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  1. Right, I kinda forgot. They'll still have way out-of-whack damage. Cheese shall be fought with cheese, I predict, and it's going to be boring, and I probably want nothing to do with that. Also, 4 cps just negate the whole mechanic, rendering it moot. I'd much rather play with it than bypass it entirely. Soooo, I should be forced to play those and not what I'd like ? Onslaught is already limited enough as it is without narrowing it even further. Guaranteed, it's going to become the same as Tridolons : the community will decide that a squad of such and such frames, and no others, is the best and only acceptable way to run, and then that's all Onslaught will be forever. There will be very little room for innovation. That's not a world I want to live in :c
  2. Uhm...I don't know if you people are aware, but...well...armor scaling is generally quite overpowered, and rank 280 Grineer are going to be a real problem ? That's not to mention the potential for instakilling... This is just going to pigeonhole elite mode even more towards game-breaking, overpowered boring builds, and sure enough, it is going to be utterly unsustainable. A cap of 180 is pretty alright for a squad of veterans, I think that can be handled...maybe...? Maybe not. Bad idea in any case. 150 should be the upper limit.