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  1. PMSL... so can't actually disprove my argument that the passive is useless without another player killing the enemy so goes for the ridiculous response that has no relevance to the argument being made.... As said above, nice try at derailing the thread but you're going to have to try harder than that. Oh, by the way we do technically have frames that literally CAN NOT die with the right builds, they're called hildryn and wukong.... Actually he does bring group abilities, the issue I've found is most people don't realise that some of his abilities work for them as well as Inaros.
  2. Nope, not my fault you can't see how flawed your argument is...You're back to trying to make out it's fine just because he can revive if something dies around him all while completely missing the point that he can't actually do that without help from another person due to the passive being incapable of doing enough damage on it's own.... So explain to me the point in having a passive called UNDYING where we are supposed to be able to revive ourselves without the need of others in exchange for loss of the use of our pistols (which would actually do more damage than the passive) while downed ...
  3. I don't see how you make out my comment as me being mad, maybe you're just upset because I pointed out how ridiculous your argument that it is 'not useless' actually is.... Your entire 'undying is not useless' argument relies on other people killing stuff instead of it's own 'damage' actually doing it.... that's a pretty big issue with the passive when it still relies on other people.
  4. And how are you supposed to kill an enemy if you're doing solo? At least with the usual 'death' condition of a warframe you can still use your pistols, inaros has this puny damage output that does next to no damage and you basically have to rely on others to revive you before the timer runs out.... which kind of defeats the idea of 'undying'.... especially when you consider wukong and even phoenix renewal on oberon or the venari augment on khora. Just because something can 'work' in a team situation because you luck into someone else killing the enemy you're trying to vampire life from doesn't mean the base passive is actually good.
  5. Looks at my inaros buld, then looks at the augment, adaptation and guardian arcanes.... nope don't see any need for more armour but that will likely come with the prime version imo. The only thing I'd like to see done to Inaros is a change to the 'undying' passive when he goes down (yes I know it's rare but still), I think we can all agree that it's pretty useless at high levels as we don't have enough time to kill the enemies without wasting a mod slot on a bleedout mod. The rest of his kit is ok in all honesty, sandstorm could maybe have some changes but other than that he's one of the few frames actually in a 'good place'.
  6. Personally I think they should be coloured independently, I run a 'yellow' energy colour on my frame (really wish we could have separate frame/ability colours these days) and my attachments so no matter which option I go I'll get a yellow 'blood' (if you call those huge blobs blood) or yellow 'smoke'... I don't really want yellow smoke or blood, let alone yellow snow on freezing.
  7. No they turned off the fortuna x2 bonus while the weekend booster is active, they've said elsewhere (check staff posts) they decided to turn it off for this weekend....
  8. Technically it wasn't turned off during affinity weekend either but neither of those are as 'important' as fortuna resources when it comes to levelling up and getting items on OV. Basically it removes the grind and makes things less of a chore and a little more fun and well we can't have that can we. And yes I think it's wrong that they've removed it, especially seeing as it was done without any notification and while the UI (still is in the case of consoles) showed the resource booster along with the event end date. The fact they're turning it back on after the weekend shows that the intention was for the booster to be active the entire event and this is imo quite underhanded what they're doing.
  9. Another 'downvote' for this. In all honesty I kind of feel the OV booster needs to be switched back on now not at the end of the weekend booster as it seems quite underhanded in the way that it was turned off without warning, especially considering the UI in game was showing that there were x days left of the event and the event included the booster in the UI text.
  10. While I do think it's bad it's turned off without warning you could have 'waited' to see if it was still active before buying it. I had the intention of buying a booster (on pc) but now likely won't be because of them turning it off. edit: seems consoles get a UI bug to screw them over. So yeah I think they should actually get a refund seeing as its not active.
  11. LSG501

    Ephemera color

    Personally I think they should be coloured independently, I run a 'yellow' energy colour on my frame (really wish we could have separate frame/ability colours these days) and my attachments so no matter which option I go I'll get a yellow 'blood' (if you call those huge blobs blood) or yellow 'smoke'... I don't really want yellow smoke or blood, let alone yellow snow on freezing.
  12. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orbiter_Segments#Nutrio_Incubator_Upgrade There's no delay in defrosting now either so you can basically just pull them out when you need them. They only lose health etc if out of stasis at 'start of new day'. Navigation/AI on pets/moas is buggy, some mods don't even work properly on the moas so my recommendation is don't think about these as something you have as a newer player, more for when you get to the point where you have 'more spare time/credits' etc..
  13. I'm lucky in as much I still need to farm eso for a few vandal parts and I haven't bothered with arbitrations enough to get the mods or enough vitus essence for the items I might want. At the same time I don't really 'want' any ephemera other than the smoke one which I have, just need an ash part... I just wish we could run it without taking on energy colours...
  14. Honestly... I've got 50+ thermia left from this event alone (the 'joys' of needing to get 100 points for the opticor vandal...), I've got a dozen or so of the new dual handed katana stance, I got the articula and I've got hildryn so (ignoring the fact I don't actually need to) the reason for me to farm thermia fractures is basically to farm the ephemera and 'maybe' the resources that the orb drop now. In all honesty though with the low drop chance on the ephemera and how long it takes to do the orb fight (it's not hard, it just takes an age) I'm just not interested in trying to get the ephemera and changing the first bit to be faster, by adding harder enemies isn't going to make it much more enjoyable than it is now imo, especially when you just need to take a frost and a mesa and well.... Basically I have no reason to even bother doing it again. This is basically a mission to unlock another one (we don't like this approach on sedna either) where the two remaining rewards are locked behind a stupidly low drop chance. That low drop chance on the remaining items makes me not want to do the orb fight anymore and once I've helped a clan mate get his hildryn I don't care if I don't get the ephemera so the entire and only reason to do the fractures is now no longer there.... It's not like thermia fractures even drops anything other than refined thermia, on PoE with the ghouls we get a drop table rewards due to bounties, on plague star we can get standing to buy things we want (funny how this isn't being used on the orb...) and even excavation (which is what this is essentially) gives rotation rewards etc.... I 'might' force myself to do 100 points again even if a new weapon was added but in all honesty if the opticor vandal is anything to go by I'm not sure it's worth it. Side note for new players: waypoints on the actual fractures would be very useful imo, spent more time finding them than anything else. I also wanted to be able to run more than one fracture at a time, a squad of 4 high level players could have 3 of them standing around doing nothing while a single player could deal with the enemies on the only fracture we could have open.... let us run as many as we want like excavation.
  15. Yeah same, I was all for building a tethered napalm build of my penta, oh well, won't worry about adding any more forma to my secura penta then. Now it looks like it will just go back to being a 'hardly ever used' weapon in my arsenal, the idea of both those mods working in a synergistic way actually made me want to play with a weapon that does self damage....
  16. LOL... thought you were new for a minute then saw you've got 673 posts.... feedback on the official warframe forum is usually non existent, reddit and twitter on the other hand..... Yes we've raised the issue on many occasion and well you can see the outcome of us raising the issue.
  17. Never really been a fan of growing power but it is an option if you like going that way, I'll still stick with toxin resistance though, every little helps with this frame lol. I very rarely run amp aura's, especially the pistol one, partly due to usually running CP, but also due to the fact I've never felt my normal weapons lacked enough grunt to kill stuff lol. There are other ways to restore the shields once it's down, you've got the shield drone for example, several companion mods can work too but that still doesn't stop the fact that the one ability designed to actually restore shields costs more than it actually returns in most cases lol. Also to be honest by the time you've gone through the gear wheel to trigger the shield pizza it's nearly restored if you're using the faster recharge mods lol.
  18. Additional feedback after 5 forma... Aura - there isn't really any decent aura choices for her, there's no extra shield aura and you're actually hurting yourself to use corrosive projection/shield disruption as it removes what you use to 'recharge' your abilities. In the end I've plumped for toxin resistance seeing as she's pretty much dead if she touches a gas cloud. Abilities - Balefire - still feel it needs a larger aoe, especially on charge attacks. Hit box needs to be a little bigger too imo. Shield Pillage - it doesn't return enough shield to actually make it worth using, I've literally seen it return less than it actually cost to trigger, even more obvious on lower levels and non corpus maps.... No idea why it needs a time delay for the shields to be added either. Haven - energy drain is too high on enemies, you essentially want to have this active all the time but it's just so heavy to run, it's not like we have a way of restoring shields like you would energy. Casting cost is just stupidly high. Drain also seems to apply to nekros shadows, companions I can understand but why things like nekros shadows?..... Aegis Storm - drain seems a bit too high for a crowd control ability, range could be a bit bigger at base, and damage (once again there is no scaling damage...) isn't really large enough for a 'damage ability'. It's kind of a jack of all trades, master of none type ability. Movement is far too slow and I don't get the need for line of sight on it. Can't zoom balefire when in aegis storm either plus I still want to just use my normal weapons over balefire which also ends up reducing the amount of time you can stay in the air because that is also sucking away shield energy. Yes I can get 25 shields per energy orb but that literally gives me just over 2 seconds extra flight time when even on a high efficiency build it still costs around 10 shield per second... edit: Note I don't have any of these fancy arcanes (well not at rank 3 anyway) to use and in all honesty a warframe should not NEED any arcanes to function properly.
  19. check in your settings, the box is ticked for legacy colours
  20. The biggest 'issue' I have (and many others from what I've seen) with arbitrations is the 10 minute/round rotations when the rewards are so poor for the amount of effort and restrictions that are in place. There is zero reason for the rounds to be 10 minutes when the rewards are basically endo/ayatan, 4 mods you only 'need' once (yes I know you can trade them). Then there is the pricing of the items you get with vitus essence where some of them are a little overpriced, especially the ephemera (which is ugly anyway due to the size of the blood, it's blade 1 end fight level bad)
  21. Looks for end of first sentence.. can't find it in the wall of text. Paragraphs are your friend...
  22. Lets be honest, it wasn't an exploit, you missed an ability that allowed us to do it faster. As you say you spent months working on this boss battle and in that time you failed to test an ability that may be used in the boss fight to damage it... that's lack of full testing before release and the fact it was found so fast by players shows it wasn't even a hard one to find. You also missed the dodgy hit boxes on the actual boss itself when trying to hit the vents but funnily enough they're not getting anything done now we're forced to shoot all the vents individually.... And as we're being blunt, if this is the type of fight you come up with as a 'new type of boss fight' can you please go back to the drawing board because this fight is now nothing more than a time sink boss fight for tanky frames. Phase 1 - you spend more time waiting on the thermia canisters and the orb being up in the air than anything else, phase 2 you spend most of your time waiting on the raknoids and fractures to turn up....
  23. I used to have some spare parts but I started selling them more regularly... now I need an ash part lol. I don't mind the need for a part so to speak but when you compare getting the volt part to getting an ash part it does seem a little disproportionate... ash is one of the most annoying to get (we don't have trials anymore which was a good spot supposedly) versus volt which is literally a case of going in the dojo and buying it..
  24. It's a bug NOW, because it's been changed by DE. It wasn't a bug during quality check before release... Matchmaking fixes are for something completely different to getting a full team matched up who are specifically there to do the orb fight.....
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