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  1. why.... farming floofs is not a hard or necessary task for anything other than the floofs. I'd just settle for DE making tranq'd animals immune to damage so they don't keep getting killed.... as usual DE forgets to add in the 'fixes' they did somewhere else, in this case on fortuna.
  2. And it makes it a far less time consuming task to get said resources. OV seems to have improved on the idea a little by having multiple plant resources clumped together in little patches (except ores...) which makes it even better imo.
  3. well melee 2.99999 made the stance on polearms (kripath etc) less fluid imo, especially if you used to quick melee. It also tweaked some of the range of weapons etc. Melee 3.0 is getting stance reworks as well iirc so like I say until melee 3.0 comes out we can't really answer anything. We can say which is best now (personally I prefer the keewar) but that doesn't mean it won't see a balance pass (cough nerf cough) with melee 3.0
  4. In all honesty until we see what damage melee 3.0 does to individual weapons there is no real way we can answer that question.
  5. I'd just like a 'faster' way to get manics to spawn or even make it so all types of manics can drop the parts. I've got to farm the part for the ephimera after having built ash and ash prime ages ago (even have spare ash prime parts) while thinking I'd not need to worry about farming ash again lol...not looking forward to it in all honesty.
  6. LSG501

    Volt's speed

    DIdn't DE do some changes to speed that up recently and yet I'm still getting stuck on doors even without a speed buff from volt, in all honesty I think I 'hit' a closed door more often than them opening fast enough.
  7. LSG501

    Volt's speed

    I have a very simple solution to the 'hyper speed' volt spammers in missions because they're seriously annoying.... I just stop moving completely, they're spamming their 2 to go as fast as possible but in doing so are actually making me go slower so I make them wait. I've already 'tuned' my frames to the speed I want to go at, in conjunction with bullet jumping etc, adding in a 200%+ speed buff on a frame that is already 1.5x+ faster than base just means I run into walls and objects... which ultimately takes me longer to get to the end. So I just stop until their usually short duration buff is finished so I can just carry on at a pace that is 'more suited' to the enclosed spaces. 200%+ buff on volt has less impact than on say limbo which has a higher base speed, so while the volt might like the increased speed it doesn't mean limbo does... I sure don't like it on titania that's for sure. I actually think the suggestion by the OP of buffing volts base speed and nerfing the buff is a fair way of balancing out the love hate of volts speed. I know we can do back rolls/flips to stop the speed but if you're being spammed every 5 seconds or so it's pretty pointless, not to mention they're the hardest move for me to pull off, and I suspect I'm not alone in that... we need a better way of 'opting out' or restricting the amount of speed buff we get from volt.
  8. Only if they made them randomly spawn instead of having them in 'zones' where a particular ore is easier to farm, ie like in real life.... but I doubt any of this is going to happen...
  9. Depends... are you in china, playing their version of the game... if not then no it's not available in game. Machete Wraith is though.
  10. My 'personal' issue with mining, isn't so much the mining (if I ignore the time it takes from 'normal' gaming, which in itself is an issue for some) it's the fact that you can't just mine for the resource you want, you need to rely on rng, which then often means getting what you want takes even longer. Take away the rng, give each resource it's own colour and it will be much much better imo.
  11. Yeah I bought a load from plague star, this was when the drop was really bad for me, then DE buffs their drop rate and now they're literally useless... I really wish DE would 'think long term' when they add stuff to the game, they've had the game going for well over 6 years now so you'd think by now they'd have a 'rough' idea of how to make things work long term over 'right now'.
  12. And I haven't even seen the wolf since these changes.... DE are you sure you put the right 'percentage' into the code and not made it so it's been reduced instead.
  13. It's not a 100% chance of getting a drop, so it could just be rng doing being annoying.
  14. Well if you think it's working wrong report it as a bug, pretty sure it's working as intended though.
  15. Hydroid's pilfering storm got changed ages ago so tentacles only need to be holding/touching enemies for a chance of loot. So assuming no bug you should still get a chance even with nova using MP.
  16. I'm sorry but there is no reason that arbitrations should not have revives like everywhere else in the game so this half baked (I want to use a different word) 'fix' to the lack of revives isn't going to suddenly make players like me want to play it, if anything the fact that you're going to get some sort of hit, health most likely, isn't going to make me want to revive a player as I might die in the process... just give us 1 revive (press x type) per 5 rounds, which increase to a max of 5 if we don't use them, or something instead, still has risk of perma death but we don't have to risk dying ourselves to revive them. This fix still doesn't fix underlying issues with the game mode It isn't going to make it less monotonous.... it's the same thing over and over again Rewards are still just as poor as before, with the majority of rng being biased to endo/ayatan which also makes up the bulk of the rewards. I personally have no need for this at the moment... rewards still take twice as long to get as normal, there is zero reason why it needs to take twice as long the drones will still annoy players, especially those that like titania where her guns don't work (unless they've fixed that) against it (I do wish DE would make their minds up if her guns use bullets or an 'exalted weapon' and then be consistent with that decision) rivens are already broken so you add them to another section of the game where the weapons are reasonably well balanced.... yep makes perfect sense when you've already been complaining about how quickly we kill stuff using them.... as others have said I'd rather see a buff to their damage than rivens for them. Honestly the suggested change isn't going to make me want to play, I've hardly played the current arbitrations because of the above issues and this change is not likely to change that. edit: Actually thinking about it, this 'fix' kind of shows how detached the devs are from the game that us players play, it's all very well coming up with an idea that works well in the closed world of internal testing where you all communicate and do exactly as intended but that internal testing doesn't reflect what happens in the real game.. there usually isn't any communication and we're not going to risk dying ourselves to 'save' another player. Not to mention the dev's think that lack of revives is the most 'pressing issue' with arbitrations....
  17. LOL... complaining after 3 attempts when it has a 2% drop chance.... farm, farm and farm away is the only option here. I got it a couple of days back but I'd rather have my missing hammer parts...
  18. Honestly, my issues with k-drive are.... they should not have given k-drives their own syndicate, especially considering how poor the xp gain is with it. If it was linked into the main solaris standing it wouldn't be an issue getting the xp. they should not have made them require levelling... honestly this is the BIGGEST issue for me, they're an mr linked item which takes far longer than anything else in the game to level AND getting standing requires you to do things which specifically takes you away from the reason that we actually play the game in most cases... it's not skateboarding, I can play a tony hawk game if I wanted to do that. their syndicate has the same issue as getting xp for them in as much as it takes you away from the main reason most of us plat the game... except for the mr there is literally no reason to have more than one k-drive, there's no performance differences, it's just visual. I can't even use my pistols while on the k-drive, hell I see no reason why I can't go zooming along with my melee out slicing and dicing as I go. Archwing is faster (not just itzal blink) because I can fly OVER the mountains instead of being forced around them, I can use weapons while using archwing and the archwing has abilities.. The absolute biggest thing though... I don't actually WANT to use them, even less so on fortuna. I've said it before and I'll say it again, k-drives should have been released with PoE, archwings with OV, PoE is far more suited to a k-drive for moving around than fortuna is.
  19. you've not got the upgraded incubator then... upgrade it as it doesn't cost anything now.
  20. Not anymore....that got removed a while back
  21. My Equinox prime starts in night mode all the time without issues with the colours I've picked but I'm not using a 'starter' colour. Also seems that some colours you'd assume are 'day' end up being 'night' on equinox and vice versa.
  22. paying for the mods to be levelled for one thing... 2mil credits, 40k endo per prime mod you max...soon adds up
  23. What is it with you guys and 1% drop chances (well anything below 5% in all honesty)... the mite raknoids might be more common but they're not THAT common that they need a 1% drop chance. Actually NOTHING in games deserves a drop chance below 5% imo.
  24. Still not high enough imo, especially considering he seems to have lower spawn priority than the syndicates and likely even the stalker. Those spawn rates would be fine if he always dropped a part but the parts have rng. Also doesn't help that there is a bias towards him turning up when we are levelling gear etc meaning at best it takes us an age to kill him assuming we don't die from the napalm (which ironically does more damage than wolf does in my experience). For reference I've completed rank 30 on the nightwave missions and I can literally count on both hands how many times I've seen the wolf of saturn...I have however been fairly lucky in my drops, 2 parts and the wolf mask (which I'll NEVER use)
  25. Still not used it, it's far too rare to just 'waste' on the first thing I can think of. If DE wants me to use it 'quickly' they'll need to make them more frequent than every 2.5 months (assuming it's in the next batch too)
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