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  1. I was able to get through scarlet spear fairly well, it as far too grindy etc though... I managed to work my way through the other stuff since then albeit with far less 'enthusiasm' than before liches etc.

    Deimos on the other hand literally made me not want to play the game, the initial release was laggy as anything (and my pc is well above min specs) and the 'cost' for things just seemed far too grindy imo (take the good bits of ticker, then make it worse).  I also don't like another thing pulling away from the warframes, if I wanted to play mechwarrior I'd play mechwarrior.

    So basically Deimos made me take a break from the game, your mileage may vary though. 

  2. I've got to be honest, I've pretty much stopped playing the game (so have most of my clan based on last login), which is surprising because I (we) really did enjoy playing the game.... but then it started going downhill from about the release of liches and then the final 'nail in the coffin' for me was heart of deimos, which actually made me not want to play the game. You might say I'm burnt out, but honestly it's not that, I'm playing a game that is arguably just as grindy (gta online)...

    For me personally the issue is more about warframe moving far too far away from what actually pulled me... I was pulled in because of the warframes and the 'bite size' maps , you know the game that was there before the open worlds, before railjack etc.   I didn't want/need railjack, I don't want 'mech warrior', if I wanted to play those types of games there are dedicated games for it... I came to warframe to play as, shockingly, a warframe....

    I can't say I'm a huge fan of the stance reworks on melee either, I use far fewer weapons now than I did before because I just don't like the stance on that class of weapon... and don't get me started on weapon balance between melee, secondary and primary...

    From an external perspective all I can see at the moment with warframe is the dev's just going down the route of 'what they want to add' rather than 'what the game needs'... I see things being added because DE see's other games adding it (nightwave for example) but then it doesn't get the attention it needs, I see changes on the UI/UX which are ultimately worse than the old ones, just with more 'pretty pictures' (I don't like the current UI/UX) and to be perfectly blunt, far less important than improving things like liches (too grindy) and railjack (no reason to do it at all, especially when levelled, although I will say I do think the maps would work great as archwing only maps) etc....

    We've had map reworks (corpus especially) which, for me at least, have made the maps less enjoyable, the huge corridors and open spaces just make the missions take longer, they're not more enjoyable because there are 'less enemies per inch' if you get me.   New open worlds are released with the same fundamental problems we complained about on the old ones or in the case of diemos, took a good part of one and made it really bad (ticker was great, the approach on deimos is not imo)

    Throw in increasing grind/rng to try and push more plat sales which at least in my case has done the opposite, I actually chose not spend money on the game due to 'poor game decisions'...I doubt I'm alone in this. 

    If I was to be completely honest, I think DE needs to take a step back from everything and really analyse what is 'important' in the game and what is just being added because 'they want to' or 'it's a cool idea', the current state of the game is basically down to the decisions they've made, even after receiving feedback from players etc. 

    While fortnite is not the same game, DE could take some notice of their approach and focus on the core game and not just try and add things because other games are adding them. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, _R_o_g_u_e_ said:

    >5% is not rare. 1% is 1/100, and that is not rare either.

    you might want to read what I've actually written.... I never said rare, I said stupidly low drop chances....


    Also in regards to your later comments, there is nothing wrong with rng loot if the loot drop tables have an acceptable 'minimum threshold' for the 'rarest' items to drop, the issue with warframe is the stupidly low drop rates on some items which are purely about pushing players towards trade, which can also mean plat sales... essentially the low drop chance is a (poorly thought out) method to sell plat. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

    MR 30 actually has way more than I expected but I also expected nothing beyond the usual mastery rank up unlocks. 15 Loadout slots arent nothing. I just hope the relay boosting will be good and worth the time going to a relay.

    I'd argue the extra 30 riven slots are going to be appreciated too, that's on top of the current limit.

    Personally, if I'm being totally honest, I just can't be bothered to get to rank 30 (I'm mr28) and nothing shown in the devstream makes me want to rush out to get there either... there comes a point in the game where going after the prime items just gets boring and we all know how 'monotonous' the process of levelling frames/weapons is. 

    Not to mention after you hit MR you then get to level up 'legendary ranks'....oh yay, lack of info really makes it sound like it's essentially doing the same thing under a different name


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  5. Nope not really....

    Railjack... I levelled up during booster weekends basically to get it done, still haven't got all the mods available for it but can't be bothered trying to get them seeing as I wouldn't be able to fit them in anyway.... is it fun, not really and like I said on release, I didn't come to warframe to play space pirates. 

    Liches... I know the game has grind but it's just too heavy and throwing multiple levels of rng into the mix just makes it into a chore rather than being fun imo.... I still haven't got all the weapons and in all honesty the last lich took several months to complete because I couldn't be bothered with it and the new one I got recently is in the same boat.  Don't even get started on the ephemera, I still haven't seen one and that's after 8 (I think) liches....

  6. 1 hour ago, Krankbert said:


    Well - they could win. They'd just need better quality control than they have now. It's not like updates have to be the buggy mess they always are.

    Lets be honest, considering how many things DE seem to miss (bugs, dodgy/op ability or mods on release later being nerfed etc) that the players find in minutes after an update is released some  of us have been questioning if they even have a QC team checking the updates before release....

  7. LOL.... DE can't win....

    • Console players keep asking for 'simultaneous' releases (not to mention cross save and play) and moan when releases are delayed so the pc users can do the bug testing for DE before releasing a finished version on consoles....
    • Get a simultaneous release and console player(s) moan when they get to experience the bug riddled mess that pc users usually get to enjoy on release....


    Yes I know it's more about updates after release but DE can only release updates at the speed that the console team and sony/ms validation can send them out (pretty sure there's a cost too) unlike on pc where they can just send out a fix, hope it works and doesn't break anything else (it doesn't always) and then move on to the next 'bug fix'

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  8. I'm going to be honest...

    This update is the first update to the game which has actively made me not interested in playing the entire game, it's just too focused on grind to mask how little 'new stuff' has been added imo and in all honesty if you don't like the necromechs (like me) there is basically zero reason to do it....   I don't mind grind, I've gone off to play gta5 online instead, but this update just doesn't seem 'fun' with it.

    Now I'll admit my first experience of the infested open world was a lag fest (drops to 30fps on an i7 4790k, 32gb ram, ssd and 1060 6GB shouldn't be happening at 1080p) which made it feel even worse along with the long drawn out quest but the entire token based system feels wrong to me in this instance... it worked with ticker because we used old resources.



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  9. 33 minutes ago, selig_fay said:

    I think at least Grettler and Imperator are good. Of course, these are not melee, but compared to normal weapons, they are good.

    Moreover, I advocate that Titania received an augment in order to use them without an additional damage bonus. I think that says enough about how useful I find them.

    It's not about if archguns are useful, it's more about there essentially being no need for necramechs if they're going to do no more damage than we could with our warframes.

    Personally I quite like larkspur when using a warframe (not so much in archwing) but I wouldn't necessarily say it's much stronger than other weapons of similar design if I was to take off my riven.

  10. 7 hours ago, selig_fay said:

    I think that this thing has no mods, but it has a scaling depending on the lvl of enemies, like a roaming mech in OW. But in the quest, the enemies were level 17. However, take a look at the drawing of the flamethrower. There are really good characteristics. 90 fire damage, 12 rate of fire, 40% status and 20% crit at x2.3 crit multiplier. It's not bad.

    I can't say anything about abilities, because we really didn't see their characteristics.

    On the other hand, I think people start having strange feelings when they leave their OP warframe with OP weapons and are given something that requires control and resource management. I think it's bad when people are used to when enemies die if you look in their direction. I think that the first experience is spoiled by the power of the warframe, and not by bad mech mechanics.

    Remember they did say that the some necramechs would be able to use our archguns... we can get an idea for their 'damage' output based on how our archwing guns work now (unless they do a railjack and make the damage numbers completely different). 

    The likelihood is that the standard necramech weapons are going to be no better than us using a warframe with an archgun.

  11. I'm just going to say this...

    DE just opened up helminth system to mr8 players, they need rank 3 like us so in essence mr8 players need to be able to do some of the missions so at the very least the first 2-3 mission tiers should be playable by ALL, after that they can get a bit harder. 


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  12. 7 minutes ago, selig_fay said:

    I don't agree that mech = warframe. Moreover, stamina is used for what is very similar to Gauss 1, but Gauss spends energy on it. Similarly, all warframes do not have an infinite aimglide, which is very similar.

    And I don't agree here either, because if you remove all the mods, your warframe and weapons won't work well either. First, I want to see how mods will affect this and if it's bad, I'll agree with you.


    I did say (note no mods and only from the quest).....


    we're also assuming that 'snake' wasn't an already upgraded model, it was the 'son's' custom necramech after all and had been used in battle in the past.


  13. I like the ability to stockpile tokens, I do not like the way the tokens are for each individual 'person' or the systems in place for acquiring said tokens..

    You've essentially stuck tokens behind a time/grind wall where you can only buy each 'offer' once and you might not be able to buy others because you don't have or can't get the resources required for the others.... in essence the worst part of tickers system which this is based on.  The system works with ticker because it uses our stockpiled resources, it does not work in a location we have no resources from. 

    I also don't like the way everything is now 'mission' based and the rewards are ludicrously low compared with other 'open worlds'.

    I don't like the fact I'm basically being 'forced' to do things I don't like, like fishing, conservation and mining to level up....

    It really does feel (especially if you include the 'bugs' like low fps and stuff inside geometry) that you didn't even play test this before release and/or you have specifically set this low to make us go back more and give you more time to 'catch up' with what you are behind on.... honestly these choices are making me NOT want to bother with the new map.

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