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  1. rhuug

    no buttons input

    i had to reinstall the game(in a different steam library) and it fixed it for me, hope this helps if anyone has the same issue
  2. rhuug

    no buttons input

    hey all so i have a pxn controller wich i normally use to play wf, played fine until my second log in of today about 20 minutes ago when the input from the controller wasn't working, i can move the cursor around in menus but no other input intake and outside the UI no input is beign processed at all please help me
  3. yeah, except inside raids (and not only there) where mobs have a cap on their "power" so you are just wrong,the game is purpousefully designed that way. All i can say is get informed before you post. if your definition of many is less then 50 people then yeah,sure otherwise no and since you falsely accused me of ignoring part of your past messages(posts) before then why do you ignore the simple fact that there are just a couple (maybe 3 now since i haven't played the last 2 raids) of raids that are doable solo while the rest are made for teams?
  4. because the are a couple specifically made that way people won't wine about it, all the others have mechanics that require at least 3 to 4 people like the platform ouzzle in the leviathan (wich was the first raid btw) and it's not maybe harder, it's almost impossible, the people doing it are hardcore players with skill and top gear, they also go in with levels of light well above what the raid is tuned to (if you don't play destiny the light level is your power level and influences your stats much more heavily then the character level, basically how good is your gear depends on how high your light is, basically it's a big deal)
  5. what about meta weapons then? why are those a thing? why? please elaborate that's an endless endevor, they can scale the math infinetely and by that excuse alone indefinetely postponing endgame content(like they are doing right now) but mechanics for operator are in the game to make it more interessting (kuva) they are just overshadowed by the sheer number of enemies on screen but they are there and i like them they could be the core of endgame if they were inserted in a mission with slower pace sry for double posting
  6. it's like asking destiny raids to be doable solo, you drefinition of challange is too narrow and/or misplaced, it's not about tougher mobs its about tough situation you can't challange teamwork if the content has to be doable solo also your misunderstanding is "shady"
  7. yep,i posted there too
  8. i think you are right about the fact that is not all bad, conservation was good... skating however was another halfassed eyecandy left for dead after week1 and anyway i agree open world is just a bad symptom of the game staling but i have hopes for the squad interaction beacon thingie and railjack(sry emopyrean), it's just i am ready to have those hope shattered like many times before
  9. proof that the community is not divisive about wath they refer to as endgame further proof. They might put it in diferrent words but really endgame content is a combination of all the elemnts these folks bring up: it requires teamwork,it requires experience and "earning" the acces to it and most of all is something different that pushes the core game in original directions if i where to nitpick, the only thing i'd say is, like red thirst, i don't really care about rewards when playing raid-type content (but i get people need incentives) because achieving a good playthrough is fun enough and although raids can be challenging(and most of the challenge is in the required teamwork btw) i have also speedran them; but you know that comes with the time you put in and that time was putted in because they were cool activities in the first place. Lastly, i disagree we need a complete overhaul of the system to start having this kind of content, it would be enough to tweak energy prices for every warframe that has nuke abilities (most of them i know, but usually just their fourth skill) and that would accomplish the balance that was spoken before where if you really want to nuke all you can, but if someone manage to look at you the wrong way you die...horribly.(or they could get rid of energy and just have cooldowns wich has been an argument for like forever and there's good reasons it never went away)
  10. i like different zones, however i too feel they could just make what they have better and deeper rather then just make a new open world each year honestly i'm starting to think de is simply evil, i mean the way they run the system it's quite apparent everything is in order to make more money not to develop a unique gaming experience at least not anymore just to give a very short version of the argument behind DE now beign just a corporate busyness: everything for everyone as long as you grind...lots of grind, so you are more incentivised to pay, if too many people are getting it's time to up the grind time gate stuff so you have to wait between grinds, bigger incentive to spend keep promising content for long time player but,as a rule, never actually deliver instead ship out something that fits first statement never fix what is broken just put some eyecandy on it or people will start asking for other stuff to be fixed never ever moderate the forums in favour of constructive feedback, just make sure the fanboi point of view shine brighter i mean i don't really believe they'r evil, regardless of all the subliminal sex content in the game, but their way of running things is a bit shady and i can predict the answers to this already: the game is f2p ,what do you expect? I expect them to have all your money soon so they can improove how to take it from you it's a grind game. Yes yes it is, but i have to have reasons in order to be motivated to grind otherwise might aswell go fishing or whatever i like best in terms of gameplay until it isn't fun anymore and that's not a healty way to keep players around because they are burned when they leave it's in beta. Ah, tha old joke! any number of "ad personam" and petty arguments to wich i say:bringin out your worst self only servers the pourpose of showing your worst self so cheers on that please don't take this post 100% seriously on the DE part, it's conspiracy theories not channel 5 news
  11. so interlocked my reply with your post, in spoiler that have bold dark blue writing just to avoid confusion. now about what i said on fissures: i'd be find with them if they were its own tileset with minibosses like thumper that have to killed in order to obtain reactants and eventually open the relic, i'd also make the miniboss partially or fully immune to cc for the purpose of making it near impossible to solo and encourage teamwork.Lastly the relic openin shouldn't just be a menu but rather rapresented physically because descrbing the opening of a relic as it is now is underwhelming(and thats an understatemen) and so that is just a quick idea for content feasible for endgame but it can be broken down in basic things like nearly all suggestion ever given on endgame by anyone.(mechanics, teamwork, rewards, satisfying/fun loop; it doesn't take much imagination to make something a bit special if you already have a good core like WF)
  12. unpopoular opinion: de makes less thought out content because they are in crunch, since people don't like "sustainable" game loop("endgame") and everything has to be quick and easy they just have to release stuff as soon as its (barely) presentable otherwise those same folks are going to scream bloody-murder-content-drought i agree with you wholeheartedly
  13. just don't talk to that guy, trust me he's just a pro troll, and i mean PRO
  14. well actually: this was made a while ago and yes, i know we have wukong 1 right now but its still cool and different even though it need a more "framy" look
  15. you don't speak like its an opinion, also those number are way too low depending on what game you look at. In AO (allods online) during its bright years right before beign given to another distributor in europe wich #*!%ed it up basically everyone was in for the endgame pve/pvp raids with flying ship wars in the ether. People were into AO final content because it was just Good, as a matter of fact most people who got into AO were there to eventually reach and play endgame content.(AO isn't warframe, it's just an example on how wrong you are in your assumption of people not caring about endgame while the reality is just that people don't care about mediocre content) asking for all the content to be doable solo is the same thing, cooperation has to be rewarded and it has to feel needed in order to be so. If you don't want to make "internet friends" you don't have to,soldiers are not all brotherly like despite what pop culture says, and they still cooperate in missions successfully because they just respect each other if you feel that way play solo games offline, don't come to an online co-op game and expect people to go along with content that doesn't require teamwork terry is about the only soloable eidolon if you want decent efficency,no one wants it to be solo content, just you and a bunch of other egothistic people,make a tread about it in feedback and lets see, i won't post in it i swear muh platinummmmm! i'll just repeat,you want a solo experience play a solo only game, i can't wait to see what you'll say about railjack wich by the way shows that DE is wisening up about the joke that is a cooperative experience tailored to solo players. p.s. about content ment for 4-8 players beign a way to lock people out well that's just inaccurate, you can always play with rando and if what you say is true and everyone is soloing you should just work under the assumption that everyone does its own best and that will in turn benefit the group
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