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  1. They really should show us the real number for riven disposition.
  2. 8th July.
  3. It's good that you will show Spy rewards too, we couldn't actually see that before.
  4. me neither, just learned what it means.
  5. "the resting state in which the body is not active and the mind is unconscious"
  6. 100 more days wait then, gotcha.
  7. So from 1 to 6. RIP Sleep.
  8. thats your fault for not using UTC.
  9. First day of summer is 21th June.
  10. Mesa worked fine for me..
  11. thanks.
  12. How about instead of x% it shows us xx.xx hours played with the warframe? Would make it a bit more useful too, I'm sitting at a lot of warframes at 4% and below and if they have the same percentage they just get sorted alphabetically.. please?