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  1. Just had a thought...

    What about the riven challenge that requires keeping a 3x multi for 30 seconds or whatever it is...

    How exactly are melee weapons with actions which are triggered by charged attacks going to work when there is no charged attack....things like the wolf sledge, zenistar and sibear all have charge attacks that benefited from the reduced charge time of amalgam organ shatter.  if they're still 'hold e to trigger' then DE are basically forcing us to lose our reduced charge time before the charged attack... will we at the very least see a reduction in their activation time to compensate.  


  2. Just now, Bioboygamer said:

    From reading the notes, there seems to be both a heavy attack and a heavy slam attack, with the latter being what was primarily shown off on the stream. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

    I'm going by the heavy attack video, it looks like a small slam attack with all the effects and it lifts the enemies in the air ready for the further attacks or at least it does to me.  Suppose we'll just have to wait and see.   

  3. 2 minutes ago, Bioboygamer said:

    As often as you want - you can do one with no combo counter at all, it just won't get any extra damage from it. It should still let you regain life, at least if I'm reading it right.

    The video basically shows heavy attack as a slam attack.....  I still don't think that will work well, especially for rage builds which had the synergy thing going.  Think it would have been better to be always active just at a lower percentage than tying into the heavy attack system.


  4. Honestly some of those mod changes feel like they're being done more to make us change builds than actually because they're needed... which also screams buy more forma etc (yes I know about the 'first' week but that's not exactly long to go through all our mods) if I'm being cynical. 

    Rivens not mentioned so assume they'll be adjusted the same but how do they work with their equivalent mod, do we get an increase in any limits imposed or does it have the same limit.

    Life strike seems like a major nerf, not even sure how often we'll get to use a heavy hit....

    Don't feel CO or blood rush actually needed the changes...

    Not sure I like the melee combo counter only being on heavy hits either.

    No mention of focus abilities that affect things either...

    Spring-Loaded Blade - Will now provide a maximum of 3 additional stacks of Melee Range.  - what does this mean, is there a limit on the range of melee or something..I hope there isn't going to be some stealth nerf to melee range.


    I'm going to hold full judgement until release (it's not like it's going to be changed anyway) but if I'm being honest, I'm not sure we really needed this much of a rework or how well it will actually work in enclosed environment, all the demo's have been shown in huge open spaces....

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  5. 1 minute ago, Aldain said:

    All that would do is exacerbate the problem of power creep trivializing most of the game.

    As long as the players can deal hundreds to thousands of times more damage than what is needed to kill 99% of enemies in less than one second there will be no way to actually design anything that has any staying power without having to resort to outright immunity to damage, caps on damage, absurd levels of damage reduction, status immunity, ability immunity and so on.

    When power creep reaches a point where it starts to cause parts of the game to need to be disabled to not be over in seconds it has gone too far.

    It's almost like you didn't read anything in the post you quoted before commenting....  maybe try reading it again....

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Hieracon said:

    Instead of making a new variation of kuva weapons why not turn them into a extension of the Arcane system. It could be a unique form of Arcane that only have one rank and add stat changes to a weapon similarly to how a riven mod does. The arcane could be called Kuva -insert weapon name- Modification and could of course only be used by the Grineer weapon its generated for. This way we could keep the Grineer weapons we have already upgraded with Formas and catalysts relevant without having to replace them with a upgraded version. Of course, im no programmer so i wont know how hard this would be to make or what problems it could cause but its just my two cents on the matter.

    I said pretty much this in another thread about kuva lichs... I think I'd prefer a 'slot' specifically for the variation that we can swap out over more weapons, the system proposed feels like an incredibly lazy way to increase player mr more than an 'interactive' upgrade system. 

    But then the cynic in me can see DE's $ in their eyes thinking about players having to buy more weapon slots, boosters, forma etc.... only issue I see for them is I have a feeling people are going to get pretty bored with the system fairly quickly if I'm entirely honest.  As an mr27 I'm already at the point where I'm bored of the grind to level weapons because unless I meta it it just feels like a long winded chore (an issue with the game xp in all honesty). 

  7. 15 minutes ago, BansheePrime said:

    Ah yes. The normal obligatory explanation of don't nerf the 1 buff the 99. 

    Actually no, it's more like basic psychology in a game where players want to feel 'powerful' [edit] and I'm guessing you failed to read the bit about balancing after it...[/edit]

    13 minutes ago, (PS4)sweatshawp said:

    I feel like with the sledge and the infested grave that came with these operations they are trying to do such

    well until we see how melee whatever it is now works out we may need to wait on that a little.

  8. I'd say players aren't against balance, they're *against* seeing their weapons nerfed to get said balance, a subtle but big difference imo. 

    DE needs to bring weaker weapons up to the 'meta' and then balance around the overall higher damage outputs of weapons rather than their usual approach of balance which usually ends up nerfing something.... same effect of balance but without the actual 'appearance' of nerfing the weapons we own. 

    Having said that armor scaling does probably need looking at still. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, kapn655321 said:

    It's thus far been utterly impossible to build anything but just damage.
    This is partly due to the enemy scaling, sure..
    but it's also due to the sheer limitation of mod slots.

    If this doesn't work as well as they hope, there's every chance they tweak the system later on.
    I think it's a step in the right direction.

    I've always Always wanted to build more utility, but simple cannot in order to kill basic lvl 40 stuff.

    The issue is we're still going to have the same situation as we do now even with the extra mod slot, without increasing mod capacity we're going to be limited on space, some of my builds already have all but one, if not all slots forma'd due to space constraints. 

    If I have to forma every slot it will literally lock that weapon into one build because of the way forma restricts polarities.

  10. Honestly there is literally 2 mods I would have been trying to fit in, 1 of which they removed (reload) so the only one I'll consider using is hush so I have other options to baza....

    It really does seem like a useless addition if I'm honest as I doubt anyone is going to go and nerf 'damage' just for a utility mod such as hush and I'm not going to spend another forma to fit it in either... I'm at levelling stuff up overload.

  11. Yeah got to say I was in the no xp camp, honestly feels like a 'lazy' way to add new weapons to increase MR... I'm mr27, I'm physically bored of needing to constantly level weapons if I'm being honest. 

    Now I think about it I think I would have preferred something closer to a 'kuva mod slot'  where you can apply the modifier to the specified weapon that adds in the extra whatever of the kuva weapon.  You can then swap out the modifier rather than needing to go through the process of levelling another weapon etc. 

    It really does feel like they've basically just modelled this on rivens with the rng etc and It's going to be super annoying to get one version you like then a little while later, after you've levelled and stuck your 5-6 forma into it, you get the exact same weapon but with a 'better' modifier or even worse the same modifier.  Yes you can trade it but what if no one wants it.  It's bad enough now when we get another riven for something you already have. 


    Throw in the (IMO) annoying mechanics to actually killing them and in all honesty after today's devstream the more I'm hearing about the kuva lich mechanics the less I'm starting to like the way they're implementing it.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, ArcKnight9202 said:

    I wonder how this game would play if all abilities had a set number of charges? Sort of like spells in D&D and Dark Souls.

    I'm not advocating for that necessarily but it might be an easier way to balance things. I'm no game developer, though.

    Try a frame that needs to 'unlock' it's 4th ability like gauss, nidus etc, that should give you an idea. 

  13. 7 hours ago, Fleuria said:

    Yes they do.

    Don't get me wrong, on certain power-focused builds, zenurik is the only way to go.

    But there are other kinds of builds and the other schools do have uses. Eidolon hunts are a classic example of this - it's probably never wise to run zenurik on an eidolon bounty, but there are plenty of other examples, also.

    I've got all 5, not maxed but at a point where I'd be happy to run any and I disagree but it's your opinion.  I'm not on about the abilities that cross over for operator, they're kind of sensible to use if you can. 

    Eidolon hunts use a different focus school for literally two reasons, energy getting wiped out and the higher 'single shot' damage output, the quicker revives are handy but when that got it's restrictions it's 'less useful' than it's old version, yeah higher damage is nice but it just makes it slightly longer before your weapons fall off at high level and it's not needed for normal content, bit of extra armor is fine but it still doesn't stop a frame getting one shot at the levels where it's most useful, low armour frames will still always be 'low armour'.  Combo counter being slightly slower I suppose is useful but melee is generally overpowered compared with other weapons so I wouldn't personally swap it for easier access to energy.



  14. 16 minutes ago, VentiGlondi said:

    Not sure if it would fix anything, but maybe making energy efficiency actually work like efficiency would do something about it.

    200% efficiency means you do 2 things at the cost of 1. It doesn't mean -100% cost.

    Or maybe they could at least change the mod description to -% energy cost.

    Lets be honest DE needs to fix the 'terminology' of a LOT of mods, we have some mods which are straight up additive, some are actually percentile buffs and then some are percentile increase but from the base stats not the modified stats and essentially it's pot luck until you try them which is which.

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  15. Lets see the OP basically wants the arcanes helmets AND 2 arcane slots....  yeah that's totally unbiased powercreep for those with the helmets seeing as you can't get them anymore.

    The entire reason that these helmets take up an arcane slot is to keep everyone 'equal' with 2 arcanes.  It really isn't rocket science why they take up a slot. 

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  16. Considering all the alternative ways DE have added to the game to 'replace' lost energy there isn't a reason to run zenurik in most cases, it sure doesn't need another 'change'....

    The fact most people still do means a few things (at least to me):

    • one there is an issue with having enough energy for abilities (not everyone runs efficient builds)
    • people want to have energy to use said abilities as much as they want, so cooldowns wouldn't be appreciated as an alternative
    • the alternatives DE have added for energy aren't good enough to replace zenurik
    • the other focus schools don't have enough of a reason to use over zenurik or and this is a highly possible reason, players just don't have another option....the focus grind isn't exactly fun, for any real sort of progress you need to resort to meta farming focus etc.   Switching schools is still a bit of pain as well, I'd use more schools if they were linked to the frame mod page (and stored) instead of the arsenal page. 
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  17. 5 minutes ago, sunderthefirmament said:

    I'm not sure what the ideal exchange rate would be.  I think a 1:1 credits/mutagen sample ratio would be a bad deal.  Maybe 1:2, 1:3, or 1:5?  I'm not asking for handouts, but I feel like offering it every now and then, even at a more generous rate than I'm suggesting, wouldn't be a terrible idea.

    The thing is with the free boosters you can get and an organised farming squad you can get a decent number of mutagen samples in a fairly short time, yes you've got to set up the team with the right frames etc, wait on a free booster (or farm some plat) but it's likely far more efficient than trying to get the mutagen samples from nightwave. 

  18. Assuming rivens work on them, probably one of the weapons I have a riven on....

    Sobek would likely near the top though, would love to get one where it can actually get to 100% status chance even with a riven... wouldn't mind the zenith being done but not sure that will even end up in the options, even outside of the grineer lich.

    Melee options only really make sense if they're going to be better than zaws (assuming no nerf with melee 3.0) and in all honesty I doubt that.


    The thing is, if the effort to get an upgraded weapon (and I doubt the stats will be 'that' much better) is too high I will likely just not bother, I know DE is trying to give end gamers a 'repeatable' game mode but at the same time this seems like it is literally pre-installed rivens on existing weapons and we all hate the rng nature of rivens.

  19. Seems more like it's timed to fit in with nightwave finishing so you can still get nitain....


    Honestly though I have zero interest in doing ghoul bounties, even though I need a few codex lore bits, because I basically have everything they drop and my cetus standing is maxed.... it's the same issue as fissures on OV (maxed there too) and normal bounties in all honesty. 

    All ghouls do (same with plague star) is just annoy us if we want to do mining, conservation or fishing

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  20. Fine but they should be equally 'hard' to get as farming so 1 mutagen sample for 50 creds should be about right imo 😛


    In all honesty I'm not sure why people are still complaining over mutagen samples, they're not that hard to farm these days imo and while yes the hema is more expensive than most other research items it's not that bad with the buffed drop rates unless you decide to do it all yourself or are solo in a ghost clan (yes there should be a 'solo' clan option), the later often being quicker to farm items for plat instead.

    Also I'm kind of in the view that DE put forward, it would be wrong to change it now so many others have farmed the resources to build it....

  21. 7 hours ago, Grav_Starstrider said:

    In regards to what I didn't quote here, I'm not ignoring the fact that there are more mods to increase DPS, and ones that increase DPS indirectly, that may be part of the Exilus slot expansion. I'm just focusing on the most egregiously power-boosting pair of mods in the game, Damage and Multishot, which both affect/multiply the weapon's strength by absurd amounts! That is the focus of this whole thread, really.

    But that isn't the only way to do damage, you don't have to use them if you want a challenge or you want to do something 'different', that's the 'joy' of a mod system (which admittedly still needs some mods changing).  As I've said you only 'need' high damage for higher tier content, there's no reason why you can't not run them, people just choose not to...

    7 hours ago, Grav_Starstrider said:

    I'll concede that myself and other players should more readily consider that they could make more "fun" configurations for their weapons and Warframes, for tackling lower level missions and content, that even go so far as to remove the primary damage mods from the weapon.... But to me, that just feels artificial, and counterproductive to any loot-hunting pursuits (this is a looter shooter game, so please don't suggest that's just my problem, when it's a driving focus of the game). Say I want to farm Plastids, with the chance of getting Condition Overload. I'd go to Ophelia on Uranus.

    Lowering your own damage is only artificial because of player mindsets and arguably the stupidly low drop rates of 'rare' mods (which I have a huge issue with) requiring excessive amounts of 'efficiency' and meta combinations to get them in a reasonable time.  Throw in limited locations to get a certain mod and it makes it even worse.  So the issue with condition overload isn't really down to the loadout, it's down to the game mechanics around the loot that players are trying to farm.... limited locations with stupidly low drop rates mean we'll go in with 'heavy hitting' gear to speed things up.


    7 hours ago, Grav_Starstrider said:

    My problem with your suggestion is that every conceded mod, removing Multishot or Damage or both from the weapon, will have a direct correlation to how long it takes me to farm enough Plastids for whatever I'm trying to build, because my ability to kill enemies (which is the best way to farm resources) will have been lessened, and make it take longer to do. It's an artificial handicap. I'd be more satisfied by actually having more difficult content that, with adequate preparation (modding) and skill, could net me more Plastids in exchange for the greater challenge. I love that DE has Sanctuary Onslaught and ELITE Sanctuary Onslaught, it gives you choice in the difficulty of the content that rewards you for the added difficulty! Kuva Floods if you can handle them, or Kuva Siphons for the less aggressively modded and skillful player/loadouts! I just don't find your suggestion of handicapping ourselves purposefully, for lesser in-game rewards, that tasteful or appealing a suggestion. I'd rather take the one, nigh-universally installed type of mod (base damage), and bake it into the system, so that we can have more freedom of choice with the freed slot, with the premise being that they'll ensure that everything remains balanced against that. Whether by nerfing Serration by a couple percent (which, by the way, really doesn't come close to your 'needing to start from scratch' comment), or just sliding all of the base weapon damages down by a small percent (which should be a really easy number-tweak from their end, I'd hope), they wouldn't be ruining or substantially changing the early player gameplay, nor the DPS and approach of the meta try-hards, but it'd be nicer for the players that already use a flex slot, and want another. Or were only one slot away from having a flex slot.

    Now, I am gonna go start making some fun-focused configs so that I'm not being a kill-hog when I'm with my friends.... It's just that in those cases, I'm not usually grinding for myself, it's about playing together. Lacking some of the better mods, they struggle to fight at some of the levels required to get certain rewards, and that's with them focusing on their DPS of their weapons.

    There's currently a finite number of resources we actually need in game, we don't need to farm them after a certain point... so there's no real reason to use that as an argument. 

    Places like eso/arbitrations were designed with our massive killing potential in mind, one has the potential to get to really high level content quickly plus a cooldown, the other has higher levels and the usual, lets nerf abilities as a way to 'slow us down'.  Having said that there is no reason you can't mix up your weapons and build around the frame you're using.... I've made weapons for saryn that don't have any elemental damage on them, I then use her spores and her 3rd to add elemental damage, the same approach can be used with the current ember (likely to not work with future one).    Supposedly DE are adding 'harder levels' to the star map but we'll see if or when that comes to game.

    Efficiency of getting stuff could be seen as an argument but at the same time again it's a mindset where it kind of has that pokemon got to catch them all feeling in game, throw in a healthy dose of 'instant gratification', especially with newbies, and well people are going to run the meta as soon as possible.  

    Again as I said before, whether you remove mandatory mods and put them into the base damage or not the high dps players will always find new 'meta' mods to build for those weapons... you can't really change this without changing the underlying mindset of the players in the game and ultimately DE have caused this mindset by making the rare mods stupidly hard to get.

    As to your friends struggling at certain levels without certain mods... isn't that kind of the idea of a progression system in game, something many 'long term' players have been saying warframe needs....


  22. Yeah the idea of being 'ejected' from archwings on PoE and OV has been a pain since day one, even more so when we had to use charges to trigger the archwing.   I'd rather the missiles do large amounts of damage (not one shot level) than knocking me out of archwing.  It doesn't help when there's a couple of enemy weapons that we don't actually get warned about. 

    I wouldn't mind them 'fixing' the 'anti air' missiles going after titania in pixie mode, even with her avoidance passive, as well. 

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  23. 1 hour ago, Grav_Starstrider said:


    Well considering I don't see the issue you're raising, because I know I don't have to use a specific mod or I can just swap out mods (I have more issue with the limitations from adding forma than needing to use 'mandatory mods') to have some variation to the meta I don't really see how I can change my viewpoint.....you're the one focusing purely on dps in your argument, I know you don't need to focus on maximum dps unless you're going for hours (no idea why you didn't understand that....) in a mission....

    I have already explained things in a simple way.... it's not like I'm using some strange part of the English language to explain things.... 

    You're also taking a very simplistic viewpoint over how players can increase dps...  ok you take away your mandatory mods and add them straight into the weapons or as a single combi mod instead (we'll ignore amalgam mods, which were added for build variation, and of course dps rivens for this) because players wouldn't be happy seeing a nerf in damage numbers (just look in the riven thread or any thread where an ability is 'weak').  You now have 2-3 spare slots, so lets see a player has a favourite rifle that was built purely for doing the most dps when using mandatory mods, they now have the same weapon but have some free slots, so they can use a utility mod instead... so lets sling in faster reloads, more ammo per clip and faster fire rate mods which all in turn actually increases dps, or lets throw in 3x90% elemental damage on top of the status mods, again increased dps. 

    Actually if you think about it there are very few mods that actually wouldn't increase dps over builds without them, so in a way the 'mandatory' mods are a way to limit overall damage output of a weapon (DE does seem to do things in strange ways after all). 

    Now what DE are doing with the exilus slot is essentially giving us a free dps boost (capacity allowing.. my issue with the addition is lack of capacity) because the odds are most will use something like a reload mod in it or increased ammo, I doubt many will use a silence mod outside of using it with ivara or the likes.  At the same time it's also likely going to restrict builds even more because we'll likely need another forma to fit the utility mod in, our builds are already pretty close if not at 60 capacity even with 7/8 slots with forma on. 

    The fact people don't un-equip a mod doesn't mean the system is broken, it just means players don't actually want to change their builds, due to 'effort'.  These same players not prepared to remove serration from their 'meta' builds then often go on and complain the enemies are too easy and want a challenge from the enemies but won't even consider reducing their damage output, health etc on the frame etc by removing a mod or two so they get the challenge they crave.... 

    Another side issue with the current mods is that there are far too many mods that just aren't worth using over the 'meta' combinations.  A perfect example is the status/elemental damages giving more than the pure status rifle aptitude, you get 60% status AND 60% elemental for 7 capacity versus 15% status for 9 capacity on the rifle versions.  Fix this issue and you might actually see some different builds as well. 


    1 hour ago, Grav_Starstrider said:

    Eeeeeverybody keeps saying it'll pander more to DPS. Again. They could nerf Serration. They could remove or reduce the interactions/multiplications between damage/elemental/multishot. There's options to reduce or maintain the same DPS, while still benefiting the players that want more build variety, and punishing them less for it.

    Funny but that is getting to the point of basically needing to start from scratch like I said earlier...which you basically dismissed

  24. While you're 'fixing' whatever the issue is with regards to the drops of the mods (I haven't seen any either), any chance they can get a drop chance buff while you're at it.  Even if they're not bugged (still think the mods just aren't dropping) the drop chance is stupidly low. 

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