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  1. To be fair the situation has changed as well, DE used to listen a LOT more to players in general, now it seems that they're ignoring us a lot of the time. Even devstreams have gone from something relatively informative (along with obligatory sales pitch on new items) to basically the dev's doing 'butt jokes' for a large portion of the stream... It doesn't help when you look at the game objectively (I'm objective, not negative, slight difference) you start to see DE taking with warframe so far away from it's original design that it's starting to remove the reason we came to play warframe in the first place. In all honesty if you look at things objectively DE have been making a lot of wrong turns with things and often as not when it's not well received by the players, rather than 'sitting down' with the players and seeing how to improve they just throw it to one side and hope we start to like it or just leave it to rot. On the occasions they do decide to work on things 'straight away', such as nightwave, we get situations where they often just pick the 'easiest' workload option to 'fix' the issue. If you look at it objectively Nightwave 2 is essentially nightwave 1 but with less missions and more points per mission plus the ability to do a catchup mission(s). We're still going to have most of the same issues from nightwave 1 when it's released. At the end of the day though it doesn't make any difference, DE are now guiding the ship (likely with the help of their chinese shareholder) so it really doesn't make much difference as long as the new players they manage to attract burn money early on before leaving for another game. I like some of the new content as well, at least when it first comes out but it has no long term appeal once you have all the items it drops. Exploiter orb is a perfect example, when it first came out it was actually fun (if you ignore the fissures bit), then DE started nerfing game play options which then restricts choices which then made it became incredibly boring so by the time I'd got all the hildryn parts I was like, nope not doing that again... and I didn't even get an ephemera.
  2. It basically boils down to whichever frames can benefit from having a different aura on another build. Personally I haven't even been bothered to try and get an aura forma....
  3. And in all honesty this is the crux of a lot of the current issues. The devs building the game around what they want wouldn't be too bad IF they actually played the game in the same way we do. Most of the main dev team that leads the direction of the game don't even play the game properly. Most of their play time is in the 'testing bubble' where everything works 'exactly' as conceived due to communication, team co-operation and the pigeon hole testing... then when the players get it it turns out the dev's testing is a long way away from how the players end up playing it. You can see it in devstreams how some of the team are totally disconnected from the game the players are playing, the itzal issues being a perfect example, the initial changes to arbitrations (I'd put money on them originally having no intention of halving the rounds until players kicked off about it) and the upcoming changes to nightwave are others. In all honesty I'm not even sure they should be spending their time on railjack because I have this feeling it will be an 'ignored' game mode fairly quickly seeing as it's not what most people came to warframe for.
  4. It might have something to do with the fact that while players wanted changes to alerts most players weren't after a 'battlepass', even a free one. A cynical person can even argue that this 'battlepass' is a way of trying to mask the lack of content by having a 'rinse and repeat' story every 10 weeks. Think about it, a few lines of spoken audio, a couple of stationary models for background imagery, repeating challenges 'forcing' players to do the same old missions as before but this time for standing so we can get rewards which are basically the same things we've had in game for years plus a couple of new items. In terms of workload it's far less than doing more maps with actual new content or finishing off existing stuff....
  5. Honestly I hardly use the zenistar anymore, the changes to damage going through objects hurt the disc (still not fixed it to the best of my knowledge). Zenith is a fun rifle to use, but I might be a little biased as I have a riven (as I do for the zenistar actually..)
  6. Pretty sure you'll need to contact support over this and hope they can 'get it back'.
  7. Not sure, last time I checked it was over 100 though... really could do with a clean out of the weapons I don't use but at the same time I don't want to go removing prime, wraith, prisma, login etc. I could understand low capacity if you're on console but on pc it's REALLY easy to increase your capacity from trading.
  8. Yeah for a lot of us it felt like a chore because of the amount we needed to do to get to the max amount, coupled with needing to do missions that 'veterans' had no need to do because they'd 'finished' that section of the game, meaning we were being 'forced' to do things we didn't want to do... this change is actually going to make that worse imo. I've said it elsewhere but these changes really do feel like DE didn't take any notice of the real issues players had.
  9. change it to the wolf's replacement, which will start with the same lower than 4% spawn rate of the original wolf, and I wouldn't put it past DE lol... Same with the '1 week delay' like hildryn too.
  10. Don't forget the flydolon seems to be coming with the gas city rework... that needs 'something' as well.
  11. The random colour picker just picks from your owned colours. If you own just one palette you'll get a selection from there but if you own more palettes you will get a bigger selection of colours that it can select from. Yes it does work. Basically you can't get 'free colours' from palettes you don't own.
  12. Yeah, devstream was basically (iirc) less challenges (iirc 7 daily, 5 weekly ,2 elite) weekly and elite will give more standing so still same 42k per week complete all missions you can do 'catchup' mission (assuming from week before) reduced 'duration' on elite challenges
  13. Except if you kept the same challenges (well tweaked anyway) as we have now but lowered the overall amount needed from 300k to say 200k (20x 10k tiers) it would be a better, more inclusive approach. We'd still have more time to complete the total standing needed, veterans can 'speed run it' if they wanted and then go back to doing whatever they want to do, new players wouldn't need carrying on elite challenges as the points wouldn't be as important and players wouldn't feel as rushed as you only need about 50% of the weekly standing to complete in 10 weeks. How things are 'balanced' around can have a bigger impact than you think, the rework is actually biased towards 'higher level players' except for the duration tweaks, hell you only get a 'catch up mission' if you complete ALL of the weekly challenges. This is the wrong approach imo. Which is mute if you can not actually do the challenges... this rework is actually worse for 'newbies' or those that can't play (people really need to stop playing on toasters...) or don't want to do fortuna levelling for example. If you can't manage the elite challenges you can't do the 'catch up mission' either, it's not just 'veterans' who have time away from the game. Hell I tried to do the 8 rare mods challenge without resorting to the index last week, I only got 7 rare mods in a week due to rng.... so if a player doesn't have access to index they're basically hoping the rng gods shine on them. You've also got situations like gilding and adding forma... pretty sure I don't have anything left to gild and tbh I don't feel like gilding weapons 'just for standing' if that is the case, I'm not the only person in this situation, same goes for adding forma for no reason. When you think about it there are plenty of reasons why players might not complete a challenge but now you end up losing more standing if you do....
  14. Honestly nothing special since DE basically made him immune to pretty much 'everything' lol. Last one I just used valkyr prime (rad crit including sacrifical stee which is +33% damage to sentients), prior to that it's usually been titania (dex pixia rad build) and then it's just a case of mashing the right button. I'd assume excal would work just as well. Usually under 5 mins on hydron with wolfie at level 70, even without others being fully equipped, still far too long imo though. Never used the kavat approach because the few times I tried the AI was completely useless and ignored the wolf. On the few runs I've had him in solo it was fairly easy as he's a lot lower level and you can just use a crit rad weapon of choice.
  15. But I have no reason for him to spawn now that I have managed to get his last bit I needed, I've already got the mask and now I've got all the parts for the hammer I literally have zero reason to even care about the wolf... he doesn't even have a random chance of a riven or anything in his drop table. I doubt I'm the only one with this viewpoint. That's ignoring the people that just leave if he turns up (had that in my last mission with him) Admittedly I do want him to see him some more times so I can try and get parts for some clan mates who have hardly even seen him (seriously this lack of visits from him needs to be fixed) but if it wasn't for me wanting to help my clan mates I couldn't care less about him now. Honestly unless he spawns at higher ranks he's pretty quick to dispatch in solo (if you've got the right gear), also pretty sure the fugitives will be able to be cc'd by banshee's silence...
  16. Supposedly you can (according to wiki), although it's an incredibly long winded and time consuming endeavour. OP - The easiest way to stop the others attacking you is to raise the negative ones to neutral but it will drop you a bit on your maxed ones. Having said that I do wish there was a way you could 'max all syndicates' once you fully maxed them all.... I've maxed all six and think I've taken all the goodies, except some captura on the two that I haven't got at max. It would be a nice perk for having done all 6 syndicates imo.
  17. I don't have a mic/headset and to be honest I have it set to off in settings too... pretty sure I'm not alone in this.
  18. Actually there is a difference with the intended changes, and I said similar to the OP in another thread from a few days ago.. As it stands now if a player skips/can't do an elite challenge they lose 5k of 42k, in the next version you will lose 7.5k (extrapolated). It doesn't make any difference if you can do everything in the week but for a 'newbie' that's a loss of an extra 2.5k standing. The OP's approach is something many of us have suggested (pretty sure I suggested similar when nightwave came out and DE started the feedback thread), basically same challenges, just less points needed to max out so it wasn't quite so 'intensive' and reduced the feeling of it being a chore.
  19. To be fair you can have that on pretty much any defence on the star map... even as another mr20+ player.
  20. The exact same reason wisps won't appear in nightwave 2's... they want to 'encourage' people to buy it with plat by not giving us another option and 'they can't make changes part way through a season'.... It's all part of DE's current approach of delaying things outside of getting it with plat (hildryn was 'artificially' delayed by the event and didn't go down well) just so we go down the plat route, which is actually making me (and others) NOT want to buy plat. @Fiftycentis New helmets could appear pretty quickly in alerts, I vaguely remember one being less than a week, assuming you were around to see/get them.
  21. Seriously... you already know the deal on this so why even bother bringing it up. DE have said categorically they are not bringing back the founders items in any way shape or form. There is NO POINT you trying to get more information as it will make absolutely zero difference when you try and argue for founder items to be released as it WILL NOT HAPPEN.
  22. A large percentage of the player base hates the rng of rivens....OP wants to repeat bad design of riven on augments which are already situational at best in a lot of cases. Not to mention your described idea is literally just going to be powercreep as we'll just pick the 'strongest' options for the riven if it's custom built. Augments need a bit of love but this isn't the way to do it, most of us would be happy if they could just go in the exilus slot...
  23. Considering it's basically just a 'reskinned' phatasma (beam and 'shotgun') weapon it will likely be the same and use shotgun mods.
  24. Please don't nerf hydron spawns, it's been one of the more 'reliable' places to actually get the wolf to spawn and well I still need to get the bp. Having said that imo he isn't spawning 'that' often that he should get his spawn nerfed on hydron in the first place. Outside of hydron when I'm levelling it's very rare for him to spawn in my experience as he doesn't seem to want to fight me when I'm fully kitted out for him... Once I have the wolf hammer bp (wouldn't mind a couple extra for clan mates who have even less visits that I have) DE can nerf his spawns into the ground but until I have that I'd rather see them increase his spawns...
  25. Considering how mind numbingly tedious it looks I really doubt I'll be doing it very often so level won't make much difference overall. I'll get the 'good stuff' from there (can't decide if wisp will be there, with the flydelon or split between them) and then it will likely be left to gather dust.
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