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  1. What's the chance for a common and what's the chance for a rare?
  2. Shows Drop was not claimed But it's in the inventory And I also got the mail. All good.
  3. ITT: Players complaining that the they don't get the free reward they hoped they would get.
  4. Wings huh. I'm listening. Oh. That's from Zephyr Deluxe isn't it?
  5. They always extend it by 30, if it were to end at 150 you'd be asking for it to be increased to 180.
  6. You had my curiosity with this one. But now you have my attention.
  7. I gifted Lavos to one person and the bundle to another person and I have two of those decoration in my inventory. That was on Day zero. The Gifting that is.
  8. You had plenty of time to get yourself a Necramech, you still do.
  9. Can you not use black colour, can barely see anything with dark mode lol
  10. No, they didn't notice, but they can check back the message history of that user in twitch chat to make sure they actually said that.
  11. They did actually. If they want to check the comment that you are referring to, they can type '@thejcmonster64' in chat, click the name in chat and look at the message history.
  12. Yea, I use other Arcanes on Warframes and Weapons that can use Arcanes.
  13. No, I don't use them, they looked terrible when they were in the patch notes, and I haven't looked at them since.
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