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  1. Just outstanding suggestions! Even half of these would make for a much more interesting and engaging playstyle!
  2. I like the flow of progressing your lich now, though it's still a little confusing especially compared to what we're used to. The relationship of the requiem combination and stabbing your lich with the right sequence to when they go to Proxima and you can finish them is confusing. Why do they get the chance to flee to Proxima after I stab them with the correct combination? That's lore-breaking in addition to mildly irritating! Acquiring a new lich is still trivial (be able to kill a lot of Grineer quickly on Cassini). You still have to do it solo or else multiple runs with a coordinating precon squad. That's pretty meh but tolerable. Acquiring a Sister is a PITA. Gotta bring a kit specifically built to survive and kill 25+ T3 parvo bastards fast, SOLO. Totally doable but much more constraining. It also consumes a resource you have to take time specifically to replenish. Again, not a terrible burden but in no way an amusing one!
  3. I haven't noticed an impact on my gameplay, because these changes are the first ones that have me even remotely interested in engaging with The Steel Path. So I remain optimistic!
  4. I'm sure this has all been said but let it add to the counters of each comment! :D She's a fun run-around spamming up the enemies with nigh-impunity frame similar to Nezha (tho she has to actually try not to die). Her abilities need synergy. The benefits of her #2 are huge to the point of being a necessary component of her gameplay beyond low levels, but her #2 is nigh-unusable in the vast majority of tiles in the game. Uh... gotta do something about that. Probably need to make Marilina perform substantially differently from a regular K-drive. Lower jumps, less speed, more friction by default, maybe with some means of "opening up" in wide-open spaces. Her abilities need synergy. Her power damage doesn't need to scale a ton if her powers are synergizing with each other and the damage done by weapons.
  5. This is still in effect. On the favorite colors panel, you can pick a color up as before by holding left click, but you cannot place it back anywhere. The cursor behaves the same as just picking a different color even as it shows you dragging the selected color around.
  6. Invigorations are better than a stick in they eye. I don't understand complaining about something new that's better than bad. By all means suggest improvements, but seriously, keep some perspective please!
  7. Update looks awesome and will be awesome but HOW IN THE SYSTEM IS THERE STILL NO DE COMMENT WHATSOEVER on the Helminth feedback??????
  8. I can't believe that the feedback on this still hasn't been officially commented on! We've been effectively soft-locked out of the Helminth system for over a week now, because we can't waste the XP.
  9. Now that I've had the time to read everyone's screeds and reflect, I do have to amend my simple first reaction. 1) We must be compensated for the frames we already subsumed at cap. 2) Invigorations are a great idea, but in the haystack of this thread their are several good suggestions for how to make them better. Permanent warframe buffs are NOT it. (Enshrining the power creep is a hell-no!)
  10. Cool! Thanks for the feedback feedback! :D Boy that thread sure is... long and old! ;-} I'm still glad I made a separate thread for what I feel is a relatively specific issue, but I'll be sure to wade more directly into that one.
  11. Changing Clan teir automatically is a step too far, IMO. Then it'd happen to players accidentally, completely screwing up their builds, while other clans would game the heck out of it. But it definitely doesn't need to be tied to particular rooms anymore!
  12. This pretty perfectly describes my only solid criticism of the state of railjack currently. They went a couple clicks too far in sacrificing gameplay for streamlining.
  13. It's such a shame not to be able to build those cool rooms y'all's artists worked so hard on! ;-} Altar of Ascension could totally handle Clan Teir upgrading/downgrading. The requirements to build the Barracks before upgrading could totally remain. And no need for any time or resource requirements and restrictions currently associated with Clan Tier to change. Thanks!
  14. Upon futher review and exploration I think that what is really needed for the lighting is an "intensity" slider for each category (key, accent, fog) as they currently all fully dominate the color of the room (well whichever between key and accent happen to be arbitrarily assigned to completely dominate the color of the room). So yeah, again, just a pass to improve consistency of the behaviors of these very cool features you've given us to sculpt with! And for some reason for the craftable sky-boxes, the Void one is very low res. And why can they be assigned to the Observatory but not the Dry Dock? I'm guessing the Open Room will accept them also, but we don't have one yet. ;p
  15. There are many low res textures throughout the dojo. There are many fixed-color sections of rooms (prime example being the bulk of the solid light-blue floors in virtually every room). There are inconsistencies with what channels similar aspects of rooms are assigned to (i.e. between clan halls and hallways). Some large rooms have a hallway stub that does not use the custom colorization at all. Inconsistencies between rooms as to whether the consoles can have their color customized or not and via which channel. Lighting customization is equal parts too convoluted and too limited. Which lights in a room are assigned to the [Change Colors: Lights] or [Change Lighting: Key] channel is frustrating and inconsistent between rooms. The effect of [Change Lighting: Key] is too powerful and wipes the color choices of virtually any room. The effect of [Change Lighting: Fog] is too strong; most colors completely obscure a room with thick fog The only purple/violet options for colors are the extreme synthwave options from the Fortuna update (and it's just time for many more color options...) Bonus: Being able to color-customize decorations (even just throwing a mask over the whole object) would be nice. All that's just off the top of my head. Lots of little-to-moderate issues that add up to a lot of work sincerely needed, I think, as it's really putting a damper on Warframe's unparalleled amazing and robust Dojo system!
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