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  1. Hacking Sentinel: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/240098-new-sentinel-idea/
  2. The original concept looks good and decently balanced, but it seems to copy powers from other warframes with its 1 and 4. 1 highly reminds me of the Zephyr's Tail wind, though the guided approach is pretty cool. The twist you put on the standard dash is enough to make it unique, and unnecessary for further modifications. 4th ability is like combining the current 1 with a weaker world on fire, which while not bad, isn't new. I would want to be able to Hover while in free-flight mode by holding crouch so i could melee or by aiming my gun so i could fire it while staying in the air. Those 2 things would make the Flight more unique and seperate it more from other AoE DoT abilities. Unless you've got your own flight controls that I missed reading about. :D All of the other base stats look nice, although the armor could be dropped by 100 and the sprint speed be changed to 1.0 without too much loss of power. I think its at 400 to work with the 3rd ability and reach valkyr levels of armor, and that 2nd and 3rd are to work together well to have him ramp-up in tankyness. I have no recommendation about 2nd or 3rd as they are unique for powers, though I would love his team-utility to increase. I made a second set of powers with a power combo orientation to be an alternative set of powers for the dragon. I wanted things that fit thematically without having to step on any other warframe's power's toes, or if I did, to at least put a new spin on it (as the 1st "dash" ability did with following the cursor). I think that the names of the powers would fit for dragons of every mythos, and not just the chineese or european ideas of dragons. If you get inspired by any of these, feel free to add them into your suggestions! Here's my take on what a Dragon Frame's powers should be: Swipe: 25 power Dragon unsheathes his claws and Slashes all enemies in front of him. Can be activated again within 10 seconds at reduced cost to Dash forwards and swipe again. Affected by Power (damage), Range(swipe and dash length), Cost(Energy AND health), and duration (time to re-cast) Swipe is because just about all dragons have claws. Also, dragons usually do not stop with just one claw swipe, and he should be able to leap onto fleeing enemies and swipe so that they do not get away. Energy Breath: 25 power Dragon fires a ball of pure energy towards the cursor. The energy ball can take on the element of anything that hits it. Can be activated again within 10 seconds to have Dragon fire a continuous stream (flamethrower style) at the cost of 5 health per tick. Dragon can move while Energy Breath is activated, and the ability stays on until it is turned off. Affected by Power (damage), Range (projectile length, flamethrower width), Cost (energy and health), duration (tick length during flamethrower) Most dragons have an iconic energy style breath weapon, or use magic to emulate it. I am not limiting this ability to any specific energy type as I have encountered lightning, frost, fire, decay, poison, acid, and force dragons in my many years of experience. If a specific element fits the concept, I'll leave it up to whoever is developing the concept to choose an appropriate energy type for the breath. I also thought about the claws being able to be cloaked in energy, but that's too complex. If you wanted an effect like that, just leave energy breath on while you swipe at people and you'll get both damages anyways. The reason the breath costs health per tick is because (it gives him a sore throat) continued channeling of the breath will damage his launch mechanism over time, causing some feedback. Health loss is a nice way to limit how much he can use the breath without getting in the way of the other abilities AND maximizing how well his abilities can work together. I'm considering making the dash-swipe also cost health instead of energy to give him more synergy with devour and more utility with existing mods (rejuvenation, equilibrium, energy siphon, trinity, etc...) Rend : 0 Energy, 30 second cooldown Dragon targets the closest enemy under half health, leaps onto them, and rips them into 2 halves. The enemies life force is transformed into one health orb and one energy orb. Rend can target corpses to convert the lingering life into a health and energy orb. It takes 30 seconds to fully digest the enemy's lifeforce and be ready for more. Affected by Power (reduces cooldown), range (leap distance), Duration (number of orbs) Note: I originally had this ability named Devour, and he'd eat the hearts of his enemies to fuel his (and his allies) increased power and vitality, but the animation of ripping out a heart seemed like it would be too gruesome, even if this game is rated M. Nobody else does anything like this, but the custom animations of eating a heart might be what sets the ability apart from other frames. My current suggestion is so the developers have less work, not more :D The original concept is for a tanky style bruiser. He has abilities to sustain himself in combat, and to not die easily. This idea is to give the power set a combat sustainability that also can help his friends. Since its a Combat ability, it also has a useful combat effect, though dev's might want to change it from enemy under 50% hp to enemy under 25% hp to really symbolize the enemy in a weakened state. Ability would obviously try to target alive but weakened enemies over corpses. Unleash: 100 power, 5 power per tick Dragon unleashes the power of himself and nearby allies, and strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. Enemies within his Unleash radius glow and get reduced stats. Dragon and allies within the radius glow and gain bonus stats. Additionally, Dragon can use the activated again effects (needs a keyword for this) of all of his powers and can Rend any number of enemies for as long as Unleash remains active. Affected by Power (all stats and percentages), Range (radius of aura), Duration (time between ticks), efficiency (cost change) There is a lot of design room with the reducing and gaining of stats. Having Dragon and allies gain the ability to regenerate health and shields while the effect is active is an interesting choice, but that doesn't feel like it'd be enough alone. Simply increasing the speeds of all of his team-mates actions by 25% would be decent (walking, running, attacking, fire rate, reload speed, casting speed, shield recharge, sliding). Enemies would have their speeds decreased by 25% and maximum shields and armor decreased by 25% (stacks with magnetic proc and aura mods) I am un-sure whether he should increase damage for allies by 25% and reduce the damage done by enemies by 25%, but it is a possible add on in addition to the speed changes. These powers are trying to reflect on how all dragons are powerful and dangerous. Not all dragons fly, but they are all scary. I hope these powers are looked at objectively, taken with a grain of salt, and are met with constructive criticism like the beginning of the post has done. Upvote if you like it, comment if you don't or if you have something to add! If the original op likes these powers, feel free to re-post them as alternate option!
  3. Earlier: Got kicked out of the game after finishing a mission. I tried to queue up to an invasion on olympus, but I got back to the login screen after a bug. from then I couldn't log into warframe, but forums worked for me. Now: Just logged out of warframe forums to log into warframe. Worked. Was able to successfully log back into the forums. Very curious. Tried again after loging in. I get a "Failed to create session" and returned to the star map. What is going on?
  4. Congrats to the streamers. I'll have to watch it again, I missed half of it first time.
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