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  1. Woo... rubico gets nerfed AGAIN... yet no other sniper gets a nerf, seriously seems a little unfair.
  2. Yeah you just don't get it.... DE are not aiming to keep players 'long term' why do you think we don't have an end game, why do you think everything is still be aimed at newbies.... the newbies are the ones buying the plat, they then spend it via trade or on cosmetics... You've just proven yourself how silly your idea for plat is by saying you can still get a financial income while giving out free plat..... I'm now a new player (I'm not)... oooh I get free plat from the easy to do nightwave and then I get told by chat I can sell my extra prime items for more free plat from trade... so if I can get free plat with little to no effort why would I spend money on the game if I'm only going to be here till I get bored in a few weeks/months.... Most players don't get past rank 30... um I have seen no end of players get past rank 30 this time, hell I'm not even trying and I'm at rank 55...
  3. and warframe has trade.... DE aren't going to start sticking in plat as a reward in nightwave. And correct me if I'm wrong here (I don't exactly play fortnite) but isn't pretty much everything in the game bought with vbucks, unlike warframe where you can actually earn stuff still. You are so out of touch with the game business model that you really should stop now.... the main currency of premium items in the game is plat, remove the incentive to buy it by sticking it in nightwave will not encourage people to buy more of it.. even more so when DE are clearly aiming the game at the newbies who want instant gratification and will buy it rather than grinding for it, why do you think we're getting the grinds we are at the moment. This is honestly starting to sound more like you want free plat without using trade or your own money than a viable alternative to the existing nightwave model, at least in mine and other suggestions we didn't include plat as a reward because we want the game to have some sort of financial income still...
  4. People have paid for the plat that we trade for, yes it might be somewhere far down the chain but it has been paid for. DE just aren't going to give away plat at the level you're suggesting, it's one of the few ways they actually get paid.
  5. I've been saying that rewards should be in a store (like plague star) since day one of nightwave 1 (as have others), this isn't anything new as an idea in all honesty. EDIT: Plat is NEVER going to happen so no point even suggesting that, why because the 'battle pass' in warframe isn't paid for unlike fortnite.
  6. Any chance we can get a 'part 4' in the mix as well... Part of the reason we relied on the meta farming squads was due to stupidly low drop chance of certain mods. If we didn't have to farm relatively rare enemies to get mods with under 2% drop chance we might actually mix up our setups a little. So any chance we can get a review on the drop chances on mods where they have incredibly low drop chances combined with the fact that they're only available from enemies with lower levels of spawns. A perfect example is kinetic diversion, this has a 0.5% drop chance from the aerial commander, which is in itself a rare spawning enemy on PoE, or a 1.88% drop chance from the doma thumper which doesn't always show up as well. Now this new mod booster isn't really going to make life that much better when you consider that even at 1.88% that is only 3.76% chance...
  7. As much as I personally see no need for railjack there was talk of it being a 'space version' of the gates to PoE and OV. DE did talk about the 'dilemma' of where to place railjack in terms of MR level etc and hopefully it will be 'late game'. If it does go late game I'm seeing the railjack ship basically replacing the landing craft and maybe even the orbiter for 'empyrean' levels, we've already seen 'oops' moments where it shows rooms where we can store stuff etc, and then if we go back to the 'old maps' we'll get the old cut scene with the landing craft. Why do I think this, basically because it saves DE a lot of time in terms of 'fixing' start scenes etc and well they're already behind schedule.
  8. I haven't even specifically been farming creds, it's just how many have accumulated since the last time I bought kuva...
  9. It would be much better if it included kuva in the rewards again... maybe you could make that a constant option next nightwave because most end gamers already have everything else in the cred store. I'm currently sitting on just shy of 200 creds and have NOTHING to spend them on other than the kuva offering.... I already have all skins/helmets along with 165 nitain and 20 of each potato for those curious.
  10. No thanks... Not to mention the majority of cosmetics in the game now seems to come from tennogen
  11. Yeah can we get kuva in the next two inventories please... there's nothing else for me to spend my creds on.
  12. Agree with the above (although it's been offered more than once at least on pc)... the only thing I have any interest in buying with creds is the kuva. I have more than enough nitain, potatoes etc and I have everything else that it drops. Bigger issue at the moment is the store is actually broken though lol
  13. If it was bought this week (on pc), pretty sure it was the xiphos prisma skin, not the mantis.... if you don't have that yet you obviously won't be able to use it until you do.
  14. demo was just one of it's abilities (1st ability iirc) and a 'helmet' on it's shoulder. It will likely gain others the more times it's killed...although not sure how it would work if you keep using the same frame all the time....
  15. The only thing I'm kind of curious about is how it will work against titania razorwing....
  16. except in the case of zhuge prime... it's not silent 😛 yeah don't ask my why they couldn't just do 'primary' mods instead of rifle and shotgun and then stuck bows in rifles and some other weapons get confused lol.
  17. Can't say I've noticed any slowdowns... I've noticed I seem to get stuck on stuff more of late but it's been like that since they changed pass through on weapons. As said above though pc hardware can have a huge impact on what we see in game... and my pc's a fair way above the minimum needed to play the game so can likely cope with extra requirements better than a pc closer to the min specs.
  18. People were asking were for DE to 'take a break' from updates and go through and fix the problems with the game, things like enemy scaling/balance, bugs etc, not completely stop adding new stuff.... Now the 'delay' on railjack wouldn't be so bad if they'd actually hit their original deadline (that was tennocon iirc) and they'd have actually gone through and fixed stuff but in all honesty most of the big issues from back there are still in the game because to put it bluntly DE pretty much ignore everything else but the 'big update' they're working on. Yes we've had some changes to reward tables (not sure we'd have got that without the data mining issues in all honesty), a little revamp to a few maps (which had started before railjack), a couple of things added that didn't hit their original deadline (exploiter orb etc) and basically just a tweaked version of existing content in nightwave (which isn't really new stuff, it's just a new wrapper in most cases) and disruption (excavation 2.0). But when you look at things subjectively DE are currently focusing too heavily on the 'next big thing' rather than smaller more regular updates, hell even items from baro are suffering and we haven't even had as many 'special events' while they've been working on railjack. Also I'd say the consensus back then was also that most preferred smaller more regular updates rather than the big updates which essentially only keep us interested until we've 'finished it' like PoE and OV.
  19. Yeah the 'new' pigments on PoE and OV are totally unbalanced/bugged regarding how many we need versus spawns... not to mention in my experience it seems that the thing you want actively spawns less when you're trying to farm it, then throw in some rng on if it even drops the pigment... So basically no one in my clan is bothering to get the pigments from PoE/OV now, it's just too much hassle. The funny thing is some of the most heavily spawning animals on PoE require a tiny amount while some of the rarest things on the plains require a stupidly high amount... it's almost like DE didn't play the game before adding the numbers.
  20. Yeah I'm about half way if I'm lucky on this and that all comes from levelling up k-drives and vent kids. The need to do 1000km for this achievement is just too high imo. This is one achievement I'm basically never going to get because no matter what nerfs DE do to itzal/blink it will still be quicker (I'll just use the speed mod) to us an archwing because we can fly over the mountains...
  21. There's already an ongoing event which creates plat, it's called trade chat...
  22. Probably because it's a khora passive not a venari one.. Khora only gets a speed buff when venari is alive.
  23. Which is fine if the other player keeps up etc but there are times when certain players decide to 'farm every locker' before we get to the boss. There's also the issue with loading into a mission that still hasn't been fixed where if the host skips the intro video, we're stuck in it till it's done and then you find the rest of the squad half way through the mission.... oh and we still have users who continue to play on toasters and dial up. Honestly, I'd rather they ADD cutscenes into things which don't have them, especially when they take almost as long as the mission (profit taker missions for example). Actually I'd like to fully remove 'cutscenes' from some missions they completely ruin the flow and half the time I end up facing the wrong way after them....I'm looking at the phorid, then there's a cutscene and I'm now looking at a wall in the opposite direction.... If a player wants to see cutscenes there is always the option to go do a mission solo.... I normally do my first try solo so I can do scans for the codex.
  24. Actually my comment was more about the necessity to grind multiple maps before being able to do one run and then having a restriction on how many you can actually do in a day (unless you saved up prior)... it works ok with mesa (which now uses 1 key instead of needing 3 nav keys) because it's a constant thing, not a time restricted event. Yes the enemy might be coming back as an assassin but there's nothing to say how often he'll appear etc.
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