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  1. 12 minutes ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

    True, but the number of ways to get overshields is much lower, and whether or not the number of overshields restored is adequate enough in relation to Hildryn's ability costs is debatable. 

    Actually the way I was thinking doesn't even cost anything and in my experience it's actually pretty good return.... it actually makes the 2 sentinel mods (guardian and shield charger) for warframe shields useful lol

    12 minutes ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

    This. People run those auras by default, because majority of the other auras are pure trash. That's game balance at its finest. Since energy siphon is also useless, I end up running with either Sprint Boost or Growing Power. 

     I run that toxin resistance aura that drops from nox (if you're lucky with the 0.23% drop chance...), seeing as shields are useless against toxins and we have a rifle mod that gives us 25% speed buff it just makes more sense for me personally.

  2. 41 minutes ago, bullgrimwm said:

    hmm, everything I have read says anything "end game'ish" requires an arcane aegis.. either that or you are stuck running and hiding while your shield recharges for 3/4 of the map

    survivals / sorties  / .. ect 😞

    try this as a temp option 🙂

    djinn + reawaken (in essence it won't die) + guardian + shield charger - whatever other mods you want to run on it like health etc and medi-ray 🙂

    If it wasn't for the mods being buggy on moa's I'd say use a moa instead but the above will 'help' you ou

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  3. This issue was raised from day one of release, I know I mentioned it at least and I doubt I was the only one...

    It's why I haven't stuck the usual CP on her builds, however it's not the only way you can get your shields back.... not saying you don't have a valid point however, it would be better if it took from their pre-reduced stats but doubt that will happen.


    1 minute ago, ShichiseitenYasha said:

    I mean, this is essentially the running Mag against infested or Limbo in Extermination problem. 

    Why are you running a frame that requires shields with a team comp and mod setup that removes shields?  

    The OP is complaining about how the 'meta' nerfs hildryn abilities, basically the OP is not choosing to run with them, they're just ending up with them etc.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Firetempest said:

    Top 10% of clans could research it.


    Everyone else who hit a specific goal score got the gun with slot and catalyst like most other events. 

    Since Switch did not have the event. They can only get it from Baro, that's why it's so expensive from him and not worth it on any other system.

    iirc, the scores needed were a little out of whack and most players/clans just got the participation reward of the wraith bp.... even if the clan managed the top 10%. 

    My clan got the 10% but were still a good 4k off the needed amount for the victory tier reward for example...

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Zelmen said:

    Doesn't the wisp also have footstep noises or a walking animation (unlike the floating running animation)? Must be the same black magic.

    pretty sure they removed the audio but she does still 'run and walk' like normal when you have melee active....  yeah makes no sense, same as her being knocked down when she's floating with a gun etc.

  6. 6 hours ago, (PS4)Deadmennwalking said:

    Doesn't Interim Nightwave finish on 6th July? (per Wiki)

    If you complete all the challenges in week 1 and 2 you can be rank 10, almost 11. So if you then complete all the challenges in the week starting 22 June, won't you reach rank 15 with a whole week of challenges to spare? So miss this challenge and you still have plenty of other challenges to make up for the missed ranking points.

    Again, no one forces you to do this or any other challenge.

    Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.

    Which is fine IF you can complete all of the challenges.... while I have no issue with the challenges so far there are some that I just have zero interest in doing or actually have a need to do.  We're also assuming we'll get that last 3 or 4 days of the 4th week.  

    I literally have one more item to gild, which I've specifically left for nightwaves, I was lucky in that I had items to forma for this nightwave, not sure I will if it pops up again, some players can't do ESO due tor rank etc, same goes for eidolon and orb mother if it pops up...  just missing one of those is a pretty large chunk of the points, so just think about if we miss more than one and it's not like we have a large amount of time to make up any lost points even if week 4 turns up. 


  7. Honestly I think they need more than just a 'one button does it all' toggle.

    Ideally they need a 'buff toggle' page in the settings or somewhere we can do finite control of the buffs we're ok with. 

    Think about it this way, if we get a toggle to disable 'buffs' from volt we'll then get people asking for other abilities and not everyone is going to want the same so a toggle wouldn't really work so we need something with more control. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, DeMonkey said:

    Realistically it'll be more than that. 

    225 base armour, most will probably end up running an Umbral build which when maxed and used with the set provides you with 658 armour, 2158 armour post Defy. That alone is ~88% DR. Throw in an Arcane Guardian and you'll hit 90% DR, or don't because ~88% DR is usable enough anyway.

    I was using their numbers and reasoning.  To be fair if it's high on things like armour we'll likely use adaptation as well.

    Still feel it's a nerf over the old defy but that opinion won't make any difference as it will be going through as is like the last time we had a dev workshop on a rework and they just ignored our feedback and released as described anyway.

  9. 1 - ok, better than the old one but it does feel like a rip off of equinox duality.... although to be honest, if I want a clone to help with damage mirage and equinox duality are much better options imo.

    2 - well it's faster, regens health and allows you to do spy without setting alarms off (always nice for another frame to work for this) so no big issues there.

    3 - Sorry, doesn't matter how energetic and positive you are about the rework in the stream, I still feel it's a nerf over the old ability even after you showed it.... if I want armor which is capped at 1500 anyway I can take valkyr, I can take inaros which has negation swarm augment, I can take any of the 90% damage reduction frames ... and to top it off none of those are forcing me to go slower just to get a temporary buff.

    You say the damage reduction of around 80% is validated instead of the 90% others have because of it's health regen... um nezha (2nd ability) and inaros (passive and ability) can both regen health, inaros can even get a little sand based helper.....not to mention there's life steal and operator modes which can heal us pretty quickly now too.  

    It honestly feels like a change 'to make it look like something's been done', rather than it being 'better'. 

    This lacks the synergy of the old version where we could use defy, rage and life steal to allow melee players to face tank, a play style some of us actually like... I'd rather be killing stuff without worrying over a timer or having to trigger an action to get a buff.   Being interactive with a frame doesn't just mean needing to press an ability after a duration has run out, interactive can also be about how you're using the frame because of an abililty.

    3 passive revives per mission does not make up for this imo. 

    4 - well it's a melee 3.0 test of the old frame... and well the old one was pretty useless so can't be any worse. 


    Ultimately after watching the video this rework doesn't make me want to use wukong over other frames after the rework, if anything it makes me even less likely to use it when the only reason I use the current one, albeit rarely (haven't put forma onto it as I know prime is 'soon'), is being nerfed imo.

    I'll try it but I'm betting it will end up gathering dust like it does now. 


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  10. To be fair the fact I can't shoot through (not just mesa) the globe from outside annoys me too, especially if I'm trying to hit something on the other side of it but still outside.  I do know it's 'intentional' but it's rather annoying at time when you don't actually want or 'need' a globe on the mission...

  11. 1 hour ago, ChillyWilly said:

    Where's the proof/patch notes?


    Edit: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Exodia_Hunt


    If anything, they reduced the price. Please Fact Check

    Strange I thought they were more expensive..... but hey you just made your own argument pointless...you're complaining about something already being cheaper than others....seriously you just need to suck it up and farm, they're not going to lower the price during this plague star anyway and once again in the time this has taken for you to constantly complain you could have farmed at least 4 of them...


    I don't care either way, I already have what I want and enough standing to buy anything I want but I still don't see the need to lower the prices.

    edit:  Actually we're both right - some went up, some went down.


  12. Just now, (XB1)Hyperion Rexx said:

    On the time issue involved, from my experience 10 mins per run is pushing it.  You'd need a very good team of experienced players to get close to that.  That's not in any way reflective of what most players are capable of. 

    I'm mr23, was running this last night with another mr23, an mr19 and an mr27.  Fastest run was 16 mins.  We know what we're doing and have the right gear.   Problem is now you might get 2-3 thumpers saying hello during the boss fight.  Sometimes the boss just glitches and doesn't open his heads, infested stop spawning, the drone gets stuck on a rock etc.   A good run for a pug group is about 20 mins. 

    Really... I did a run with a clan mate and 2 random pugs who were like rank 5 and 10 and did it in less time than you did with your high level squad... can only think your 'bugs' relate to being on xbox because I haven't seen those issues so far during this release.

  13. 14 minutes ago, ChillyWilly said:

    I'm not lazy, I just don't have time for getting all the arcane.

    also, that first point is wrong, none of the arcane have the price increased, you are the one that needs to read the patch notes

    Edit: Also those who have BP of Exodia Arcane get them builded for free, who would've thunk


    Then buy them with plat... seriously you're basically moaning because you don't want to farm them

    Yes they did all get their prices increased, they went up in the same way that exodias did when they were changed to prebuilt.

    And it wasn't just exodia arcanes that had that treatment.... EVERY arcane that was a bp had to be changed, you're also ignoring the fact that only the bp's got changed, we didn't get compensation or anything if we'd already built them.  


    10 minutes ago, ChillyWilly said:

    Well, you are not wrong, I want it for collection purposes

    Then why are you so desperate to get the price reduced.... you can farm the missing ones the next time plague star comes back...

    In the time you've spent moaning you could have farmed at least 1 arcane...

  14. 19 minutes ago, ChillyWilly said:

    1. Again, the rest of the arcane doesn't get a standing change
    2. Yes you do, I don't think people want a Rank 0 arcane

    3. 50k Standing can get you 17 Forma.. Umm I would choose the forma over the arcane

    I still stand on the point they should be cheaper, certainly not 10x the original cost.

    500, 1000, 2000, 2500. I'm fine with that, but not 5000

    1 - EVERY POE arcane had it's price increased... seriously it's in the patch notes when it happened

    2 - Rank 0 works the same, it's just weaker... as I said you do not NEED a max rank exodia arcane, you just WANT one.

    3 - well that's just being stupid then, you have other ways of getting forma, you don't have that option for the arcanes.  Yes the forma is nice to have but when you can easily farm them from relics it's just daft to focus on forma over the arcanes that you clearly want.

    I still stand on the view that they DO NOT need to be cheaper, the cost is representative of the time saving you get for not having to farm for them. 

    Of course you're fine with the lower costs, not only do you save the time that you would have had to farm resources for them (which those of us from the first 2 plague stars had to do) but you also don't have to work so hard farming them at their current prices... 

    Honestly, suck it up and farm it or just buy it with plat if you're that lazy.

    Oh and most of us that farmed the resources and plague star from the first 2 events ALSO work, we managed to fit it in if it was THAT important, if it wasn't well we just skip/ignore it.

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  15. 7 minutes ago, ChillyWilly said:

    Straight to the topic, The Cost is bumped from 500 to 5000 on both Exodia Contagion and Exodia Epidemic, I don't think this is a wise idea because

    1. Every other arcanes have their standing the same 

    2. you need 10 of them, meaning you need 50.000, thats around 17 Runs with 4/4. 

    3. The cost of one Exodia is more than Forma, and looking on how this Exodia works, people generally go for forma


    Please, Make the Cost back to 500, or atleast, 1000. there are few people that can't do that many times because time or work

    1 - But they are the same value as other exodia arcanes... not to mention they are now prebuilt so no farming for resources (which often took more time than doing plague star) like at 500. 

    2 - you don't NEED 10 of them, 10 of them maxes it out....

    3 - you only NEED 10 of each exodia max.  Forma, well I've lost track of how many of them I've used but it's a LOT more than 10...

    If you are that concerned over the fact you can't run the mission 17 (times 2 if you want both) over roughly 2 weeks you can always trade for them.  A 'good' team can do it around 10 mins, would likely be quicker but we have time gated elements....

    In essence there is no reason to make them any easier to get than they are now.

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  16. 16 hours ago, (NSW)Mbek said:

    This, but replace Ash with Khora. I managed to get all Ash parts from the manics summoned by Tyl when farming for Equinox.

    ash parts don't drop from the manics summoned by Tyl anymore.... yes I know it's stupid as I'm pretty sure that's how I got my ash originally too.

  17. equinox (non prime) is considerably harder to farm than most other frames so I'd grab that if you want a non prime.... wisp is pretty easy to get in my experience.

    Unless you're a completionist or want both equinox and equinox prime specifically for their MR it's actually cheaper to get equinox prime via trade than non equinox... it's 70 plat versus 325 (not sure if there's a bundle)

  18. 1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    The problem is every time one of those issue is brought up by someone there’s about 5-10 other people deadset on telling them they’re wrong. It honestly baffles me when I see some of the things people will defend *cough*Revenant*cough*. 

    Unfortunately there seems to be some people that like to be white knights for DE no matter how bad the things are that we're complaining over.... no idea why but there are.

  19. 1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    The problem isn’t DE, it’s us. We’re all a jumble of voices who want different things and for a developer who uses player feedback it’s hard to decipher what ideas should be considered. 

    To be fair even in our jumble of voices there are some consistent 'issues' that keep popping up...

    Just off the top of my head the issue of non scaling abilities is a regular issue when you get a new frame that doesn't scale while the previous frame release/rework does have scaling abilities etc...    Just take ember rework versus saryn's rework.... ember doesn't scale, saryn does and you can see the difference straight away (if you ignore the elemental side of things) straight away at higher levels. 

    Then we have situations where they just blanket ban ALL abilities or put a damage cap on the boss (hemocyte/lephantis etc) working on the enemies or even straight up stop us from using them the entire mission... which then essentially limits choice of frame etc.  Not all frames are there to just buff the damage, some are actually there for utility too.

    IMO I'd say the biggest issue with warframe abilities is consistency of design decisions being made by DE which in turn then leads to frames being 'unsuitable' for a lot of uses.

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  20. Well it's pretty obvious when you think about it....

    You are trying to load website(s) while playing the game. 

    Browsing a website (some of which are excessively heavy in scripts/trackers etc) takes cpu/internet etc away from game....game lags...


    Solution - don't browse the web while playing the game and in most cases fullscreen performs better than windowed.

  21. 12 hours ago, (PS4)Deadmennwalking said:

    I don't recall anywhere that forces you to do the 3 forma challenge.


    In the normal nightwave that's what most of us would do, in this one it's a little tighter on the points available versus date given for when it finishes if you want to get the 'good stuff' at the end of the rewards.

  22. Well nightwave 1 fell a little better, most people had reached the 3 free forma before the challenge of 3 forma.

    Nightwave intermission hasn't fell in such a good spot so some people will end up buying forma and there is technically the chance for us to need another 3 next week before we get the free 3 forma, so at best we'll end up being refunded but at worse we could be 3 forma down. 

    This is one of the most annoying challenges for nightwaves, especially for high level players who have 'nothing to forma' and many of us would prefer it removing along with the gilding challenge.

    If the challenges were spread during the entire duration of a nightwave using 3 forma wouldn't be so much of an issue, the odds are that in a 10 week period we'd get some new weapon/frame we might want to forma but with it being weekly it often feels like a waste of forma.

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