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  1. except in the case of zhuge prime... it's not silent 😛 yeah don't ask my why they couldn't just do 'primary' mods instead of rifle and shotgun and then stuck bows in rifles and some other weapons get confused lol.
  2. Can't say I've noticed any slowdowns... I've noticed I seem to get stuck on stuff more of late but it's been like that since they changed pass through on weapons. As said above though pc hardware can have a huge impact on what we see in game... and my pc's a fair way above the minimum needed to play the game so can likely cope with extra requirements better than a pc closer to the min specs.
  3. People were asking were for DE to 'take a break' from updates and go through and fix the problems with the game, things like enemy scaling/balance, bugs etc, not completely stop adding new stuff.... Now the 'delay' on railjack wouldn't be so bad if they'd actually hit their original deadline (that was tennocon iirc) and they'd have actually gone through and fixed stuff but in all honesty most of the big issues from back there are still in the game because to put it bluntly DE pretty much ignore everything else but the 'big update' they're working on. Yes we've had some changes to reward tables (not sure we'd have got that without the data mining issues in all honesty), a little revamp to a few maps (which had started before railjack), a couple of things added that didn't hit their original deadline (exploiter orb etc) and basically just a tweaked version of existing content in nightwave (which isn't really new stuff, it's just a new wrapper in most cases) and disruption (excavation 2.0). But when you look at things subjectively DE are currently focusing too heavily on the 'next big thing' rather than smaller more regular updates, hell even items from baro are suffering and we haven't even had as many 'special events' while they've been working on railjack. Also I'd say the consensus back then was also that most preferred smaller more regular updates rather than the big updates which essentially only keep us interested until we've 'finished it' like PoE and OV.
  4. Yeah the 'new' pigments on PoE and OV are totally unbalanced/bugged regarding how many we need versus spawns... not to mention in my experience it seems that the thing you want actively spawns less when you're trying to farm it, then throw in some rng on if it even drops the pigment... So basically no one in my clan is bothering to get the pigments from PoE/OV now, it's just too much hassle. The funny thing is some of the most heavily spawning animals on PoE require a tiny amount while some of the rarest things on the plains require a stupidly high amount... it's almost like DE didn't play the game before adding the numbers.
  5. Yeah I'm about half way if I'm lucky on this and that all comes from levelling up k-drives and vent kids. The need to do 1000km for this achievement is just too high imo. This is one achievement I'm basically never going to get because no matter what nerfs DE do to itzal/blink it will still be quicker (I'll just use the speed mod) to us an archwing because we can fly over the mountains...
  6. There's already an ongoing event which creates plat, it's called trade chat...
  7. Probably because it's a khora passive not a venari one.. Khora only gets a speed buff when venari is alive.
  8. Which is fine if the other player keeps up etc but there are times when certain players decide to 'farm every locker' before we get to the boss. There's also the issue with loading into a mission that still hasn't been fixed where if the host skips the intro video, we're stuck in it till it's done and then you find the rest of the squad half way through the mission.... oh and we still have users who continue to play on toasters and dial up. Honestly, I'd rather they ADD cutscenes into things which don't have them, especially when they take almost as long as the mission (profit taker missions for example). Actually I'd like to fully remove 'cutscenes' from some missions they completely ruin the flow and half the time I end up facing the wrong way after them....I'm looking at the phorid, then there's a cutscene and I'm now looking at a wall in the opposite direction.... If a player wants to see cutscenes there is always the option to go do a mission solo.... I normally do my first try solo so I can do scans for the codex.
  9. Actually my comment was more about the necessity to grind multiple maps before being able to do one run and then having a restriction on how many you can actually do in a day (unless you saved up prior)... it works ok with mesa (which now uses 1 key instead of needing 3 nav keys) because it's a constant thing, not a time restricted event. Yes the enemy might be coming back as an assassin but there's nothing to say how often he'll appear etc.
  10. Yet you're defending lack of content in the same breath... so yep ciao works for me to...
  11. Well DE have hotfixed it so you now get the question mark... nothing like forced grind and rng...
  12. While it doesn't bother me personally because I had been saving up my zealot derelict codes for access (I expected part 5 to need them) and then managed to get my parts in 4 runs but you know players wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for the limited access to codes (even if you ignore the 'grind' needed for the codes) players have and the limited time players have to get the parts...
  13. And like I say you are very much 'defending DE' and allowing them to continue doing things the way they are without any sort of 'consequence' from the players.... I don't agree with your viewpoint and mine isn't going to change.
  14. You can use 'stored' keys, that's what I did.
  15. You have 2 planets where you can do a fight for the codes. One of those planets has an assassination mission in the emissary derelict, or at least that's how it is on pc.
  16. I could find one if you really want but it's basically our new operator (the one from nightwave 2) suit but stretched out in a few places to make it look 'creepy'.
  17. Above in spoiler in case others don't want to read it 🙂 I don't know if there is some hidden reward in there either
  18. To be honest I'll sum up 'my fights'.... I'd been stockpiling the code to get in to the fight because I suspected we'd need them for it. Remember to take helios Go into map, can't see anything because it's so dark (including zealoid), the torch is pretty useless as always and bright ability colours don't exactly help. Find zealoid... melee a few times till it goes to stage 2 Find zealoid... after first run remember to mark him so he's quicker to find. Spend most of the time running to and from the capsule guys because the duration (it is longer in solo) is tiny (or theres a damage cap) in public groups. When you've got the capsule run around chasing the zealoid who seems to teleport. Sometimes needing to wait because the capsule bearer loses the zealoid... Kill the healers Rinse and repeat until dead I was lucky I got all my rewards (that I know of) in 4 goes and to be fair I'm glad I did because it's not hard, no one died, and actually when I think about it it's actually not that much different from the exploiter orb fight... it's fundamentally the same capsule to kill/damage combined with needing to kill the support units to stop it healing.
  19. Not even sure why I'm replying because you're still doing the same as before... I didn't contradict myself in anything that I said as much as you'd like to try and make out I did. And yes I don't feel we've had any worthwhile content in the last 1.5ish years.. hell most of my clan levelled up OV using ticker and our existing resources rather than bother with the missions because they were basically no different to PoE missions apart from being corpus. I also didn't cherry pick... myself and many others do not see a new warframe, weapon or skin (tennogen aren't even made by DE...) as new content, it's even more apparent when we get a new prime released seeing as it's basically a reskin of the non prime with a slight stat change/buff. You do not require a specific frame, weapon or skin to do any map in the game therefore they are basically nothing more than an avatar or character you pick to play in a game. Essentially a warframe is something you unlock after doing the content in the game. The AI of enemies, the scaling of armour etc and all other elements within the game content is a separate matter which has been going on since before I even started playing, it is something that will never get fixed until DE determine what an endgame level is and balance around it... something they're unlikely to do seeing as they now basically target newbies with everything. edit: Oh and called it...
  20. LOL, you still think DE was that well organised.... Actually no I don't think what we've had recently is a real update, it's just some new maps for jupiter, which had been on the cards for a LONG time (and ironically I play jupiter even less now...), and as to disruption, it is literally excavation with a timer instead of health and an exploding enemy you need to kill first... Mods aren't new content, they're new things to farm and is an image and a set of stats in a database in most cases. You really class a new frame and weapons as content... no thats what we use to do said content in the game. Changing to a new frame or weapon doesn't all of a sudden change the fact they're being used on the exact same tilesets as all the ones before. Really... that was only that long ago....but then I suppose it's easy to forget when it is literally a single new map with one maybe 2 new mission types over PoE. Yes they threw in k-drives because people wanted them but all they did was add another grind and essentially got archwings nerfed... It wasn't really NEW content, it was nearly a copy paste of PoE, it had most of the same issues as PoE which essentially boiled down to.. once you'd done it you ignored it. In fact when it came out there were a fair few people who just couldn't be bothered to do it because it was so much like PoE... Don't forget they ended up missing the original deadlines for fortuna as well.... Warframes, weapons, skins aren't content, they're what you use to play the content in game. Most of those new enemies are nothing special, they die just as quick as any other... the last 'interesting' enemy we got on the main maps were nox and then we went back to the old style. Thumpers are fine for newbies (well if you ignore the stupid AI they've been given) but there's no reason for 'veterans' to go there, we're already stocked up on resources (which are now no longer needed) and well raknoids, they have the same issue once you get your toroids. Even if you go after the orb mother and profit taker, you basically only run them till you have everything you want... there's no 'repeat playability' in them outside of the rewards. Yeah we had a small intermission video quest which is essentially us following a pre planned 'script' but like the others they just end up giving us something to do the rest of the content with. Don't forget wasn't railjack originally planned for a tennocon 2019 release... If we've had content why do people keep complaining about lack of content.....hmm.... And yes the original demo was playable, they just had very explicit restrictions in what they could do without it breaking, hence my bit about restricted. Now I've read your reply I don't think it's actually worth replying to you anymore because it's pretty clear that you're just going to defend DE even if your house was burning down due to DE's game blowing up your PC. I'm not that sort of person, if I see an issue I'm going to say it....
  21. Are the half we play on a regular basis or the ones we ignore and never go back to 😛 A Devstream a while back said we'd get another intermission before nightwave 3, so the likely 'fix' for no access to nitain is intermissions between full seasons.
  22. I love how you try to dismiss something that doesn't fit with your viewpoint as whining.... Actually I was using information given by DE in that thread and from prior devstreams to come up with a realistic date. I also never said it was a definitive date, if you'd care to read mine properly rather than being upset that someone doesn't agree with you will see the word PROBABLY before I say a date... in all honesty it is more likely that my date is closer to the date it will be released but I never explicitly said that. As to part 5 being no different to part 1... they had to use intermission to add more time to get part 1 of nightwave 2 finished, we've had an extended duration between each transmission in nightwave 2 and in all honesty nightwave 2 has had far less 'new things' in it than nightwave 1. Hell I'd almost be willing to put money on part 5 being get token from 3x invasions, go to map and fight a new infested unit (I wouldn't be shocked to see a newly coloured and/or larger size ancient for part 5 in all honesty) with the reward being a sigil and some extra standing... As to being patient... we're getting on to around 1.5 years for a real update, a playable (albeit restricted) version of railjack was shown at the tennocon in 2018, hell the demo in 2019 wasn't exactly much different... I think it's an entirely fair viewpoint to expect something 'worth the time we waited' when it's released considering how much they could have got done if they'd have just treated these new 'invade ship' missions as an archwing mission instead of adding in the ship that (imo) doesn't really fit with warframe...
  23. No one was asking for railjack, this was literally Steves idea, we were however asking for more content and that could have been as simple as more tiles to pick from for the existing maps, hell they could have done more mission types for the existing open world maps even. Remember railjack wasn't announced at the last tennocon, it was the one before it (so that's about a year and a half a go), we haven't really had anything of note (disruption is literally excavation with a slight tweak) since then added to the game.
  24. It's either relating to the chinese one or you're hearing the people wanting to be able to use prime excal helmet on umbra.... On original release excal umbra was basically copy pasted from Chinese excal umbra prime and given the moving warframe bit. The chinese servers had a 'founder pack exclusive' which included excal umbra prime (it's on the wiki if you want to look), without the moving warframe. The copy paste of code gave umbra the orb energy passive on release which DE then later took away.
  25. So seeing as September is a 'light month' with the intent to 'kick it up' in October and DE also were kind of talking about intermission 2 being before railjack (iirc) in a previous devstream that probably means no railjack before November, possibly even December when you think about it... if that is the case railjack better be something special because lets be honest it's taking too long between real content updates now.
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