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  1. This also seems to break kogake rivens... even if you still have the prime version. Not sure if it classed as a bug or not but you can buy Wisp bp in the market and it's also a drop from the ropalyst.... no need to dilute the drop table for parts with the bp when we can just buy it for credits. Energy colours on kavats are broken, they're no longer their custom colours, they're just 'default blue'
  2. No idea, I sometimes wonder how DE manages to break something that doesn't even have any bug fixes in the update lol Only thing I can think of this time is they 'broke a database' when adding in the details for the Komorex from this update.
  3. I've got one like it too, I'm 99% sure mine is originally for the kogake (plus maybe 2 others) and there are reports of people losing kogake progress/mr standing etc. I wouldn't be suprised if that links to the kogake or one of the other 'lost weapons'..
  4. Yeah I have an issue with the kogake too, didn't look at level but pretty sure I had a riven for it and it's changed to 'melee crita something or other'. Seems like they've broken something... My adarza kavat seems to have lost it's yellow colour too, it's now a 'default blue' colour. Also really wish DE hadn't reset my colours, it's going to take me ages to go through all my frames and other items... wouldn't be surprised if my adarza (I assume others are the same) is linked to this change too. Prisma textures seem really dodgy now too, you can see the 'shape' of the prisma twin gremlins for example when the texture moves over.. Hexanon drops seem rather low imo... so we're back to the 'delay by grindfest' to get people to buy it with plat again....oh joy out of curiosity, who's idea was it to stick the bp for wisp in the drop tables for flydolon when you can buy it for a few thousand credits from the store.... kind of useless dilution of the drop tables wouldn't you say.
  5. Think it's time you upgraded the EU cdn(s), I'm getting under 200KB/s on an 80MBit connection which can do 8MB/s
  6. I hope this is better balanced than the vandal wraith event...
  7. PoE ghoul missions are an option iirc... they're pretty frequent so should pop up soon.
  8. and here I thought they would miss their delayed deadline.. buy it or farm it themselves 😛 edit: and the usual twitter getting the information BEFORE the official forum is updated, why even bother with an official forum if it's the last place to be told...
  9. that was what I was thinking after reading the OP or something along those lines at least, we do need to give the OP the benefit of the doubt after all.
  10. and I have had or have multiple parts/sets of ivara.... yet I have zero parts for ash while I have, I think, 2 sets of ash prime sitting in inventory lol. I obviously don't need or want the mods you've been farming, and nothing is like oberon, except maybe harrow chassis 😛
  11. Some of the changes will be good, some of them will be bad imo. They could have 'done better' with the planned changes imo.
  12. Keep going, you're just proving how stupid you are with your idea...
  13. The host, internet, potato for a pc or in your case low ram are all possible causes when it comes to lag. You could also check to make sure you're using the geforce not the intel gpu...
  14. I hope we're not going to have to wait that long to get the rounds reduced to one like everywhere else rather than the two they are now before getting rewards.... Arbitrations needs that more than it needed revives, let alone the debuffs that go with them, and the faster ramping of enemies....
  15. Yes you are deluded... you want to take away the one item that people PAY FOR in a free to play game. You know what happens when people don't pay into the game, it closes down. As I said you're deluded, I'd use a different word but that would get me told off in all honesty.
  16. You forgot a few frames... like hildryn and equinox prime. edit: and maybe mesa prime depending on exact leave date of the OP
  17. We've known wolf creds would expire since day 1 of nightwave I.... Could DE have publicised the end of nightwave a little better, arguably yes, but it was there in the screen to the right of the navigation screen so at the very least players should 'learn' to look at this once in a while, it was there for a good week iirc.
  18. And maybe if you read my full reply before answering you'd see I'd covered the last bit too... because increasing the armor literally just means it's a tank that can take more damage... and we already have them in the likes of inaros, chroma (depending on build) and nidus.
  19. It was originally duration based... it got changed as it basically made players immortal. There is nothing wrong with the current iron skin imo so no need to change it. If you want a 'tank that takes damage' there are other options you can pick.
  20. As said the rest they're pretty useless in general, although the sahasa dig precept can work 'ok', but it's hardly worth taking it along just for that, and the huras has a far more reliable invisibility precept although woefully inadequate compared with warframe abilities and even arcanes.
  21. You're deluded and need to get a grip of the realities of f2p gaming economies..
  22. veterans are not leaving because the cosmetics aren't free...most veterans can trade for anything they want in game so.... Sounds more like the OP wants everything for free which would be stupid as cosmetics (even though I do wish DE would do more themselves instead of relying on tennogen) are one of their main sources of income for the game.
  23. LSG501

    Nightwave Season 1

    Some of us said from the beginning that the '60%' of acts (it's only this if we hit 11 weeks or more by my calc's...) needed to get 300k points was too high due to 'real life commitments' or even just being 'too low' in the game.... in all honesty I'm not expecting nightwave 2 to be any better in this respect. Yes Nightwave 2 is going to have a catchup mechanic but until it's out I'm not sure how well that will work because you can interpret the current information in more than one way. Yes Nightwave 2 is going to have less acts (with adjustments which might end up taking longer in some cases) with higher standing but this also means that each act you miss of the weekly acts is actually a larger percentage of the overall pool of points for that week. Depending on the weekly missions you can come out worse than you would with the old system...
  24. Prime time... Personally I'd go buzlok, purely because I have a riven for it lol Edit: sobek wouldn't be bad either, got a riven for that too and still can't make 100% status lol
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