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  1. lol... already done it, and I've kept a few rivens aside too just in case. It was pretty obvious stuff was going to repeat at some point, even if it wasn't until the next 'nightwave'
  2. IMO they're different weapons, just like with the non primed versions... they each give their own respective MR standing which by extension makes them an individual weapon in the eyes of the game. By 'contract' only the original items offered to founders are exclusive, anything else is fair game for DE to release, not to mention there would likely be a fair few 'complaints' if founders got even more exclusive items...
  3. what.... I'd love to see your maths for that because that just doesn't make any sense to me.... 30 levels, 300 creds, albeit biased to a lower level as the last 'bulk reward', it's a simple 300/30... even if you were to adjust for the last wolf creds it would still be 300/24 which is 12.5 per level. Level 31 gives you 15 more so it would
  4. Well think yourself lucky... if you divide the 300 wolf credits you get in total over the 30 tiers, you'd average at 10 wolf credits per 10k standing. You're actually getting a whole 50% free per 10k standing. Yeah I know, 15 wolf credits is pretty useless in all honesty, but then wolf credits in general are pretty useless to me.
  5. Not sure it is in all honesty, while he's a 'bullet sponge' (primarily due to his damage reduction as he only has like 2.5k health) and his minions have quite high damage output (and immortality) he's not exactly the 'most intelligent' of enemies to fight. While some of us would like 'harder enemies', even some which are just bullet sponges, I think most of us would prefer better AI over damage reduction so he can just absorb more damage.
  6. I'm already sitting on just shy of 100 kavat dna (alerts :)) and I've got plenty of syndicate standing for relics (although I doubt I'll get all that way). Still doesn't change the fact we're 'being forced' to do stuff that in normal terms a higher level or long term player has no need to be doing. Hell I can't even use my PoE standing on anything 'worthwhile' before doing the missions...
  7. Yay... I just love doing things I have zero need to do.... all the items, maxed standing etc... Yes they're 'easy' but some of us have no need to do them and that is an issue, let alone the time versus return on the eidolon bounties.
  8. Nothing like taking a common English saying out of context....
  9. This entire first season is 'testing' for DE and instead of just accepting the issues we have they're 'waiting for season 2' before making any changes because 'they can't change things' (they can).... we'll see how little gets changed for season 2 but in all honesty I'm not expecting any changes.
  10. You must be new.... did you really think DE were going to think up 10 weeks (minimum) of completely different challenges. Based on how 'copy paste' DE can be with content I'm actually surprised we got as far as we did before it started repeating stuff (it stated last week iirc) Some of us saw this 'grind' right at the start but were being called out on 'being negative' (polite way of putting it).... hmm...
  11. UK here... it's ALWAYS been 12 Midnight GMT....so 1AM for us now. It's why you used to get complaints about login boosters when people 'were going to bed' and as such going to waste. edit: except for syndicate/sorties, they're at some weird time (4pm GMT iirc) for some reason lol, but the above is true for 'login' type things and now wolfie.
  12. You can get it before maxing the standing on fortuna, but you need to have it gifted to you. It is only available to purchase as an item (on pc) after you've got the ability to craft them, this also gives you the ability to gift it.
  13. Think I bought the dual heat sword bps and built them as soon as I was able to, hadn't even fully levelled up the skana iirc.
  14. How can we ever say no to a few more excalibur cosmetics..... Actually I don't mind an umbra alt helmet but lets be honest there are frames that are frames that have considerably less options when it comes to fashionframe.
  15. Think you'll find it's the other way round, you can't kill the fugitives until you've killed him... or at least that was my experience.
  16. Pretty sure it was established a while back that an assassin is 'more likely' to come after someone with a low conclave score which is based off the level of your weapons/mods etc. My own experience (over 3 years playing) is they're far more common when I'm levelling weapons than not. Having said that, since we've had wolf the spawn rate of assassins has notably increased but in my cases not of the assassin I actually want/need to see, ie wolfie.
  17. I'd argue it's more common now since melee 2.999999999, with the quick swap you can use condition overload with a high status, high fire rate pistol for example. IIRC my 'strain mod' build has a plague zaw thats crit/condition overload build and maybe even weeping wounds so the combo isn't that 'out there' as many think.
  18. Part of the problem is DE tests/plays things in isolated, specifically set up scenarios, often with dev hacks on, so they don't get a real feel for what we the player gets to experience in the 'real game'. While several of the staff say they play the game (Glen streams most weekends), most of the 'main dev team' don't seem like they play the game outside of work... that won't help either. Steve started his 'beginner streams' but they stopped, even though he was finding 'issues' for newbies etc.
  19. PMSL.. best weapon.. skips to end to find out it's got a pretty strong riven on it... While the plague zaws are arguably the best melee in game, you can't call something the 'best' when it requires a riven that not everyone has.
  20. I thought the exact same thing when I saw that line... DE seemed to listen to us players a lot more in the past than they do now. Now we raise quite important things that need fixing and DE basically just ignores the issues for the 'next new shiny thing' they want to add, problems be damned.
  21. I'll go for 1 lol... I bet the next one will be essentially the same just with a different character, maybe corpus, how else will they add in the 'capture targets' for the extra standing. If we're lucky there might be some tweaks to the challenge/reward side of things.
  22. I got him with his 3 buddies while doing a solo run, he was rank 29 so not exactly as bad as some have had (seen reports of 140 range) but you get an idea of what it will be like at higher levels... this was the third time I've seen him since the start, spawn rate is appalling still. My rifle which would usually be doing around 500 damage per hit (100% crit chance rivened tenora) was getting the grand total of 90 per hit, you got to love 80% damage reduction... Crowd control with magus lockdown (and any frame ability) has been nerfed into the ground, yes it was a little bugged on magus lockdown but it now lasts next to no time at all. So I spent about 5-10 mins using my melee (did far more damage than my rifle did) while absorbing all the damage from him and the minions (surprisingly hildryn survived without any issues), with the ocassional hit from wolfie and to be honest I wasn't even aware I'd killed him until I noticed I'd killed his buddies... When it finished I end up with a mod... I wouldn't mind the rareness of his visits and the time it takes to kill him if it was 100% drop chance on his parts but it's not and iirc all the other assassins have 100% drop chance of a weapon or part.
  23. Same as the above really, tried conclave early on when I started playing, didn't like the mechanics of it, said I don't need the stuff from conclave and never bothered with it again until we were forced to do it for an event. Still hated it, rinse and repeat.... I enjoy Unreal Tournament, Quake etc but there are so many issues with conclave that it's just not worth the hassle/stress of playing conclave.
  24. they should auto play (iirc) when you go into the wolf of saturn window. You can also force play the latest via the buttons bottom right on the challenge page.
  25. Yeah we know the spawns are far too low, problem is DE don't seem to be taking any notice of us saying that they're too low.....
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