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    its much better than you dying every time
  2. So, Host Migration has been an eye sore for a very long time. Running the Scarlet Spear event, I have had some latency issues. which forced host migration. OOOH big save, I'm now solo in the mission, as the squads defense. good job DE. Quality of life. I'd rather have Corona. Got another Host migration, Alt+F4 to attempt to trigger "rejoin squad" option. got "Rejoin Flotilla Relay" - Ah hell naw. 3rd Attempt, got Host migration. Alt+F4, got nothing. So. its 2020, we have material.io - we have web standards, design standards, we have general interface standards. Can we get some more leniency for internet spikes? But more importantly, can we have a dedicatd option to "attemp to rejoin?" or dare I say as squad host "Kick user" as well? I know this isn't a bug, but it sure as heck ain't a "feature"
  3. Tennocon going fully Digital? Come on... isn't that a little Extreme?
  4. Does Prime mean anything lore wise anymore? I thought primse was just orokin versions but now it's prime everything! How about a Prime Prime Theme?
  5. We have an eidolon themed warframe, we have a corpus and grineer, we have a void inspired frame. But can a Sentient be built into a Warframe? Can a Sentient be touched by the void like the Eidolon'/s Revenant Maybe with the new expansion we can find a traitor Sentient who was dejected, spoilt by the man in the void and corrupted. almost killing it. We give it second life and a chance to fight for a cause it can believe in.
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