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  1. Personally I'd say the game is not beta, my view is if you take money from someone you can't really say you're beta anymore, but it is one in active development. The issue is that DE often doesn't fix the bugs that we find after their QC team have missed them..... DE often seems far too focused on the 'next new thing' at the expense of fixing the bugs and as such we still have issues which are still needing to be fixed months if not more later.
  2. Well to be perfectly honest DE should have included it in the first place.... it's not like we haven't complained about the exact same issue with PoE or anything when the eidolon came about...
  3. All that but still no way to be matched with other players who want to do the fight... so we have to hope we get like minded people or rely on recruit.
  4. Thought it was just her alt helmet... I do agree about clipping though... I saw no end of it with khora and the new syandana/armor 'fabrics'
  5. So essentially public has gone from... Player 1 - please let me leave, I don't want to be here any longer Other Players - No we want to play longer so player 1 can abort or be forced to stay longer to Player 1 - Yay 5mins up, I can leave now, I'm no longer being forced to stay (host migration if host) Other Player(s) - moaning because a player has actually left but they can continue as long as THEY want to after the other player has left. I never approved of the forcing players to play longer than they wanted to do, I've always felt long runs should be recruit so I honestly see no issue with the change.
  6. slightly different situation here... Kuva location was just for kuva, the difference being that some might not be there for 60 mins, using recruit was to ensure you get people wanting to do a long run, not to do a different mission. The current event is like this Group 1 - General OV stuff like hunting floofs Group 2 - fractures for the opticor etc Group 3 - Want to fight exploiter orb which requires ALL of group to start it All Groups can end up in the same instance unlike on PoE where they already implemented the equivalent events as bounties to ensure we get matched with like minded people, in other words DE have already set a precedent on how to manage events on open world but failed to do so here and it's annoying for a lot of people.
  7. To be fair we made a thread about this exact same issue back when the eidolon was released....
  8. Biggest issue: No bounty/matchmaking... why isn't this a thing, didn't DE learn from eidolons etc that we NEED bounties/matchmaking for stuff like this. Being forced to need 4 players in an open world causes problems because not everyone is there for the same reason. Other issues: I kind of feel it takes to long for what we get.... feel like it should have one less 'round' outside or be a third less on each 'stage' of part 2. Seems 'time gated', there have been times when the team I'm in is just standing waiting for fractures or racknoids Canister throwing is wack, sometimes it will just throw it into orbit for no obvious reason. BUGS: door doesn't always open for phase 2 I've gone out of world at the 'elevator' heading for phase 2, had to quit mission as even unstuck wouldn't work.
  9. I'll just add in: really weird physics when throwing the canisters, sometimes they'll just 'go into orbit' for no obvious reason even with a 'curve' that is going to hit the exploiter orb.
  10. meh in all honesty, seems far too long winded too and my adaptation inaros just shook all the damage off like it was nothing. Most stages seem 'time gated' due to lack of supplies too imo. Also really wish there was a way to get like minded players in a group (ie a bounty like everything else has) so we don't get stuck with people doing fractures still.
  11. Maybe a compromise as I can see some people thinking they're needed to stop some people 'running off' on their own. How about there is a timer added whereby if no one else triggers the other door it opens after 15-30 seconds from first press of the button.
  12. It will likely be shown in the 'next' devstream, it's usually shown off a little before release. In all honesty though, it will get here when it gets here... I still haven't even bothered to get all of mesa's new weapons yet so a new one isn't going to bother me much either.
  13. LSG501

    Wolf Creds issues

    Supposedly once you hit 300k standing you can convert to wolf credits... which is fine if 1) you actually get to 300k before the end and 2) the items you want are actually available when you want to buy them.... Luckily I'm not interested in the camo skins and I have everything else but I do agree about creds being poorly balanced/calculated, unless of course you're pushing new players to buying with plat...
  14. Not sure why you're so 'stressed' over it, at the end of the day DE needs to make money somewhere and it's not like you can't trade for plat if you really want her 'now'. The only issue I have is that I would have preferred DE to have just come out and said that they're giving hildryn (and likely future frames) a 'plat exclusive period' of 1 to 2 weeks rather than trying to hide it (badly) behind a monotonous event. Personally I don't mind this as long as it doesn't go any longer than 2 weeks.
  15. Most of the knockback/down was taken out in the last update...
  16. Well I hope there's some way for other people to get the stuff from the event considering there was a week left and some will have been spreading it out due to time constraints/boredom etc.
  17. We shouldn't NEED a beacon.... We've got an entire 10 week cycle based off this 'boss' and he has a weapon which in itself has rng drop rates. He's in all the marketing for this AND he's the topic of all the annoying radio chatter for nora Supposedly the rates will increase the longer this event is running but when I've seen him ZERO times in the first 2 and a half weeks then you start thinking that the spawn rate is just too low. I've seen no end of stalker and syndicate squads in the same period, far higher than normal in fact and imo DE have put the wolf at the bottom of the 'priority table' when it comes to spawning, it should be the other way round. I vaguely remember seeing/hearing about the wolf hanging around after the event but if you can't get the wolf to spawn enough in the 10 week cycle to get 4 parts to drop then something is wrong with the spawn rates.
  18. Wait the wolf has moved....I hope it's to somewhere we can actually see/find him then.... I still have not seen him ONCE since this started.
  19. Honestly, not really enough time to do other stuff imo, it's even worse when you need to squeeze in 100 points of fractures which are basically timegated mobile defence (you can't make them go any faster than 4 full fissures.). This week has been a little different due to having more spare time (good job too considering how long it took with the rng on mining rare stuff) but general play time is more about doing nightwave than much else. (pretty sure I said this would happen too in my comment in the 'megathread')
  20. What you mean some players are now starting to see the same issues that some of us were raising in week 1....
  21. Yes you can, it's in the patch notes that there is an option to change this in the settings...
  22. Just thought I'd give it a go to get some standing as I had 'nothing else to do' and my god the handling on these things is atrocious now... I can't remember them being this bad when they came out. It's literally press left (I'm keyboard and mouse) and I'm now going left instantly, no gradual turn. Then when I'm jumping trying to hit a target is stupidly hard because the movements aren't gentle. Essentially it has the same issue as archwing in that it's either 'on' or 'off' there is no inbetween.
  23. They've said somewhere it's being turned back at some point in the future.
  24. Yeah I think my comment went above your head...
  25. Issue I have is that I have zero reason to use the k-drive in the first place, they're slower than archwing and I can't shoot anything unlike archwing. Essentially I don't want to use it when I can do the bounties etc much faster using archwing so I'm specifically having to go out of my way to use the k-drive to level them up just for the MR value, no other reason. IMO they shouldn't have required their own syndicate, should have been part of the normal fortuna standing, and/or just not had any MR value. It doesn't help when you think about things 'logically'....K-drive should have come before archwing, it should have been a 'novelty' item (ie no MR value) for moving around PoE which is a much flatter open map than OV. Archwing should have come with OV.
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