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  1. Yeah same, I was all for building a tethered napalm build of my penta, oh well, won't worry about adding any more forma to my secura penta then. Now it looks like it will just go back to being a 'hardly ever used' weapon in my arsenal, the idea of both those mods working in a synergistic way actually made me want to play with a weapon that does self damage....
  2. LOL... thought you were new for a minute then saw you've got 673 posts.... feedback on the official warframe forum is usually non existent, reddit and twitter on the other hand..... Yes we've raised the issue on many occasion and well you can see the outcome of us raising the issue.
  3. Never really been a fan of growing power but it is an option if you like going that way, I'll still stick with toxin resistance though, every little helps with this frame lol. I very rarely run amp aura's, especially the pistol one, partly due to usually running CP, but also due to the fact I've never felt my normal weapons lacked enough grunt to kill stuff lol. There are other ways to restore the shields once it's down, you've got the shield drone for example, several companion mods can work too but that still doesn't stop the fact that the one ability designed to actually restore shields costs more than it actually returns in most cases lol. Also to be honest by the time you've gone through the gear wheel to trigger the shield pizza it's nearly restored if you're using the faster recharge mods lol.
  4. Additional feedback after 5 forma... Aura - there isn't really any decent aura choices for her, there's no extra shield aura and you're actually hurting yourself to use corrosive projection/shield disruption as it removes what you use to 'recharge' your abilities. In the end I've plumped for toxin resistance seeing as she's pretty much dead if she touches a gas cloud. Abilities - Balefire - still feel it needs a larger aoe, especially on charge attacks. Hit box needs to be a little bigger too imo. Shield Pillage - it doesn't return enough shield to actually make it worth using, I've literally seen it return less than it actually cost to trigger, even more obvious on lower levels and non corpus maps.... No idea why it needs a time delay for the shields to be added either. Haven - energy drain is too high on enemies, you essentially want to have this active all the time but it's just so heavy to run, it's not like we have a way of restoring shields like you would energy. Casting cost is just stupidly high. Drain also seems to apply to nekros shadows, companions I can understand but why things like nekros shadows?..... Aegis Storm - drain seems a bit too high for a crowd control ability, range could be a bit bigger at base, and damage (once again there is no scaling damage...) isn't really large enough for a 'damage ability'. It's kind of a jack of all trades, master of none type ability. Movement is far too slow and I don't get the need for line of sight on it. Can't zoom balefire when in aegis storm either plus I still want to just use my normal weapons over balefire which also ends up reducing the amount of time you can stay in the air because that is also sucking away shield energy. Yes I can get 25 shields per energy orb but that literally gives me just over 2 seconds extra flight time when even on a high efficiency build it still costs around 10 shield per second... edit: Note I don't have any of these fancy arcanes (well not at rank 3 anyway) to use and in all honesty a warframe should not NEED any arcanes to function properly.
  5. technically it doesn't use ammo.... it's an energy based weapon so it could get energy from all those energy orbs that drop or from our operators who seem to have their own rechargeable battery pack, like the cycron or the arcane for kitguns. But unlimited ammo isn't really a bad thing, no normal weapon has a limit on how much we can use it (with the right mods in some cases or carrier) and in all honesty there are primaries and/or abilities that do just as much killing without needing to 'refill'/
  6. check in your settings, the box is ticked for legacy colours
  7. I'd rather they went the other way and gave infinite ammo to ALL archguns... one of the biggest complaints was the cooldown for the orb fight and then it was lack of ammo for anywhere other than the orb fight. In all honesty the fact you can use this one more freely (especially with hildryn) in normal maps actually makes me want to use it because when I tried it against the orb mother and in an archwing mission it was pretty useless imo.
  8. The biggest 'issue' I have (and many others from what I've seen) with arbitrations is the 10 minute/round rotations when the rewards are so poor for the amount of effort and restrictions that are in place. There is zero reason for the rounds to be 10 minutes when the rewards are basically endo/ayatan, 4 mods you only 'need' once (yes I know you can trade them). Then there is the pricing of the items you get with vitus essence where some of them are a little overpriced, especially the ephemera (which is ugly anyway due to the size of the blood, it's blade 1 end fight level bad)
  9. Looks for end of first sentence.. can't find it in the wall of text. Paragraphs are your friend...
  10. Lets be honest, it wasn't an exploit, you missed an ability that allowed us to do it faster. As you say you spent months working on this boss battle and in that time you failed to test an ability that may be used in the boss fight to damage it... that's lack of full testing before release and the fact it was found so fast by players shows it wasn't even a hard one to find. You also missed the dodgy hit boxes on the actual boss itself when trying to hit the vents but funnily enough they're not getting anything done now we're forced to shoot all the vents individually.... And as we're being blunt, if this is the type of fight you come up with as a 'new type of boss fight' can you please go back to the drawing board because this fight is now nothing more than a time sink boss fight for tanky frames. Phase 1 - you spend more time waiting on the thermia canisters and the orb being up in the air than anything else, phase 2 you spend most of your time waiting on the raknoids and fractures to turn up....
  11. I used to have some spare parts but I started selling them more regularly... now I need an ash part lol. I don't mind the need for a part so to speak but when you compare getting the volt part to getting an ash part it does seem a little disproportionate... ash is one of the most annoying to get (we don't have trials anymore which was a good spot supposedly) versus volt which is literally a case of going in the dojo and buying it..
  12. It's a bug NOW, because it's been changed by DE. It wasn't a bug during quality check before release... Matchmaking fixes are for something completely different to getting a full team matched up who are specifically there to do the orb fight.....
  13. Same. I can trigger balefire before going into aegis storm and it will work like before, but I can't trigger balefire if I'm already in aegis storm.
  14. As I said it should have been there to start with... I'm being 'polite' in my way of saying they didn't add it even though we've had the same exact issue before, it really deserves a more 'robust' way of describing the lack of matchmaking.
  15. The system for bounties is already in place, the mission is already in place. All DE need to do is set it up and add to the list from eudico and in all honesty they should have had it there in the first place as it was a MAJOR complaint when PoE eidolons were triggered in open world without any matchmaking...
  16. Fixes the thing that makes it 'faster' to complete but doesn't do anything about matchmaking... yep nothing like making it take longer on top of the time it takes to find a squad due to no matchmaking. Not to mention it reduces 'options' of frames we'll end up using... edit after about 2 hours: to stop anyone else trying to be pedantic/smart * even though it seems most people seem to understand my post just fine. Matchmaking is in reference to the lack of a 'bounty' to get like minded players who ALL want to do the orb fight.
  17. iirc, I usually take radiation velocitus, itzal (blink for getting behind) and inaros with a decent melee for the juggernaut at the earlier stage. Usually takes under 4 mins solo and it's a lot easier if you have levelled archguns and mods for it, the first time I did I did not have the levelled gear of mods and well it took considerably longer.
  18. While I agree about nightwave being a chore rather than fun 'bite size' things to do, I don't really class things like the riven challenges as 'fun'... As an 'endgamer' the main issue with nightwave is it's forcing you to do things you basically have no need to do because you've done them already, a perfect example is this weeks necessity to gild a modular item and to add 3 forma to item(s) for standing. If we're endgame we've done it and are basically being 'forced' into doing it for no reason just so we can get the standing.
  19. Spawn rate does need increasing at a much faster rate than what is currently implemented (wolf is supposed to spawn more as we go further into the 10 weeks). I've seen him once but I still continue to see a considerably higher spawn rate than usual of syndicate and stalker, they seem to have a higher 'priority', which then stops the wolf from turning up.... he needs to be higher priority than those imo.
  20. Don't they automatically go into stasis now even on the lowest foundry.. we had some changes done a while back. It really is worth getting the upgrade though, costs and rate of decay on health etc are all greatly reduced.
  21. Using 3 forma and gilding are annoying for me personally. I've just used around 10 forma on things like hilda and a few weapons due to affinity booster and I had no intention of bothering with an amp or kitgun any time soon. Now I'm forced to use more forma (hmm, yes I know we can farm them but I do kind of feel this is pushing plat purchases on newbies who can't farm as easily) and to build something I wasn't really interested in. Profit taker isn't an issue per say but when we just tried it, it turned into a bug riddled mess. Like others, I really wish these could be retroactively achieved, I've done pretty much everything on the list and it's literally forcing me to do things I have no need to do. EDIT: actually I might need to spend plat on a slot for the amp or delete an old one... I don't agree with any 'task' that could require use of plat to progress.
  22. It does seem rather 'buggy' (I'm on pc), I just tried it with 2 clan mates and a random and there were times when we were doing zero damage to the orb (correct weapon/element for the phase), let alone the enemies. Weapons and operator started bugging out and not swapping over and we were no where near the orb as well. Never used to have this issue and imo it's only really turned up since new melee and the recent change to the orb fight where it removed knock backs. Had issues killing some enemies too, they seemed to have damage reduction (no dragon keys) and needed a LOT more damage than usual to kill.
  23. same, just tried to do it on a moa and it's not working.
  24. Yeah I've noticed that the non linked mods aren't worth using even on a low health frame. In all honest I was expecting them to at least 'equal' the linked mods on a low frame but they're just not giving the boost they need to.
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