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  1. Well, I watched steve streaming a new account and as much as I'd like to think he was playing to the camera I honestly can't say I got that feeling. The push towards newbies is pretty easily explained, they're the 'cash cows' who want instant gratification... isn't grendel being stuck in arbitrations, newbies can't even get there... Unfortunately ever since DE sold part of the company to that Chinese company they've been pushing towards selling plat etc and from what I've seen this is something that is very common with that company. While I wouldn't want DE not to make profits I do wonder if this 'push for profit' (from newbies) is actually hurting the overall gaming experience for players, especially long term ones.
  2. To be fair this game has so much stuff that has issues purely because of one part being scaling and one part being a fixed number. Enemies have scaling armour/health (and damage) etc yet warframe armour/health doesn't and while that is an easy way to make harder enemies, scaling the damage the way they do when we don't get any scaling health/armour is part of what makes it unbalanced. Abilities have the same issue, we constantly complain some abilities have no late game (some even struggle at sortie level) and in most cases they're ones that don't have any scaling... so abilities also have a scaling versus fixed number issue. It's almost like DE are trying to run 2 concepts of the same game at the same time and well that's never going to work. Now don't get me wrong I don't think we should be able to one shot all the way up to end game but at the same time DE needs to be consistent in their approach to every aspect of the game before we'll ever get to a 'balanced' state.
  3. Unfortunately it's been shown pretty clearly in most streams that very few of the devteam, especially steve (if you ever watched his twitch streams playing early content you'll understand) and scott (does he even play outside of testing at work...), are not what you could call 'end gamers'... considering how much steve and scott are the main people directing the game it probably doesn't help.
  4. Because we don't all use the 'mandatory mods' and not everyone is building around the meta.... Many of us HAVE been asking for harder levels, even if it's the same maps just with harder enemies... it's DE not listening to or more accurately not giving us what we want, although they did say something about higher tier mission options a couple of devstreams ago.
  5. That's the thing 'end gamers' have been asking for quicker access to harder enemies because the enemies we have access to are basically too easy (level 100 sorties are anything but hard etc), DE said something about harder options coming but what DE have done in this rework seems to be the opposite of what most end gamers have been wanting.... they wanted quicker access to harder enemies so they could use their weapons to their full potential, instead it seems DE is removing a lot of the scaling (not just the multiplier) of these weapons so they're ultimately going to be weaker in late game, which in turn means DE can basically push endgame content under the carpet again.
  6. Farming resources shouldn't be the main reason to play a mission in the first place... but maybe that's just me.... As to veterans being able to build things instantly... well they have been here longer which in turn means they're going to have more resources and as has been shown many times they're not the target market for DE these days, that's the newbies who want instant gratification via plat. It's not like veterans haven't farmed the resources they have, they've just done it in advance, rather than after a new thing is released....it's like pre-ordering. The only complaints I can say I've seen on this forum regarding resources are hema/mutagen samples, needing new resources instead of using existing ones and argon crystals expiring..... no idea what other sort of complaints you've seen because I haven't seen them...
  7. Agree with the OP, it's kind of out dated nowadays. We used to have similar issue with kubrow eggs being a single item (unless you got them in an alert) at a time but that got changed so why not argon. It's sole purpose is basically to make players go to the void and needs to go so DE can actually give players a REAL reason to go back to the void maps. As to above about the veterans and the stockpiles... the reason we have stockpiles is that there is nothing to spend the resources on once we've built everything and because DE keeps adding new resources rather than making us use them when they release 'new content'..... The few times DE have done a higher requirement players moan about it even when the hema isn't that high if you have a full and active clan that works together (harsh for solo/duo clans but that's their choice). Making resources decay is going to do nothing but annoy those of us with said stockpiles.
  8. You've misunderstood what I've written. Basically what I am saying is that while I'm not maxed on them I've got them to a point where all the 'good stuff' is available. Now don't get me wrong, there are use case scenarios (as with all things in game) where they all could be used, nidus/inaros don't really need zenurik due to rage for example so could say pick unairu but because of the way DE set up focus schools it's just a pain to swap them around for one or two missions etc so most don't bother, I know I don't, hell I don't even swap it out when using hildryn and she doesn't use energy lol. Essentially there just isn't enough reason to swap out of zenurik in most cases. DE logic.... thinks if we don't have full energy we can't just spam abilities... players respond with a few pizza's or zenurik as you say.
  9. Status effects don't just need to come from the melee, it's status effects affecting the enemy.... I can run with say hildryn and I can get an instant 1 status effect by just running one ability all the time, other frames can do the same, we've got sentinel weapons, some of which proc elemental damage 100% of the time. So that's 2 of the 3 status effects without any effort whatsoever... It's fine for the meta to shift (tbh we shouldn't even have a meta in a PvE) but making all the existing options 'weaker' in the process of a rework, which also then wastes all our time spent on builds isn't really a good idea either... besides it still doesn't seem like they're fixing the mods we've been moaning about needing fixing for ages either (things like just status mod being weaker than status/elemental for example, cold being a different polarity to the rest etc) so the odds are we'll still end up with very similar builds on pretty much every weapon, hell with the changes it might end up that we have the exact same build on every weapon with CO and BR and just run something like a sentinel that can add the 3 status effects to enemies.... Yes the builds weren't needed for low tier enemies but I'm sort of the of the view that when you 'balance' things you bring things up not nerf stuff. Maiming strike could have been fixed really easily by just giving it a one time buff instead of it working multiple times, still allows a weapon to be crit viable but doesn't have the massive scaling it had... but nope DE just turned it into a percentage one. As to the why create a way to make a crit weapon on status weapon... because in some cases a weapon wasn't really suited to either crit OR status options, scoliac for example (as much as I hate whips) was 15% status chance and 5% crit chance, yes you can get an ok level of status but it isn't really suited to either. Range change, tbh that felt like DE just being lazy and not fixing the real issues with spin to win, it also introduced no end of issues with the maps if you're being objective. To be fair the reason we have certain meta's is because of the need to counter enemy scaling and even now DE have only given a lukewarm response to actually doing anything about the real issue. I do actually have some weird builds in my melee because I don't necessarily follow the meta but I'm also not looking forward to having to go through all my weapons to see how they work with the changes, there's no way I'll be able to go through them all in the time frame that DE are likely to give us and I'm already bored of the monotony called levelling things (you get that way after a while) so having to 'fix' builds is going to be anything but fun for me even with the 'booster' (they should have removed the need to level up after a forma for a few weeks imo). There's still no real info on the compensation either.
  10. Obviously like I said in my post we haven't tried it, but we can speculate pretty easily how the changes will work considering how simple the game melee mechanics are. (we've usually been pretty accurate with most changes by DE in the past) It's not just about the actual percentages being buffed to compensate, as some have pointed out in the main thread it's also about how weapons which currently aren't really suited to condition overload will now become viable (or part of the meta) due to the capped stacks, while current weapons that are only good because of synergising with condition overload are going to be hit hardest due to the cap of 3 stacks.. Buffing a number (and lets be honest they're not going to make it that much higher than it is now) isn't going to change the fact that we're losing 'stacks' on weapons which are made strong because of the way they can synergise status effects with the current CO, some CO weapons can proc 6+ stacks so you lose 180+% (simple maths for ease) of the damage, unless they're going to double the percentage it will make them weaker. But then we get situation I said about above where the change could make the already strong weapons stronger meaning a net 'nerf' to the viability of what is a current CO status weapon. It's why many are saying they'd prefer the current CO just gets a reduced buff percentage rather than the 3 stack cap. Not to mention many people have built up entire builds around processing status on enemies which are now going to go to waste. Maiming strike actually made low crit chance weapons 'crit viable' because it was additive, the issue wasn't so much the additive part but the stacking it did with it and while I'm not really going to miss this because I can't say any of my builds used it I have this feeling that maiming strike is the 'sacrificial lamb' in the rework purely because people have been shouting the loudest to nerf maiming strike for a LONG time due to it's use in spin to win (which was the issue, especially with macro's, not so much maiming strike)...
  11. Obviously we'll need to wait and see on release but honestly I'd say there's more issue going to come from things like bloodrush and condition overload (even with buffed values) being changed to just 3 stacks than the melee multiplier considering DE have said they're buffing base damage to compensate. Throw in the maiming strike (luckily I didn't use this) no longer adding crit and just being percentage of base now and there's going to be a fair bit of change. It does feel like this is more of a nerf for 'end gamers' than for newbies any way you look at it though and as a side effect it removes the need for DE to actually do anything that 'end gamers' have been calling for.
  12. Well on PC we'll likely either get a free booster or a booster week(end) with melee rework, console no idea
  13. Maybe it's me but I always saw covert lethality as something that should have been in built with a dagger, especially if it's a stealth kill. The whole idea of a stealth kill and a dagger is to kill the enemy quickly and swiftly in one hit. Admittedly I do have a zaw dagger with a range riven which basically turned it into a sword with iirc stinging thorn stance (which actually synergised really well with CL), the dagger is big enough too lol We still haven't heard much about the new 'finisher weapon' but I would like to think it will still basically one shot an enemy on a finisher.... the issue I have with the parzon is more about the 'mods' needed for it, looks like getting them (and using) might be annoying from what was said in devstream.
  14. I actually got a scoliac riven by luck... don't even use it and couldn't be bothered to sell it just in case this rework made whips enjoyable, which seems doubtful at this moment lol. Actually that made me think... wonder how much the nerfs will hurt on melee rivens when they get their dispo changes to compensate for this rework....
  15. Current maiming strike is a straight up addition of 90% to a weapon when doing the slide attack, so a low 5% crit chance weapon would get 95% on slide attack. With the change, we'll keep it at 90% for ease here, 5% would be 9.5% on that first attack. Yes it stacks but it will never be able to make a low crit weapon crit viable, that is a huge nerf anyway you try and sell it. Luckily I don't actually build around it so I'm more concerned with other changes.
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