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  1. Issue I have is that I have zero reason to use the k-drive in the first place, they're slower than archwing and I can't shoot anything unlike archwing. Essentially I don't want to use it when I can do the bounties etc much faster using archwing so I'm specifically having to go out of my way to use the k-drive to level them up just for the MR value, no other reason. IMO they shouldn't have required their own syndicate, should have been part of the normal fortuna standing, and/or just not had any MR value. It doesn't help when you think about things 'logically'....K-drive should have come before archwing, it should have been a 'novelty' item (ie no MR value) for moving around PoE which is a much flatter open map than OV. Archwing should have come with OV.
  2. Well you'd have thought the official warframe forum would include all of their posts/responses to 'important' topics but sadly it's usually the last to know, if at all, and we need to resort to sites like this...
  3. note you say THIS WEEK, that doesn't mean it will be every week for 10 weeks. You think the current system is fairer.. as you said later (and we all know) you can only get creds after 30k, 60k, 120k, 160k, 200k and 240k, so even if you just want vauban you need to get to 60k standing, a 'veteran' might get it in under 2 weeks but a newbie won't but then what about if they need nitain, we'll go for vauban prime, that needs 20, with 50 creds you get 15 so as you'll have a little left over from the first 2 cred packages you can get the nitain and vauban in 120k standing which is 3 weeks in best case scenario. Better hope you don't need any aura's in that time frame as you won't have enough spare for any of them... The whole point of the megathread is to put EVERYTHING in one spot for the devs. There was no need to have your own post and the whole reason there are a lot of negative comments is because there are a lot of things to be negative about this new system, especially as a newbie... not all of them have a 'veteran' to carry them through the elite tasks like your girlfriend.. Yes...I/we know that, it's pretty obvious when it's in the rewards test...
  4. There's a finite amount of points within a 10 week window to get the required amount of points. Yes we can skip some of them, but we still need to maintain an average of 30,000 points per week if we want to get all the items in the tier rewards. For newer players this is actually a lot harder than it sounds, it might be easy for veterans but new players will likely need to be carried. Now you'll say newbies shouldn't be getting the higher tier rewards but that will soon push new players away, nightwave should be all inclusive, not for experienced players only. You can not assume that you will be able to replace the points you lose from finding the capture targets, they're just not frequent enough for that in my experience. Nitain used to show up roughly 6 hours apart, not hard to work out or keep track of a tracker if you're the sort that only gets resources when you need them. Having said that there was the option of just doing the nitain alert every time you saw it and you'd then end up with a stockpile.... you can't really blame DE if you didn't do every alert that showed up when you were on , especially if you know it's such a rare resource. Also why couldn't this have just gone in the big 'megathread' feedback for nightwave.... You're making a lot of assumptions... DE iirc have already said that wolf creds are the reward after 300,000 points. The entire design of the creds store is about pushing new players to buy it with plat, they're not going to make it easier for them to get stuff.
  5. It will get here when it gets here... I'd rather it be less buggy than some of the recent 'big' releases instead of them trying to rush it out to hit a deadline..... not that I'm expecting a smooth introduction, there always seems to be game breaking bugs the QC team miss but we find a few minutes after release...
  6. Same, still haven't seen him once.. Wouldn't mind so much if his weapon was a single drop but it's 4 parts which all have a drop chance so even in best case scenario you'll need to see him 4 times... the odds of 4 visits isn't even worth considering as it will be very unlikely to happen, so we'll need more than that. I have seen a relatively speaking huge number of stalkers for myself and others and iirc from what I've read he's on the same 'list' as the stalker but has a lower priority and if just one person in your group has a stalker marking them you'll likely not see the wolf. You also won't see him in places like fortuna etc
  7. It was a bit of a weird one this one for me. The group I was in got undetected awarded on yesterdays sortie, my clan mate was using saryn, while I didn't get it when using inaros and melee. No alarms triggered or anything but obviously I was a bit more visible than others so I wouldn't assume no alarms is the requirement.
  8. But it isn't really compound grind it's just twice the amount of grind YOU want to do, likely because you haven't done the grind gradually since fortuna was released... now don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of excessive grind but I didn't see an issue with this one. You're not forced to do anything in little duck because pretty much everything she sells is available for plat, either from the store or via trading. At the end of the DE needs to make money and for the last year plus they haven't had a lot of 'new stuff' to buy (I have an issue with this too) so they're trying new approaches. I don't like the event 'delay' for hildryn, I'd rather they come out and say it's a plat only exclusivity period and then give us a normal mission like they used to but seeing as we can't get the parts you have 2 weeks to level up your syndicates to rank 5 and tbh if you haven't even got at least solaris united done by now that's not DE's fault, you've had plenty of time. They've already lowered it's requirements which imo was also unnecessary.
  9. That's only on Orb Vallis, and will likely stop when the double rewards stop. I have only been getting 3x50 outside of there.
  10. But why shouldn't it be... plenty of other games have stuff locked behind progression, technically DE has always had stuff behind progression when you think about the star chart. In all honesty the real issue here is that you don't want to do the 'grind', which at the end of the day grind is one thing that DE has a lot of (it's to push players to buy with plat) and you have to accept that, buy an item with plat or just not get it.
  11. Nope, that would be baruuk...
  12. I've had it for rivens a few times, ivara with sleep arrow and jobs done, sleep equinox is another option as far as I know too. It just takes time.
  13. Personally I don't get the issue with hildryn being behind rank 5 of little duck... we're essentially going to have to farm a level 5 orb mother mission to get her parts anyway so making her a 'higher level' requirement doesn't seem odd to me. No idea on performance mind but that's a different matter. Not to mention it's not DE's fault if you don't want to 'grind' a syndicate to max.
  14. Week 3 feedback: Can we restrict the number of mining, fishing, floof hunting per week to one.... While they're not exactly hard they do take a fair amount of time, especially when looking for rare items, and to put it bluntly we could be doing something far more interesting...or the boring fracture missions. Can we not have 5 sorties in a week for 5k, again this a balance thing, 3 at most. Sorties aren't hard for 'veterans' but they can take a long time if we get a bad rotation of missions. Stealth kills is easy enough if you have the right frame but it's not a quick mission to do. So in essence the amount of time needed to do the missions is the main issue again, mostly due to the balance of time versus return, but in some cases because it takes us away from the main game for too long. edit: just had another thought about this week. There's not much 'crossover' of missions so we're basically having to do each one individually making it take even longer. At least derelict vaults can be done solo now lol /edit
  15. 5 sorties, not an issue but aren't there some people that can't do sorties due to them having max rivens...I'd prefer 3 like others too. In all honesty nothing is hard this week but my god some are going to be time consuming and for some not fun and/or unnecessary.
  16. well I bought the one item baro had I haven't already got, built and forma'd the tatsu, I should get the new archgun when I log in I believe so should get that levelled tonight before the booster ends. Didn't get the opticor yet but the fractures are such a borefest I'm struggling to even be motivated to do it....
  17. Honestly I don't think I've even noticed the passive triggering.... I do kind of agree it might need a small buff though.
  18. probably not, but I like the idea...
  19. and this does....
  20. Yeah this 'grenade' is actually annoying and incredibly poorly thought out in context to the mission imo. In one mission we were on fracture three and by accident another player pressed the wrong button and he made a grenade and we couldn't get our fourth fracture so lost 4 points and the diluted thermia. That just makes an incredibly long winded, grindy and mind numbing mission into an even bigger one. If we need to farm this stuff for the boss fight, why have the diluted thermia as a 'reward' and in all honesty if we need to farm this in mission to defeat the boss then I will be one of many who will be complaining I suspect.
  21. Yeah waiting on farming her still... luckily enough I've still got plenty to do with the boring pre-event... it's so boring I can only do one or two at a go... To be fair though, I was expecting there to be massive nerfs if she was overpowered on release so wasn't in any hurry to get her till she was 'fixed'.
  22. exalted weapons on mesa, titania, valkyr etc can all be modded for gas as well. I did mine with mesa.
  23. First impressions, in all honesty I'm still 'getting used to' the changes. Channeling weapons could we have an icon to show it's active, it's not always easy to tell Can you stop it from turning off when we swap to a gun or use an ability etc. IE make the toggle an on/off switch because as it stands now it's an on switch with an auto disable when you do anything else. Slam attacks I kind of want a slider to adjust the angle where it sees something as a slam attack Would like some sort of visual cue, maybe change the pointer shape, to say that we're in the 'slam attack' angle. Could maybe have a little help with hitting the targets, similar to how glaives work with their little bit of auto tracking. It doesn't always go where I think it's going to go Weapon switching and auto blocking I like the faster switching, just wish the pistol/rifle switching got a buff to... not going to waste a mod slot on weapon swap speed mods when we have this rework. I miss blocking manually, especially when aim gliding.. I keep doing it 'automatically' and end up swapping weapons.... I kind of wish we had an option for an improved version of the old melee system (call it legacy mode), where we kept the old system but it had faster switching when we pressed the button to swap weapons. Many of us assigned a mouse side button (I know I did) to swap weapons quicker. I haven't tested fully but feel auto blocking affects mods like adaptation, hunter adrenaline and rage negatively. While this new system is more fluid we've lost access to an element of control that can impact certain builds. For example rage/hunter adrenaline builds where we need to take damage for energy and we'd just stand there taking damage without blocking.
  24. I agree with this too, I've said as much in other threads that I'd like them to actually fix/finish content before moving on to something else rather than getting new content, even if it's just 'one person' from each team working on it.
  25. yep and a long winded one, finding the fractures takes ages because there's no waypoints, and the defending part is anything but hard, in all honesty it's quite mind numbing...
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