount I'm comfortable with purely for the sake of supporting development of the otherwise free game, and getting some flavored swag in return. But it's a fine line between exploitative sales tactics and honest frivolous premium commerce, and that line is defined by the communication and presentation. And both of you are making a very good point that DE needs to be very careful with how it's coming to its custom
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