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  1. Well on PC we'll likely either get a free booster or a booster week(end) with melee rework, console no idea
  2. Maybe it's me but I always saw covert lethality as something that should have been in built with a dagger, especially if it's a stealth kill. The whole idea of a stealth kill and a dagger is to kill the enemy quickly and swiftly in one hit. Admittedly I do have a zaw dagger with a range riven which basically turned it into a sword with iirc stinging thorn stance (which actually synergised really well with CL), the dagger is big enough too lol We still haven't heard much about the new 'finisher weapon' but I would like to think it will still basically one shot an enemy on a finisher.... the issue I have with the parzon is more about the 'mods' needed for it, looks like getting them (and using) might be annoying from what was said in devstream.
  3. I actually got a scoliac riven by luck... don't even use it and couldn't be bothered to sell it just in case this rework made whips enjoyable, which seems doubtful at this moment lol. Actually that made me think... wonder how much the nerfs will hurt on melee rivens when they get their dispo changes to compensate for this rework....
  4. Current maiming strike is a straight up addition of 90% to a weapon when doing the slide attack, so a low 5% crit chance weapon would get 95% on slide attack. With the change, we'll keep it at 90% for ease here, 5% would be 9.5% on that first attack. Yes it stacks but it will never be able to make a low crit weapon crit viable, that is a huge nerf anyway you try and sell it. Luckily I don't actually build around it so I'm more concerned with other changes.
  5. I know it's a nerf, same with several other mods and said as much in my first post around page 10 lol
  6. While yes mine was being extreme, but technically correct rather than objectively, anyone who thinks they're going to give the mod 200% is being even worse... that isn't going to happen. If I'm being honest I'm expecting 80%, enough to make it look like they've increased to compensate but still a net negative to the mod in actual use.
  7. with no actual number stated... DE could literally change the current 60% to 61% and technically they've made it do more damage per status but the overall damage potential of the mod will have been reduced due to the 3 stacks... so essentially a nerf to the mod unless you only aimed for 3 status effects for CO.
  8. Well seeing as I said 'I' I was already speaking for myself..... but as you've stated for standard level content we don't actually need them... problem is very player is going to take out mods just for low level stuff because of the power fantasy game, 'grind' and all that sort of thing....it's a constant 'issue' when people suggest removing mods to give yourself more of a challenge in the 'enemies are too easy' threads. When the slot might become useful, because we want to run all our mods against enemies of higher levels so 'need' the extra slot for 'utility' there are issues with capacity. Personally I have no issue with the recoil (9 capacity so you need 5 spare capacity on existing builds), or ammo capacity, on most weapons so like I said I literally had 2 mods I would have considered and one isn't there now. To be fair though my issue is in most cases going to be capacity to use a mod, not whether I want to use a mod or not.
  9. Just had a thought... What about the riven challenge that requires keeping a 3x multi for 30 seconds or whatever it is... How exactly are melee weapons with actions which are triggered by charged attacks going to work when there is no charged attack....things like the wolf sledge, zenistar and sibear all have charge attacks that benefited from the reduced charge time of amalgam organ shatter. if they're still 'hold e to trigger' then DE are basically forcing us to lose our reduced charge time before the charged attack... will we at the very least see a reduction in their activation time to compensate.
  10. 100% block within a cone in front of you.... from what they were saying you'll still likely be open on around 1/2 to 2/3rds of your body, if not more depending on your weapon.
  11. I'm going by the heavy attack video, it looks like a small slam attack with all the effects and it lifts the enemies in the air ready for the further attacks or at least it does to me. Suppose we'll just have to wait and see.
  12. The video basically shows heavy attack as a slam attack..... I still don't think that will work well, especially for rage builds which had the synergy thing going. Think it would have been better to be always active just at a lower percentage than tying into the heavy attack system.
  13. Honestly some of those mod changes feel like they're being done more to make us change builds than actually because they're needed... which also screams buy more forma etc (yes I know about the 'first' week but that's not exactly long to go through all our mods) if I'm being cynical. Rivens not mentioned so assume they'll be adjusted the same but how do they work with their equivalent mod, do we get an increase in any limits imposed or does it have the same limit. Life strike seems like a major nerf, not even sure how often we'll get to use a heavy hit.... Don't feel CO or blood rush actually needed the changes... Not sure I like the melee combo counter only being on heavy hits either. No mention of focus abilities that affect things either... Spring-Loaded Blade - Will now provide a maximum of 3 additional stacks of Melee Range. - what does this mean, is there a limit on the range of melee or something..I hope there isn't going to be some stealth nerf to melee range. I'm going to hold full judgement until release (it's not like it's going to be changed anyway) but if I'm being honest, I'm not sure we really needed this much of a rework or how well it will actually work in enclosed environment, all the demo's have been shown in huge open spaces....
  14. It's almost like you didn't read anything in the post you quoted before commenting.... maybe try reading it again....
  15. I said pretty much this in another thread about kuva lichs... I think I'd prefer a 'slot' specifically for the variation that we can swap out over more weapons, the system proposed feels like an incredibly lazy way to increase player mr more than an 'interactive' upgrade system. But then the cynic in me can see DE's $ in their eyes thinking about players having to buy more weapon slots, boosters, forma etc.... only issue I see for them is I have a feeling people are going to get pretty bored with the system fairly quickly if I'm entirely honest. As an mr27 I'm already at the point where I'm bored of the grind to level weapons because unless I meta it it just feels like a long winded chore (an issue with the game xp in all honesty).
  16. Actually no, it's more like basic psychology in a game where players want to feel 'powerful' [edit] and I'm guessing you failed to read the bit about balancing after it...[/edit] well until we see how melee whatever it is now works out we may need to wait on that a little.
  17. I'd say players aren't against balance, they're *against* seeing their weapons nerfed to get said balance, a subtle but big difference imo. DE needs to bring weaker weapons up to the 'meta' and then balance around the overall higher damage outputs of weapons rather than their usual approach of balance which usually ends up nerfing something.... same effect of balance but without the actual 'appearance' of nerfing the weapons we own. Having said that armor scaling does probably need looking at still.
  18. The issue is we're still going to have the same situation as we do now even with the extra mod slot, without increasing mod capacity we're going to be limited on space, some of my builds already have all but one, if not all slots forma'd due to space constraints. If I have to forma every slot it will literally lock that weapon into one build because of the way forma restricts polarities.
  19. Honestly there is literally 2 mods I would have been trying to fit in, 1 of which they removed (reload) so the only one I'll consider using is hush so I have other options to baza.... It really does seem like a useless addition if I'm honest as I doubt anyone is going to go and nerf 'damage' just for a utility mod such as hush and I'm not going to spend another forma to fit it in either... I'm at levelling stuff up overload.
  20. Yeah got to say I was in the no xp camp, honestly feels like a 'lazy' way to add new weapons to increase MR... I'm mr27, I'm physically bored of needing to constantly level weapons if I'm being honest. Now I think about it I think I would have preferred something closer to a 'kuva mod slot' where you can apply the modifier to the specified weapon that adds in the extra whatever of the kuva weapon. You can then swap out the modifier rather than needing to go through the process of levelling another weapon etc. It really does feel like they've basically just modelled this on rivens with the rng etc and It's going to be super annoying to get one version you like then a little while later, after you've levelled and stuck your 5-6 forma into it, you get the exact same weapon but with a 'better' modifier or even worse the same modifier. Yes you can trade it but what if no one wants it. It's bad enough now when we get another riven for something you already have. Throw in the (IMO) annoying mechanics to actually killing them and in all honesty after today's devstream the more I'm hearing about the kuva lich mechanics the less I'm starting to like the way they're implementing it.
  21. Try a frame that needs to 'unlock' it's 4th ability like gauss, nidus etc, that should give you an idea.
  22. I've got all 5, not maxed but at a point where I'd be happy to run any and I disagree but it's your opinion. I'm not on about the abilities that cross over for operator, they're kind of sensible to use if you can. Eidolon hunts use a different focus school for literally two reasons, energy getting wiped out and the higher 'single shot' damage output, the quicker revives are handy but when that got it's restrictions it's 'less useful' than it's old version, yeah higher damage is nice but it just makes it slightly longer before your weapons fall off at high level and it's not needed for normal content, bit of extra armor is fine but it still doesn't stop a frame getting one shot at the levels where it's most useful, low armour frames will still always be 'low armour'. Combo counter being slightly slower I suppose is useful but melee is generally overpowered compared with other weapons so I wouldn't personally swap it for easier access to energy.
  23. Lets be honest DE needs to fix the 'terminology' of a LOT of mods, we have some mods which are straight up additive, some are actually percentile buffs and then some are percentile increase but from the base stats not the modified stats and essentially it's pot luck until you try them which is which.
  24. Lets see the OP basically wants the arcanes helmets AND 2 arcane slots.... yeah that's totally unbiased powercreep for those with the helmets seeing as you can't get them anymore. The entire reason that these helmets take up an arcane slot is to keep everyone 'equal' with 2 arcanes. It really isn't rocket science why they take up a slot.
  25. Considering all the alternative ways DE have added to the game to 'replace' lost energy there isn't a reason to run zenurik in most cases, it sure doesn't need another 'change'.... The fact most people still do means a few things (at least to me): one there is an issue with having enough energy for abilities (not everyone runs efficient builds) people want to have energy to use said abilities as much as they want, so cooldowns wouldn't be appreciated as an alternative the alternatives DE have added for energy aren't good enough to replace zenurik the other focus schools don't have enough of a reason to use over zenurik or and this is a highly possible reason, players just don't have another option....the focus grind isn't exactly fun, for any real sort of progress you need to resort to meta farming focus etc. Switching schools is still a bit of pain as well, I'd use more schools if they were linked to the frame mod page (and stored) instead of the arsenal page.
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