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  1. Try turning off the steam interface... it's a resource hog and reduces performance in my experience. Still won't fix a toaster trying to play OV but it might get you to 2-4fps...
  2. Well that should be the next frame based on atlas deluxe then lol
  3. Honestly it basically just boils down to this: More staff More time Better skills of staff allowing more 'design' to be added to prime
  4. Void dash around when this came out... There is a route you can take going rock to rocks iirc, the last one is pretty tight time wise though.
  5. I agree about toroids having low drop chances but they also seem to have buggy drop tables imo, sometimes you can go in and get them really quickly, other times they're non existent. Never really had an issue with nitain but then I was doing them every time I saw one because I knew they were 'rare'.... I do have an issue, like many others, when DE decides it's a 'good idea' to stick something at under 5% that requires you to do the same monotonous mission over and over, perfect example is braton/lato vandal or even the new ephemera from exploiter orb fight. Or they knock out something like the wolf of saturn six where they put low drop chance behind an even lower spawn chance.... Mining is my biggest 'pet peeve' when it comes to resources, you have zero control over getting the right resource so you end up getting loads of unnecessary ores that are not the one you actually need, I always seem to struggle to get pyrol on PoE for example, even though it's not a rare ore. I'm also not a fan of restricting access to things behind 'time walls' such as night/day or warm/cold on open worlds.
  6. You do realise that's exactly what bulk download option handles... If you turn it off it breaks the download into smaller chunks, so you don't have to restart from the beginning when your internet can't handle the downloads. While it is turned on you will get these huge files you can't handle on your internet connection...
  7. First bit, no worries. Second bit, like I say I wasn't 100% sure, so rather than put false information out there I didn't say anything, I was 50/50 on saying it in the reply anyways. edit 2 - it does seem like the game does sort of have this feature, it's part of bulk download options (turn it off). Selectively quote and misinterpret my comments as much as you like, it's not going to change the fact the reply that you quote clearly shows that I have no issues with the current system but I also have a vague recollection of their being a system in place to resume partial downloads.... It's vague because I don't have any issues these days and because it was so long ago, I've been playing for over 3 years.... Actually I've fully kept up with everything you've been posting, I'm not sure you have though because you've been contradicting yourself in the same paragraphs let alone different posts. You say you're not complaining/asking for changes but you then a few words later you say you think things are bad/need changing to fix YOUR issue. In all honesty the main issue now is you will not accept that your issues ultimately fall onto the internet connection you have, it is not our fault that you can not or will not accept the problem is with your end. edit: just out of curiosity, you have disabled bulk download in the launcher settings haven't you....
  8. to be honest I was 50/50 on if it was aimed at me or about someone because it seemed like it wasn't aimed at me when I read it, written word isn't always as clear as verbal. Either way I haven't seen anything particularly rude, or at the very least anything I'd worry over. I have this thing in my head that the loader does already support resume, it does a quick scan (might take longer on slower pc) then continues, but it's been so long since I've had an issue with the loader I can't say with 100% certainty
  9. To be fair there is no accurate information about the laws of physics in the void, however the warframe wiki (as accurate as it is) states: Which basically means it doesn't follow the laws of physics that you've been relating to.
  10. I've felt the operatives AND the wolf have been on a downward trend, especially the operatives. When nightwave started I could pretty much see an operative every other mission at worst, since wolfie gained his 3 operative companions I now hardly see them. I wouldn't mind the reduced spawning on operatives, likely to balance out the extra standing from fighting the three with wolfie, IF wolfie spawned enough to make up the difference. Issue is Wolfie has such a stupidly low spawn rate it makes it hard to judge if he's had a frequency buff but in all honesty it doesn't feel like it.
  11. Stop trying to deflect the fact that you're complaining about something that DE can't fix, it's not DE's downloader that is the issue, it's your connection. There is nothing wrong with the current downloader if you have a connection that is up to the task, you have said in your own words what sort of connection you have... You're not wanting them to change anything but in the very next part of the same paragraph you're saying you want something improved... that's wanting something changed. If that's aimed at me, I haven't been rude in the slightest, I've used the very same terms that the OP has used to describe their own connection and I've said that in my posts if you look. Actually I haven't seen anything I'd class as rude coming from either party in all honesty. DE can not fix a client side issue when the issue is down to the connection that is being used to download the files...
  12. You keep working on the assumption that the void is using the same laws of physics.... we're not going to go far if you keep wanting to go back in circles.
  13. Ah yes a wiki... the source of ALL accurate data....oh wait... I didn't think you were relying on wiki, shame... You can argue under human laws of physics all you want but the fact is that there is nothing to say that the void follows human laws of physics. The lasers DO follow the laws of human physics.
  14. You do know that you're not even talking about the same issue there right.... No I'm not missing the point, you're wanting DE to change something, which is not a quick thing to do, to cater for your 'situation', one of a very small minority, who by their own admission says they have crap internet (your words). All while ignoring the fact that the issue is at your end and that your 'fix' requires a hell of a lot of work to do and maintain. DE doesn't need to do anything different because the system works fine if the person at the other end has a decent enough internet connection for it to work properly, the majority DO have a decent internet.
  15. Actually I do know how a program works... it's pretty clear you don't understand the necessary steps that would be need to give you want you want. Each time a new update is released they would need a new package to cater for you crap connection (your words).... why do you think consoles get less frequent updates, they essentially use the same system as what you want to use. It is not practical on the pc side due to the frequency of the updates and the fact we're the 'beta testers'.
  16. A gravitational lens would also affect physical objects because it's at a fundamental level made up of gravity... oh and it's a bit obvious that light will not work the same as particles when it has a dual nature which is both particles and wave in nature.... we can go into quantum mechanics if you want but I'm rather rusty on that topic as I've had no need for it for a long time. Actually I haven't demanded normal rules applies in any part of my argument, you've obviously trying to change/divert the argument again. I have probably used them to disprove your own argument but that's different. I said we don't know if the VOID follows standard laws of physics, there are plenty of other things in the game that do not follow our laws of physics.
  17. You're trying to prove something by changing the mechanics of your argument.... you're just proving to me that the original argument over a prism isn't right for the analogy. You can try and make out that being in the void follows standard human laws of physics all you want but we don't know that, half the stuff in game shouldn't be possible under our laws of physics.
  18. I wouldn't think about it because: 1 - the system you're wanting is just not practical for this type of regularly updated game 2 - it's not needed for people with normal internet that actually isn't as you put it slow/crap.
  19. Nothing else is diverted from it's original trajectory when it passes through an operator in void mode so there is no reason to say photons would be impacted... a prism is a solid object, an operator in void is not so like I said above the use of a prism as analogy is a poor choice.
  20. Yes it does... you can try and twist it however you like but the issue is you're using, in your own words, a slow/crap connection. DE can not fix an issue that is down to YOUR internet, nobody with decent internet is struggling to get the updates... As for doing something else while it's downloading, I've happily streamed video while it was downloading, browsed the web etc all at the same time... my hardware and internet is MORE than capable of doing more than one thing at a time so again this is at your end and is nothing to do with DE. But then it usually takes me around 30 mins to do 15GB so...
  21. Main issues for me... the amount of turning they do, they have 3 or 4 directions to shoot from, 4 directions they could move but they constantly insist on turning to face us with one gun... in essence more annoying than engaging. The hit box on the leg also seems tiny considering the size of the bit we're trying to hit They also seem 'too fast' for what they are, they're big hulking walkers yet they can move around so fast it doesn't seem to fit the 'model' we're fighting. As an enemy they're pretty harmless though as you have archwing to shoot from above. Biggest annoyance though, the commonly found tusk thumper doesn't seem to drop the bp for the weapon so were 'forced' to do bounties to get the higher level to trigger and even then the drop chance for the bp is stupidly low... I get it DE wants us to play bounties on PoE so it's not empty but not all of us want to or need to do bounties...
  22. You can't go blaming the game downloader for what is essentially a problem at your end.... DE can't do anything to fix your rubbish connection to the internet/game. The downloader is fine, it maxes my 80Mbit line (ie around 8 MB a second) just fine after the initial rush on new updates. IF DE did a downloader like you want and based on the information you've just given you'd struggle to download it before a new update is out requiring you to download another big download and be out of date again etc.... I think you need to be realistic and realise that you can't play this game with your current internet connection.
  23. Except that in void mode we also have the ability to allow physical items to pass through too... that would allow the photons to go through, so comparing to a prism isn't exactly the right analogy imo..
  24. IMO, The issue for DE at the moment (well has been for a while now and steadily getting worse) is they're trying to monetise the game (likely 'encouraged' by their Chinese owners, they have a trend for this supposedly) by making sure new content is drawn out long enough to 'encourage' players, primarily new ones, to just say screw it and buy it. You just have to look at the last 'trial' where they stuck hildryn behind a week long event to hide a week long plat exclusive period, I don't mind a short plat only exclusive period I just prefer they'd come out and say it though. I won't even comment on the low drop rate of wolf hammer parts creating high plat prices as a result ..... This 'monetisation' then impacts core game dynamics when it comes to loot and new items and we get to the point where we are now where we have 'issues' that many players dislike stuff because of poor decisions and at least in my case makes me even less inclined to buy plat etc.
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