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  1. You can't go blaming the game downloader for what is essentially a problem at your end.... DE can't do anything to fix your rubbish connection to the internet/game. The downloader is fine, it maxes my 80Mbit line (ie around 8 MB a second) just fine after the initial rush on new updates. IF DE did a downloader like you want and based on the information you've just given you'd struggle to download it before a new update is out requiring you to download another big download and be out of date again etc.... I think you need to be realistic and realise that you can't play this game with your current internet connection.
  2. Except that in void mode we also have the ability to allow physical items to pass through too... that would allow the photons to go through, so comparing to a prism isn't exactly the right analogy imo..
  3. IMO, The issue for DE at the moment (well has been for a while now and steadily getting worse) is they're trying to monetise the game (likely 'encouraged' by their Chinese owners, they have a trend for this supposedly) by making sure new content is drawn out long enough to 'encourage' players, primarily new ones, to just say screw it and buy it. You just have to look at the last 'trial' where they stuck hildryn behind a week long event to hide a week long plat exclusive period, I don't mind a short plat only exclusive period I just prefer they'd come out and say it though. I won't even comment on the low drop rate of wolf hammer parts creating high plat prices as a result ..... This 'monetisation' then impacts core game dynamics when it comes to loot and new items and we get to the point where we are now where we have 'issues' that many players dislike stuff because of poor decisions and at least in my case makes me even less inclined to buy plat etc.
  4. You've been around long enough, like I have, to know that the large majority of players build ivara primarily for spy missions even though she has other build options. So that one slot is already considered in any builds and as said above it's pretty negligible loss in most builds anyway. You also say there is no cost with using the invisibility of void mode yet further down you then contradict that by stating that it has an energy bar.... Lasers shouildn't technically be able to interact with us in void mode in the same way that physical things like weapon lasers pass through us. Reviving is simple energy transference so you could argue you don't need to leave the void for that, not to mention it's not exactly 'human' to be able to revive someone who's 'dead'. Picking up resources, lets be honest 'humans' don't have built in vacuums so this can go either way too. Interaction with things like consoles, yeah you could argue that shouldn't be a thing but at the same time you could argue that they're being controlled via energy transference. I have this vague recollection that this was changed after release because we couldn't operate consoles originally (could be wrong on this)
  5. To be fair considering that the operator void mode can avoid 'contact' with everything else and ivara can literally walk through the lasers I don't quite understand how the grineer/corpus have managed to make lasers that work in the void. Not to mention ivara can literally walk through lasers without issue and I have this vague recollection limbo in the rift doesn't set them off (Haven't really used limbo for ages though)
  6. Yeah it's pretty obvious to us what the issue is with the wolf... Too rare to spawn Full of mods we don't need in most cases RNG on the weapon parts and wolf mask on top of the rare spawn He's not really a 'challenge', he's just a bullet sponge made even worse by damage reduction and him usually appearing when you have low end gear on. In all honesty his fugitives do more damage with their napalm in my experience. It also feels like he's spawning less, his fugitives are definitely less common in my experience, than he was before the 'increase in spawn rate' that DE keeps saying about as nightwave progresses. This lack of spawning of fugitives doesn't help anyone who started late or missed a week etc because if they were appearing in every mission players could likely catch up. The problem is that DE don't seem to be doing anything about it though....
  7. LOL.. at the star map levels you can basically use anything you like, I used titania.
  8. Nah he was dead, I got a weapon part, nothing else.
  9. Nope, no mods, pretty easy to spot the generic ones when the entire section is empty (not bugged, just not many kills)....
  10. Then explain why I haven't got mods when I have had a part drop....
  11. They're all in the same drop table... 35% chance of a hammer part which then has it's own drop chance within that chance, 65% chance (well a tiny bit less due to the mask) of mods which have their own drop chance of which mod you get.
  12. Which would be fine if he actually spawned at a frequent enough rate to warrant an rng drop rate on his weapon parts/bp in the first place.... 35% still means there's a 65% drop chance of getting mods, which apart from 2 are common enough to find on the star map without any real effort. It also doesn't have any impact on the miniscule drop chance of getting the wolf mask.. And considering DE have said in the past about the rates increasing, all I've seen is a decrease in the amount of fugitives appearing in missions as the weeks have gone on... This part of 'nightwave' needs a serious rethink before the next one because this is to put it blunty an ill thought out and stupid design to stick weapon parts behind.
  13. nah this is corpus, it will be higher prices to pay for the cost of the upgrades 🙂
  14. Don't count on it being there, there's still a chance we're thinking of different places lol.
  15. Yeah the abysmal spawn rates combined with the rng of even getting a part is really making the wolf of saturn into a 'badly thought out' addition (I'm being polite) to the game...DE have seriously got this part of nightwave wrong imo, even if you just go by the amount of posts about it let alone my own and my clan members experiences. The low spawn rate wouldn't be as much of an issue if he had 100% drop chance on a part but even the best drop chance on a part/bp is around 13% while the worst is 3.5%.... The cynical side of me is thinking it's a ploy for plat sales as the prices on his rare parts are rather high, DE has been on a push to 'encourage' people to buy things with plat but in all honesty all that does is put me off buying (with) plat. I can say with 100% certainty I will not be buying it with plat.
  16. You could but it would be a waste imo seeing as we're due a prime version at some point in the 'near' future (well it's about 4 away)... It's your call though.
  17. Weird...If it's the one I'm thinking of it's 'just covered' by water.... that's where I went fishing last time and it was still just like before.
  18. where would that be? I haven't noticed any real changes when I was there...
  19. In all honesty nothing has really changed other than some visuals and the new enemy/tents
  20. I'm similar in as much that I'll use a frame I feel is suited to a purpose over 'adjusting' another frame in most cases but there are a few frames that can be used in multiple scenarios, it's like umbra mods, you're not going to use them on everything as it's not always needed. Arguably you are the sort of player this sort of 'multi forma' would benefit the most, the player that doesn't want to go through farming multiple copies of the same frame, doesn't want to screw up existing builds but might want to try something 'different' with a new build... so from a player perspective it would give variety and maybe a change up the way players play so potentially less 'hate' threads over certain frames, they can still have the meta build but could also try out a build that they like the 'idea' of. As to how it will affect the game in general, to be honest it doesn't matter what we say in regards to how it would influence the game. DE ends up making their own decisions, usually based on who shouts loudest or internal testing within their own 'preset' experiences (often not like ours...) and then they part change things or change them without fully thinking about long term consequences. Just take ember for example, they changed her fourth ability to suit the players moaning about it at low level, didn't actually fix that, but nerfed a completely viable alternative high level build (firequake cc build) that no one complained about.... even though we'd warned them this would happen before it was released. Or you can look at the way they changed things with nightwave (I'm not a huge fan of this as it's more of chore than fun at my level) which in some ways is better but it's also worse for many types of players as well. Economy wise, most frames on trade are likely sold to those that can't be bothered to farm or don't want to wait, same with the market so I doubt things would change much there. Throw in a new 'plat' item in the new forma, which would be more expensive than normal forma, and DE could actually get a boost in sales.
  21. I wouldn't say it needs to be 'common' like a forma but I would like it more common than umbra currently is, I think umbra needs to be more 'disposable' than once per 2.5 months, as it currently is encouraging most people I know 'not to use it' which in turn defeats the point in having it even though many of us are already using 2-3 umbral mods in some builds. I'm expecting more access with the tau system but we have no idea when that's turning up. I think we have enough ways of restricting builds at the moment due to capacity limitations and in all honesty the need for a multi forma is more needed due to DE's current trend of 'essential' 12-16 capacity mods rather than the builds themselves. Even if you half them it's still 6-8 capacity and we only have a capacity of 78 or 74 in most cases if you want something other than melee aura. That capacity then restricts how many 'polarity free' slots we can have in a build and as such restricts variation because the wrong polarity will add 2 to the capacity of a mod and you might not fit everything in. You've got to remember that even in different builds some mods will stay the same so they won't need to be 'multi polarity' as well. It wouldn't be so bad if similar things had the same polarity, a perfect example is drift mods for the exilus slot, they're all pretty much a different polarity, let alone if you wanted to use handspring or primed sure footed (only way to get 100% knockdown resistance but is another 16 capacity mod...) which again are different polarities, even though they essentially offer the same 'utility'. You say there should be a cost for extra power but I can basically buy most frames, either by trade or from the store (in some cases the only way for a second one) buy a booster (or luck into a login one) and have them fully levelled and forma'd in a day by doing the usual routine... it doesn't really take any time in real terms to level another frame, especially a damage type, and add forma if you have the interest in doing it. Also I'm not that interested in doing multiple frames, even though I do actually have at least one spare set of most prime frames. I know people who do but it's not for me, especially when in most cases I'm not purely doing the meta. However I still can see the issues because sometimes the fact I'm not doing meta means the combination of mods is more 'random' and less predictable for each build. You say you have concerns but the concern isn't over the ability to have more options, it's likely about power creep (which as I've said is blown out of proportion imo) and in all honesty that issue is here already and has nothing to do with adding in more options on how we polarise our mod slots. IF the planned increased levels that DE have talked about do their job, then even the issue of power creep should be relatively moot.
  22. Most frames have a 'meta' that people will build for, saryn is spore for example, but like you say it doesn't mean there isn't more than one 'meta' but even now we can build multiple frames which will allow players to do multiple different builds. One multi polarity slot essentially just saves time for the players that are going to go this route, plat isn't an issue as the sort of players who are doing multiple meta of the same frame will have been able to get plenty of plat from selling stuff in most cases. Slots isn't so much the issue these days, it's the fact we're getting a LOT more mods that require 16 capacity before a forma is added imo. It's not condescension towards you, if you believe me to be condescending then it's towards your lack of knowledge on the topic, not you, a subtle but intentional difference. I actually realised I missed something after I left but had other things to do so couldn't reply earlier. Your entire responses are essentially a meta complaint about power creep and your entire argument about 2 polarity over multi polarity is completely biased/flawed towards trying to stop it on power creep grounds, something you've shown a HUGE dislike for. The issue is that your own idea of having just 2 polarity per slot is no different to a multi polarity slot when it comes to being able to do the 'powercreep builds' you're complaining about, the only difference is it will just take more forma. So my response to you now is simple: You have an issue with powercreep so please feel free to start a thread on your issues regarding powercreep rather than trying to meta complain in a thread which is essentially about allowing multiple polarities on slots so that we can open up the opportunity to have more variety on our builds.
  23. No you keep arguing that adding more polarities will result in MORE powercreep while totally ignoring the fact (which I have already pointed out, and others afterwards) that we already are building the 'powercreep' builds at the expense of other non meta builds. Now you've gone on the second frame argument to try and 'prove your point'... while ignoring the fact that it is literally no different to us having multiple polarities on one frame. Instead of building your 'powercreep builds' on one frame you now build it over 2 or more frames.... see you're just proving how naive a viewpoint you have in this matter. It's clear you're not reading my posts because I've already covered powercreep being an issue (it's blown of proportion though imo)....removing the limitations on single polarity would remove the necessity to run just 'one build' on frames when you want to have a 'meta' build which requires all or close to all of the slots being polarised. Removing a limitation on build options will give players OPTIONS to use other builds other than the 'meta'... but clearly you're not able to see this so keep thinking in your naive way.
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