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  1. My Kavat removed Juggernauts Armour and my Valkyr deleted the Juggernaut in less than 5s, don't see the problem.
  2. Kavat to remove armour. Valkyr's Hysteria.
  3. @[DE]Megan Can we only tweet or post it here or can we do both?
  4. Hema Salt still flowing. <3
  5. Copying doesn't work <- doesn't work? need to remove formatting apparently.
  6. Already fixed it, forum doesn't like it when I paste link first and then add the code :(
  7. In Exterminates, I kill approx. 15 enemies and get my 10 reactant in less than a minute, in all other mission I wait 5 minutes kill 100 enemies and have 5 reactant. Can we get the Exterminate reactant "drop chance" applied to all fissures? Please?
  8. Hema Salt is still a thing?
  9. Mesa/Nezha Dex Sybaris Pyrana Dual Kamas Prime or Valkyr Galatine Prime/Ack & Brunt
  10. 1:13:00 for the Oberon Rework.
  11. And they didn't even change syndicate weapons to match..