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  1. And that is exactly how I find targets, with the tranq, then waypoint and off I go in archwing... the number of targets on the map does not change no matter which lure I have selected.
  2. Actually that doesn't happen with mine... unless you mean running just one singular item in the gear wheel which is even more time consuming seeing as you need to go back and forth into the map on each new lure. See above.
  3. kind of pointless when you need DIFFERENT animals to pass the nightwave mission, taking one lure kind of defeats the point.
  4. Would be nice to be able to combine them 'how we want', it would also be nice if the cold elemental mod had the same polarity (we've complained for ages over this) but as you can see we're still stuck with the system we have.
  5. I don't mind it being there but I'd prefer them to return it to the old version instead of needing 'different' captures. Last time I did it I wasted more time due to getting the same exact animal spawn at different locations than I did doing the 6 captures. Mind you I'd happily get rid of the mining one, thats totally rng based and is far more annoying than the conservation one.
  6. Yep.... did you expect them not to, they had to do an intermission the first time because they didn't hit the 'deadline' for nightwave 2, they're likely in the same situation this time due to railjack etc (which is also technically running late...).
  7. It's more likely that this 'artificial' delay you're referring to is due to DE needing to set up everything so that ALL platforms sync, which usually means sending an update out to MS/Sony/Nintendo and they can take a bit of time too.... it's also entirely possible they want to tweak stuff (unlikely) or that it's coming with the mainline. I'm sure you can wait a week, it's not like it will have anything special in it and lets be honest the nightwave 'challenges' are just going to be the exact same chores things we've had for the last 15 or so weeks.
  8. To be fair a couple of updates ago there was a change to the way 'stealth' worked in game. Since that update enemies have been super sensitive (imo and others in clan etc) and can detect a completely stealth kill from pretty much another room.... It could be that this is having an impact on this riven as well.
  9. While what you say is generally true, the naberus armor has been back at halloween for 50plat on a limited duration basis a couple of times iirc. As to the OP, there are certain things that some of us feel should be a permanent fixture in nightwaves to go along with things like nitain and vauban, kuva is one and any limited time ornaments are another. Will we see a change, doubtful we'll see a change this time (many of us wanted to buy kuva for example with our leftover creds) and in all honesty I doubt it will change next time either.
  10. I've got atlas and dethcube, still no ninkondi and the tekko just isn't 'urgent'... in all honesty I'm kind of a bit fed up with prime farming and levelling them so I'm not exactly 'rushing' to grind out the new relics lol.
  11. I wasn't... at best we'll get that in a 'gift of the lotus' event inbetween nightwave 2 and intermission 2, or it will just be stuck in with intermission 2 (assuming they don't 'conveniently' forget). Then the cycle will repeat where nightwave 3 won't have grendels helmet because 'they can't update mid season' which lets be honest is purely to sell the helmet for plat instead, personally I can wait for it.
  12. Kind of agree with the OP, out of all the primes of late the ninkondi handles have been the worst for me personally,although I suspect the tekko prime might go the same way. Bad rng on even getting the relics followed by really bad rng in the drops on the few relics I have had access to, to the point where after blowing 4 rad relics in squad of 4x4rads in a row that I felt the relic was bugged. Even now I'm still missing a handle...
  13. I could get behind that.. I'm mr27 😛 I do find adding forma and the process of levelling it up a bit tedious these days and it feels far worse on warframes because you lose the abilities, at least on a weapon it's just a little weaker. I wouldn't mind so much if we didn't need 'meta' farming techniques to get it done at a reasonable pace but sadly due to the way xp works it seems to take ages anywhere but somewhere like hydron or onslaught
  14. There's a total of 189 (+18) nitain needed for everything in game.... there comes a point where you've built everything that uses nitain and you end up getting a stockpile of 'spare' nitain....then there are players like me who well you can see from below my reasons for wanting kuva... (I've just copied my post from another thread). Yeah it is a little annoying that I literally have NOTHING I can spend the creds I've made in the last 2ish weeks.... the only cred store item I actually have a reason to buy is kuva, I have 29 (c) and 18 (r) potatoes, 165 nitain, already have all the auras (multiple in some cases), skins and vauban....there is literally nothing in there for me to spend my remaining creds on, there isn't even forma, not that I really need them either. As you can see I almost have enough nitain to build EVERYTHING in the game a second time....I am what you would class as an 'end gamer' and while we can get kuva elsewhere, kuva from nightwave was for some of us the ONLY thing we actually had any reason to use our creds on. So like the OP I would like it adding for this week please.
  15. um.... pretty sure it already does when you press esc....
  16. Yeah it is a little annoying that I literally have NOTHING I can spend the creds I've made in the last 2ish weeks.... the only cred store item I actually have a reason to buy is kuva, I have 29 (c) and 18 (r) potatoes, 165 nitain, already have all the auras (multiple in some cases), skins and vauban....there is literally nothing in there for me to spend my remaining creds on, there isn't even forma, not that I really need them either. I hadn't even been holding onto my creds, I spent all of them when kuva was last in the store... the 200+ I have now are literally what I've gained since then farming for the pathocyst (wanted some spare parts for clan mates who hadn't been on) and just casually doing the nightwaves that I felt like doing between farming for atlas etc lol. The last weekly rotation of nightwave cred store should include the items that 'end gamers' would want because they're the ones that are going to have excess creds at the end of the season... in all honesty I feel kuva should always be available, nobody is ever going to say they don't need more kuva with the rng that rivens have.
  17. really... you need me to explain that post.... I never even said that the exilus slots were the reason they gained extra capacity.
  18. Some people felt this might happen pretty early on when we kept getting new relics for all the new prime stuff. I do agree that we're getting to the point of relic drop table overload. It's not just the number of different relics either but the actual number of relics that we have too, I honestly have more relics than I know what to do with, except on axi due to the 'balance' of how relics drop. The number of relics I have in my inventory is only going to grow too seeing as in DE's eyes relics are 'end game rewards' in most cases and unless I specifically want to spend time farming primes to sell for plat via trade I generally only need one set of a prime item....I suppose I could sell the relics as well but still. It's not like I even need an excessive amount of prime parts for ducats these days, even baro doesn't have that much 'new' inventory but that's partly due to how long I've been playing. Essentially while relics were an 'improvement' over the old void key system in some respects they're also worse in other respects and I think that DE may need to go back to the drawing board or give us a way to 'reroll' relics in a similar way to mods. i have to say I think I'd prefer a store, like for many other parts of the game, where we could just buy the relics we wnt and instead of being rewarded with relics in missions we get a 'relic credit' with relics being priced according to rank with maybe a premium on newly released/unvaulted prime relics. Higher missions reward higher amounts of credits and ideally scaling with duration too but I doubt this would happen.
  19. I can already see exilus mods on weapons being pretty pointless on the weapons we'd actually want to use them on.... I've already got some weapons with 7 forma on due to needing them for capacity reasons... in fact my first thoughts during devstream was they better increase the capacity if they're adding in another mod slot then. Exilus mods are fine on warframes and melee because they gain up to 16 capacity over the base 60 but primary, secondary weapons and exalted melee don't get this bonus capacity. It's even more of an issue due to the amount of mods that now need a larger capacity to fit in the first place. Throw in the one elemental mod (cold) that for some reason uses a different polarity and it may turn into a situation where we're even more limited in the build on that weapon.... it wouldn't be so bad if we had a universal forma, not just a universal aura forma, but we don't. When you think about what's likely to be an 'exilus mod' on primary and secondary it's more than likely going to end up being utility so things like making them quieter, faster reloads etc or even peculiar mods and lets be honest we're not going to give up capacity for that in most cases.
  20. Watch the devstreams from time to time, this was actually covered in todays episode.... I'll summarise...not coming any time soon if ever.
  21. to be fair I did kind of think that they're pretty similar, although you could argue that gauss copied ember first for the radial heat damage. I also felt the same goes for the 'concept' behind embers new 4 and vaubans new 3, they both shoot stuff from in the sky (even indoors), one is to a single spot, one is to more than one target but the core idea of an orbital attack is the same.
  22. which will only work if the enemies are actually near each other..... as I said it's all very well being shown in simulcrum because it's 'perfect for the shiny' but that doesn't mean it will work well outside of it. Line of sight... considering how many issues there are with LoS in warframe, not sure that's actually a plus.... Still doesn't change the fact that the option is being removed... and odds are it will lead to the same thing being done to other frames. You do realise that a large portion of those above are due to the changes to fire status/procs.... they mentioned armour stripping as a status/proc for fire for example. The passive is only any good if the enemies are actually there.... as we've seen with nidus and to a point with saryn spores, if the player can't get the 'hit' to trigger the mechanics it's pretty useless. I'm sure we'll likely see a cap on this too. Damage reduction/amp after micromanagement from her 2 - we'll see how useful that actually is in the game rather than simulcrum (ignoring the fact they were still playing with numbers) but I still say I'd prefer a straight up damage reduction ability, I just don't like needing to micromanage stuff. To be fair just about every frame could do with a casting buff without the need for an ability just to do it. Armor stripping - they mentioned this as being part of the fire proc, not to mention it's pretty redundant if all 4 players are running CP (which is still one of if not the most popular aura) Her 4 has scaling now, unlike the old one... give the current one enemy scaling and the new fire status/procs and it wouldn't just tickle enemies. Energy whore...um with all that micromanagement for her 2 you might find she's going to be heavier than the current ember which tbh is anything but an energy whore compared with other frames with drain abilities. Another feature of the fire proc not ember specifically....
  23. Um you just selectively ignore the fact that others have the same damage reduction WITHOUT the need for micromanagement Considering how much players generally hate ragdolling it's kind of comical that all of a sudden people like it..... oh great it's spammable, so was the old one, just slower. No it's not aoe, it's LoS, if it was aoe it would be 360 degrees..... Actually it's about speed/efficiency and choices... all the change is doing is basically reducing the number of frames and optimal weapons that can do the low content quickly and the options will reduce again when they change the next popular nuke frame.... which in turn increases the time/grind on those levels, you have to look at the bigger picture not just think oooh look they've changed ember to something shiny on a devstream... I get it you like the change but personally I don't based on the devstream, I think it's a downgrade, hell I thought the last rework was a downgrade too and it failed to solve the issues they set out to fix, this one fixes the wof issue by removing the frames mobility with that ability.
  24. Honestly... I'm not sure I like it. I do like the improvements to fire damage status etc. 1 - same as before basically 2 - so a micromanaged damage reduction, would prefer a straight up 90% duration if I'm being honest. I'm not a fan of micromanagement in this type of game, it's too fast paced imo. 3 - arguably a less useful version of the old one because the ring doesn't remain for 'cc', not to mention ragdolling was sending enemies to another planet... 4 - loses the mobility of the old one and in all honesty not sure how that's going to work when the enemies are actually moving, it's obviously going to look great when they're not moving but unless there's some sort of real time tracking they might actually miss. No idea how firequake is going to be changed either. This is also taking away one of the frames we use for 'speed running' low content quickly for relics etc because it no longer moves with us....
  25. Not sure people would lump ayatan and endo into the 'incentives' to complete it lol. As to legendary core, never seen one, doubt I ever will with a sub 1% drop chance. There is already an issue with sorties for some players... they've hit their riven cap and can't do sorties because of it.
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