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  1. Do a search, there are numerous posts saying they've had messages direct from DE...so you're kind of wasting your time. Basically DE have made their mind up and it's to keep them separate, I personally support this decision as I feel it is the best option for the community as a whole. Not to mention you're basically dismissing the post where DE directly says it's not a prime...
  2. And it still continues... DE have already stated umbra is not considered a prime when they took away the energy orb passive in update 23.0.3. There have also been other posts by forum members (including founders) saying they have had direct replies from DE staff saying that umbra is not getting access to prime gear. As to the scarf, there is probably a reason linked to the model as to why it is not removable etc, DE I'm sure will have a reason why it can't be removed etc.
  3. That seems like quite a large buff compared with what the others have been given... I doubt many of us would notice the fire rate drop from 5.42 to 2 so it's hardly a 'balance' for the buffs. Maybe it's me but that feels like a bit of a nerf when you consider the changes on the raplak..... Oh joy.... more 'farming' for fragments, not like we don't have enough of those to look for already.... and we've got to use standing with simaris to get the game, even less of a reason for me to bother with it then. DIdn't see the point in it in the first place. It really seems like an unnecessary addition for a game mode that most of us will likely be bored with it after a fairly short period of time.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing misery too, just to complete the codex as I've got all the mods.
  5. I thought we might get titania's change to collision damage this patch... maybe they're fixing the other stuff that needs fixing on her too... And no fix mentioned for the black boxes some of us are getting on PoE...
  6. Seeing as titania is getting the collision damage removed (that was rather annoying), is there any chance you can get something done about the vruush turrets etc seeing titania in razorwing as a full blown archwing and shooting at us on PoE (often killing us with one shot)... we don't have a warning and we don't have any way to evade.
  7. Yeah kind of agree that the lower level missions didn't really 'match' the level listed (not that hard like I say for a higher level) so was likely a bit of a shock for the low level players compared with their 'usual' enemies. I basically carried the first mission with khora (2 players came in with ember thinking they'd be able to 'cheese it' until you keep getting your energy sapped regularly), second was just using slow nova while waiting on the counter to hit 100, three was wandering around with inaros for 20 minutes and reviving the low level player when he died with a bit of killing here and there. Fourth mission was a team where we were all fairly high level and there were 2 octavias so you can imagine how smoothly that went... I think the problem that we're starting to see more now (along with more frequent forum threads about leeching) is that a lot of new new players go into 'harder' missions and 'expect' higher level players to carry them rather than realising that they're not ready for it, now I don't mind a 'newbie' coming into a mission which is too hard for them as long as they 'try' but not all of them do, having said that I've seen some 'trying' and coming out with 1% damage and 0 kills even though you've watched them swinging their sword at the enemies constantly the entire mission lol
  8. In all honesty, nothing was particularly hard for a higher level player, it was just a time sink because of the length of the missions.
  9. ooh that will make a change to the usual then
  10. Why can we only get the helminth charger metus skin and metus armor as part of the nidus bundle? What about those of us who might want to get the charger skin and armour but we don't like the nidus skin (can't say I'm that keen on the extra transparent hands) or very rarely use nidus so have no reason for the nidus skin.
  11. If it was £14 for both I wouldn't have as much of an issue (I'd still feel it's overpriced) but you're literally getting a syandana and an extractor or an armor and a sugatra for that price, it would be £28 for both so the rest of the £40 bundled pack is worth £12 according to DE, that's including 800 more plat (which at full price would be close to £30 in itself, yes I know no one buys at full price), the 2 frames and 4 weapons... If you look at it as a 'value balance' the pricing is just off.
  12. Um... I think you might have got your prices wrong on the accessories.... £14 for each accessory pack versus £40 for 2 warframes, all the accessories, 4 weapons, glyphs AND more plat, that is just overpriced imo.
  13. Many of us are fed up with players using PoE bounties to farm for resources while ignoring the bounty and leaving the bounty to other players, are you going to allow this to continue with Fortuna?
  14. Really... couldn't you like just give it to those of who have done the quest already, not all of us want or need to do it again. Also could you maybe get someone to look at Titania and how she interacts with PoE, she seems to be causing severe lag when in client mode, is being shot at as if she's an archwing and she still has the slow melee bug..
  15. Maybe it's me but I thought the idea behind the requests for an accessories pack was for a pack that included ALL accessories in one pack, not spread over lots of little packs which will now likely be overpriced for what you get. edit: if they are $20 (expecting £20 in UK) that's too high for just one set of armor or a sigle syandana imo, when you consider you could get 2 complete frames and 4-6 weapons, the accessories such as syandanas (can't remember exactly how many weapons I got) for £40 with frost and ember pack etc....
  16. at least quote the person when trying to reply to, it makes it easier to know when you're being replied to. Having said that you clearly didn't read my original post so there's no point even responding to this... Like anyone else working in the 3D design industry as a freelancer, client supplies brief, a quote is made for said work, contract signed if price is acceptable etc and then payment for services rendered and supply of 3D model... Obviously it might need to be a little different to this due to the way tennogens are created but the above is a system that is already in place in the industry, I should know, I'm in it. In this case DE could do a 'fixed price' per 3D model supplied if used in game, they'll have an idea of how popular tennogen is so can price accordingly.
  17. Um Twitch prime is not free, it's a subscription model which either needs amazon prime or twitch prime etc. While you can get multiple trials of amazon prime by using multiple email accounts (I expect amazon will fix this at some point), that's not really what you're supposed to be or should need to be doing. Also I think you missed my point in my original comment...
  18. Yeah, still don't like this 'need' to have twitch prime if you want some items. I know it's a business consideration but whatever happened to just being able to buy stuff directly from the warframe store with plat we purchased (not all of us trade for it) directly from DE. Now if we want EVERYTHING (on pc), we need steam, amazon prime, plat and straight up cash for prime accessories... think it's getting a bit excessive to have to get stuff from essentially 4 places (assuming I haven't missed any).
  19. No fix for the melee going slow after using razorwing (4) on titania... it really could do with a fix as it can pretty much cause melee to grind to a halt. edit: and are turrets on PoE supposed to track titania? If they are can we get some sort of alert if we're being targeted, if we're not then that needs fixing too.
  20. and mine is completely blank... as I said, I have NEVER had any notifications and still got all my drops(until this time), including all those exilus adapters when they first started.
  21. really... because I've never had that happen and got all the previous drops from things like primetime etc without issue.
  22. So what's the deal now, are we supposed to contact DE support (and arguably waste their time) to get our free ash prime from watching tennocon or are we waiting on them to 'catch up', would be nice to know what the current plan is.
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