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  1. We're getting far too many of these... especially when simple maths will answer this for you... Amount left divided by weekly standing you can get (it's 42k if you can do elite, if not adjust to what you can do) = number of weeks you need to max out standing. We've been told it will last around 10 weeks, and you can easily find the original start date via the wiki (it's February 27th, 2019) so you can do the maths to work out how long we have left but there is no 'exact date' for it finishing.
  2. Not sure what you're complaining about in all honesty as you'd end up using pressure point and in a lot of cases fury/berserk no matter what build you end up doing, status, crit, combo, they all need pressure point. Body count in all honesty is optional imo. Whichever way you look at it, that's still just 4 mods out of 8... meaning you could still add in 4 elemental still... I'm like the above in that I like extra range but still.
  3. Yeah I'm not a fan of these forma challenges either.... 1. I don't really have anything to forma, or want to forma, so it's basically wasting 3 forma.. 2. I have to use 3 forma, which in turn kind of defeats the point in being given the 3 free forma from the rewards... it seems to turn up roughly when that reward was going to happen for the 'majority' of players.. edit: suppose I could try and finish off my prime items I've got to farm.... wasn't in any rush to farm them though.
  4. Yeah we had this one once, we could get all the way up to the top but not the last one. So after about 5 mins trying I went sod it and went up to the 'floor' right up the top, then when we didn't get the last pipe to trigger I just void dashed to the opening to get the achievement mark for the squad and ignored the mod. As far as we were concerned that was job done lol.
  5. Honestly, if you're being kicked as often as you imply are you sure your connection isn't the issue... While I do get the odd issue and still get stuck with toasters as hosts from time to time (annoying) the game connection stability isn't that bad for me personally.
  6. This is the official warframe forum... you might have noticed DE doesn't actually respond here...try twitter or reddit, they seem to reply there.
  7. As we keep getting told constantly... the game is in beta still... In all honesty, as much as many of us hate on the term beta for the main game on pc and arguably xbox/playstation, the term is kind of fitting for the switch.
  8. I can agree with that, my builds are more utility than pure damage but I would love to be able to make 'an attack' kavat, but I think the AI needs improving before that can happen. With my current builds, at best, I can fit one of the new 'elemental' damage mods into them but I lose a fair bit of utility from that. The only pet I have that can purely take on attack mods is venari and that can only take 1 mod... Mind you moa's aren't exactly in a good place either because there are a lot of sentinel mods (guardian, shield charger to name a few) that don't work properly because the moa isn't beside you like a sentinel is (basically same issue as vacuum had). In many ways moa's are in the 'sweet spot' between a sentinel and a kavat, but they can't be when the mods don't work properly on them.
  9. Technically we don't actually know how much time is left... Steve has however said around 10 weeks is their target.
  10. do the maths... each tier is 10k. If you do everything in a week it's around 42k per week.
  11. Finally got a full fight of the tusk thumper thinking it would drop the bp like all others, no drop so thought I'd go and check the drop chance via the wiki.... the most common thumper doesn't even drop the bp and the other two are 2.5 and 5% drop chance... come on DE at least make it so they all have a chance to drop the bp because your text didn't read like it was restricted to just 2 higher level ones .... ... the one mentioned doesn't even drop the bp!! edit: No idea why it's stuck message to dauggie in the quote, that wasn't how it was written... and it won't fix either.
  12. Honestly the 'farming' on PoE is one of the most boring things I could be doing in the game... I didn't come here to do nothing but farm, I came here to kill stuff and gain resources passively. If I wanted to farm resources there are games specifically geared towards this type of 'enjoyment'....
  13. My one and only encounter saw it disappear part way through the fight... haven't seen any since, however ghouls seem to be popping up every other step lol
  14. Yeah thumper spawns could be a little better... The one and only thumper I've seen magically disappeared part way through the fight lol Conservation... I've been doing it via archwing and the most annoying thing is that even after they've been tranq'd they're still able to be killed, not just by me but by enemies as well.... this was an issue on OV but clearly DE doesn't keep note of the fix they did there on this very issue... after a hotfix OV tranq targets were changed so they can't be killed once tranq'd... I really wish DE would be consistent and/or remember they've done a 'fix' once they've made a change due to our 'complaints', we had/have the same issue with exploiter orb not being a bounty on OV even though they had the exact same issue(s) on PoE with eidolons...
  15. That's a different issue altogether in all honesty, we've been complaining about that since PoE release....
  16. The only way the dev's are going to force me into using the k-drive to traverse around an open world is to physically remove archwings....if you do that I won't bother with open worlds, I'm already bored of them so it won't be a great loss. I don't like k-drives, I just don't like how they control and I hate the fact I need to level them for no reason other than to get my mr standing, they shouldn't have been tied to MR and should have been a side 'mission' we can access for racing or stunts etc. Archwings will ALWAYS be faster than k-drives when we can fly over rather than around the mountains....the simple fact is that k-drives are poorly thought out for a mountainous map, they're 'fine' (albeit slower still) on PoE. This is an issue that DE brought on themselves, they added something that wasn't needed or good enough 'just because' players were asking for it....not everything people wants is right for the game. If DE wanted to add k-drives what should have happened is that they should have been the transportation on PoE with it's flat open map, archwings should have been for OV and no use of the k-drives there. Itzal should not be punished because DE added something that wasn't right for a map. In all honesty it annoys the hell out of me when 3 of us are waiting at the exit and one player has decided they're going to crawl back to the exit from the other side of the map on a k-drive when the rest of us have used our archwings, hell I've been in situations where we've finished a bounty before a k-drive user has even got to it's location... we don't have all day to wait for a k-drive to catch up.
  17. 1 - meh, seems like an excessively convoluted way to get some minor buffs (you know they'll end up being fairly low by the time they've finished 'tweaking') 2 - ok, kind of just felt like a rehash of nezha's halo with cc instead of damage 3 - not a bad idea but not sure how much use it will get outside of stationary missions like defence... 4 - a buffed up chroma spectral scream... Had to laugh though as it really feels like they're releasing a frame that is going to have the same issues that vauban is now about to have fixed... it's great for stationary gameplay but it doesn't work that well when moving around the maps...
  18. I'd settle for 100% drop chance of a part rather than 3.95-13.55% drop chance they have now... I have no need for anything else he drops and with his limited spawning the drop rates on parts just compound how badly thought out the wolf is when it comes to putting a weapon behind him.
  19. essentially it's chroma's first ability, just 'better'
  20. A LONG time... sometimes it does seem like it's been fixed but then it crops up again... Yes is annoying.
  21. The map has actually changed a little, it's gained new assets etc. I got nearly 600MB back after the update and while I'm fully expecting some 'behind the scene' updates in the 1.8GB I'd say a fair bit is in the PoE update and ability video's they've added
  22. Not a lot in all honesty... it's a bit more noticeable on things like hildryn's aegis storm where it has an energy wall but it's not exactly something you'll see in a lot of cases imo. On all the ones I've tried the primary seems to be more 'powerful' than the secondary colour, especially if you use a bright colour. The only real way I could get any obvious difference to my primary yellow colour was to use a white.... even on nezha which was the poster child for the 2 colours...
  23. Wasn't that dark to me, in all honesty I felt a little underwhelmed by the lack of vegetation still, felt there could have been a lot more and more variation in it's height.
  24. Two energy colour - (obviously not checked yet, the usual slow downloads....) while I'm sure this will help some fashion frame, I'm not sure about others but I'd have loved the ability to have 1 colour for my frame and 1 colour for my abilities.. bright colours aren't loved by all or practical in some cases but we still want it on our frames Buried debts - yay nullifiers (we all LOVE nullifiers that spawn on top of us...) and radiation (this still gives friendly fire doesn't it...). Not that I care, still see no reason for me to go back and do it again. Wolf of saturn - honestly with a level cap I'm not sure it needs to reduced in tankiness... Would still like to see increased spawns, it seems that even the fugitives aren't spawning that often now....
  25. This does seem like a change to 'cater for newbies' at the expense of those of us who were here earlier... While I didn't waste resources on arcanes etc I wasn't going to use I have spent a fair amount of time farming for the resources of the ones that I did make. Mind you it won't be the first time changes to PoE shafted players, the first plague star I stocked up (ie farmed my behind off) on the plague star bp's for the arcanes only for DE to change arcanes to only need one set total instead of a set per weapon.... I do wish that DE would look at the 'long term picture' of something before releasing something new, these changes aren't done early enough after release to not have a large impact on those that actually worked hard getting things from the poorly thought original ideas. A few days talking with people on the forum would have told you that farming resources only found in one place is not fun for most players, especially when they've not found anywhere else... hell fortuna could have had the some of the same resources as earth, but nope all new again.... This isn't the first time where DE have gone back and made things 'easier for newbies' at the expense of the 'veterans' and in all honesty DE should know better by now....
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