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  1. 5 sorties, not an issue but aren't there some people that can't do sorties due to them having max rivens...I'd prefer 3 like others too. In all honesty nothing is hard this week but my god some are going to be time consuming and for some not fun and/or unnecessary.
  2. well I bought the one item baro had I haven't already got, built and forma'd the tatsu, I should get the new archgun when I log in I believe so should get that levelled tonight before the booster ends. Didn't get the opticor yet but the fractures are such a borefest I'm struggling to even be motivated to do it....
  3. Honestly I don't think I've even noticed the passive triggering.... I do kind of agree it might need a small buff though.
  4. probably not, but I like the idea...
  5. and this does....
  6. Yeah this 'grenade' is actually annoying and incredibly poorly thought out in context to the mission imo. In one mission we were on fracture three and by accident another player pressed the wrong button and he made a grenade and we couldn't get our fourth fracture so lost 4 points and the diluted thermia. That just makes an incredibly long winded, grindy and mind numbing mission into an even bigger one. If we need to farm this stuff for the boss fight, why have the diluted thermia as a 'reward' and in all honesty if we need to farm this in mission to defeat the boss then I will be one of many who will be complaining I suspect.
  7. Yeah waiting on farming her still... luckily enough I've still got plenty to do with the boring pre-event... it's so boring I can only do one or two at a go... To be fair though, I was expecting there to be massive nerfs if she was overpowered on release so wasn't in any hurry to get her till she was 'fixed'.
  8. exalted weapons on mesa, titania, valkyr etc can all be modded for gas as well. I did mine with mesa.
  9. First impressions, in all honesty I'm still 'getting used to' the changes. Channeling weapons could we have an icon to show it's active, it's not always easy to tell Can you stop it from turning off when we swap to a gun or use an ability etc. IE make the toggle an on/off switch because as it stands now it's an on switch with an auto disable when you do anything else. Slam attacks I kind of want a slider to adjust the angle where it sees something as a slam attack Would like some sort of visual cue, maybe change the pointer shape, to say that we're in the 'slam attack' angle. Could maybe have a little help with hitting the targets, similar to how glaives work with their little bit of auto tracking. It doesn't always go where I think it's going to go Weapon switching and auto blocking I like the faster switching, just wish the pistol/rifle switching got a buff to... not going to waste a mod slot on weapon swap speed mods when we have this rework. I miss blocking manually, especially when aim gliding.. I keep doing it 'automatically' and end up swapping weapons.... I kind of wish we had an option for an improved version of the old melee system (call it legacy mode), where we kept the old system but it had faster switching when we pressed the button to swap weapons. Many of us assigned a mouse side button (I know I did) to swap weapons quicker. I haven't tested fully but feel auto blocking affects mods like adaptation, hunter adrenaline and rage negatively. While this new system is more fluid we've lost access to an element of control that can impact certain builds. For example rage/hunter adrenaline builds where we need to take damage for energy and we'd just stand there taking damage without blocking.
  10. I agree with this too, I've said as much in other threads that I'd like them to actually fix/finish content before moving on to something else rather than getting new content, even if it's just 'one person' from each team working on it.
  11. yep and a long winded one, finding the fractures takes ages because there's no waypoints, and the defending part is anything but hard, in all honesty it's quite mind numbing...
  12. which to be fair doesn't really change anything when you can't get any other parts....
  13. yeah but like I say rather than doing it in the way they're doing, just come out and say we're giving plat a 1-2 week exclusive. The game is still free to play, it just has a plat exclusive period and I have no problem with that as long as we don't get another mind numbingly tedious event like this again... The odds are that when this event is over we'll have a t5 little duck mission to farm the next orb mother for hildron parts rather than the event being the only way to get hildryn.
  14. I just wish DE would just stop with all the 'artificial timegates' to try and hide the fact that they're essentially giving frames a plat exclusivity period. Why they can't just come out and say that they're now giving a period of plat exclusivity to new frames I have no idea. Tell the 'truth' and then get back to giving us frames in a 'normal' way just a week to two weeks later.
  15. I've been complaining about 2% or less drop rates for ages (these aren't the only things at 2% or less)... we're still getting them because this is DE's 'solution' to making players go back to things we don't want or 'need' to do anymore... yeah I know it's the wrong idea but DE just don't seem to see it like we do.
  16. are you sure it's 100 defense and not 100 points where you get up to 7 per run which would make it 15 ish runs if you can manage max points. Note I haven't actually run it yet but that's seems to be what I've read about it so far. (I could be wrong though)
  17. It was there for me just a few mins ago, the marker isn't quite on the location, you need to go a bit further 'south' in that picture imo. it seemed to scan (by helios.. use it if you have it, makes life easier) as I went inside. It's definitely there though.
  18. Same issue and I know I've scanned them all (or more accurately helios did most of them). They're also showing as scanned on OV.
  19. Dictionary definition of zephyr is a light breeze (or a west wind).. ie to do with wind, which she is. Zephyr as a shorted version of Zeppelin, well they float unless they have propulsion... zephyr already does this. I don't see where you're getting an avionic theme from her other than the fact she looks 'bird like' which is stretching the term at best and that's ignoring the fact not all birds fly.
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