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  1. hey all

    so i have a pxn controller wich i normally use to play wf, played fine until my second log in of today about 20 minutes ago when the input from the controller wasn't working, i can move the cursor around in menus but no other input intake and outside the UI no input is beign processed at all

    please help me

  2. 12 hours ago, 844448 said:

    your light level is tuned with the enemies so having level of light above requirement doesn't make much difference or I would be doing one shot to enemies in EDZ

    and many show clearing raids solo now, having something able to be done solo isn't something selfish to ask, with having to deal with enemies that should be faced with a group as the tradeoff

    yeah, except inside raids (and not only there) where mobs have a cap on their "power" so you are just wrong,the game is purpousefully designed that way. All i can say is get informed before you post.

    if your definition of many is less then 50 people then yeah,sure otherwise no and since you falsely accused me of ignoring part of your past messages(posts) before then why do you ignore the simple fact that there are just a couple (maybe 3 now since i haven't played the last 2 raids) of raids that are doable solo while the rest are made for teams? 

  3. 14 hours ago, 844448 said:

    People are already done raids in destiny solo so it's possible

    because the are a couple specifically made that way people won't wine about it, all the others have mechanics that require at least 3 to 4 people like the platform ouzzle in the leviathan (wich was the first raid btw)

    and it's not maybe harder, it's almost impossible, the people doing it are hardcore players with skill and top gear, they also go in with levels of light well above what the raid is tuned to (if you don't play destiny the light level is your power level and influences your stats much more heavily then the character level, basically how good is your gear depends on how high your light is, basically it's a big deal)

  4. 1 hour ago, (PS4)GEN-Son_17 said:

    Sigh, endgame. Two things first:

    1) Should it exist within Warframe's warframe mechanics?

    2) Should it exists within Warframe's operator mechanics?

    The former is difficult because there is no "top tier gear" in warframe and, more importantly, no reason to create any. That also defeats the very CURRENT mission statement of the game. This is why endgame should come after The New War. I know endgame doesn't mean "end of the game" but, in Warframe's case it should.

    Let's allow the game to scale itself with the strongest and most knowledgeable enemies first.

    The latter makes for a perfect current endgame setup. The operators functioning away from warframes, less agile and less destructive. Teammates now have to choose different focus schools to help each other survive. Different weapons, different mods, restricted void powers. Duviri spells this out perfectly! You want different? You want harder? There you go.


    Tl;Dr - Endgame after New War or endgame in Duviri void world.

    what about meta weapons then? why are those a thing?

    why? please elaborate 

    that's an endless endevor, they can scale the math infinetely and by that excuse alone indefinetely postponing endgame content(like they are doing right now)

    but mechanics for operator are in the game to make it more interessting (kuva) they are just overshadowed by the sheer number of enemies on screen but they are there and i like them they could be the core of endgame if they were inserted in a mission with slower pace


    like immagine if the eidolon required you to use amps and phase throught it and void blast it at key points to make them weaker to your teammate weapons. it could go something like this 1-amps bring down shields 2-the eidolon attacks phrantically and it slows down a bit only with when an operator phases through it and the more it's done the slower it gets,it also has dmg boost in this stage making it urgent to coordinate and adress the issue 3- void blast at key point must be performed in order to open them to more consistent damage from regular boomsticks,this will go smoother the more times you phase/phased throught it of course,rewarding the actions you just had to perform 4- destroy the key points like in the hunt right now only i'd say make it so that if you destroy multiple points at the same time or you pass a damage treshhold on multiple weak points you are faced with consequence like the destruction of a lure,an instawipe attack that has to be avoided or a ridicolously large swarm of vombalysts....i'd play that , but again just thoughts i don't have to have this particoular type of endgame  but ot pretty much represents the type of challenge i'd like to see as WF endgame

    sry for double posting

  5. 34 minutes ago, SilentMobius said:

    How does it harm your "chalenge" if a solo version of the content has suitably scaled down threats where the group-version has it scaled up to be a chalenge (And has rewards and/or completion time scaled as a result)?

    Unless your definition of challenge is simply to exclude people.

    I misinderstood, I thought you were using other games to make a point about Warframe trial participation. I was objecting to those numbers with regard to the trials, I opologise.

    it's like asking destiny raids to be doable solo, you drefinition of challange is too narrow and/or misplaced, it's not about tougher mobs its about tough situation

    you can't challange teamwork if the content has to be doable solo

    also your misunderstanding is "shady"

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Tinklzs said:



    yep,i posted there too


    but i have disagree again with calling ESO endgame, i am sorry but a timer isn't enough to make regular exterminate into that kind of content, mix it up some more and the  i'd be willing to consider it. also endless mode are usually just a chore, raids are cool also because they offer closure i wouldn't like them if they were an endless loop; sure i might play a raid multiple times in a row but that's way different


  7. 35 minutes ago, trunks013 said:

    Oh i'm not at all

    In fact floofs are the first farmable ship decorations(in a sustanaible way ayatans curse of pinnaples statues on sortie i dont count that LOL ) add-on sinces the fish trophies. I mean with variety because if you want to john prodman the hell out of your ship you can honestly.

    Of course open world needs a lot of work i ahve multiple issue with them but the add on of some new concepts like animal preservation and skating were plain new stuff we didn't had that kind of things before. We had similar but those are a mix of those concept like modular weapons and archwings for vehicule and capture mission and fishing for preservation but the feature was new. Not saying they are perfect man not at all just saying that they are new and i was satified overall with those additions.

    So basicly no i am not kidding you.

    i think you are right about the fact that is not all bad, conservation was good...

    skating however was another halfassed eyecandy left for dead after week1 and anyway i agree open world is just a bad symptom of the game staling but i have hopes for the squad interaction beacon thingie and railjack(sry emopyrean), it's just i am ready to have those hope shattered like many times before

  8. 3 hours ago, Redthirst said:

    Well, raids in Destiny are still far more of an endgame than Warframe has. Maybe I'm the weird one, but I enjoyed raiding in Destiny even when I had zero interest in getting any loot. It's just fun for me to do an activity that requires special preparations and teamwork and is different from the rest of the game. That's what endgame is for me - an activity that takes some investment to play and that is different from what came before.

    proof that the community is not divisive about wath they refer to as endgame

    45 minutes ago, Tinklzs said:

    In a way that's what it is for me too (although for me, this doesn't grasp my whole definition). But I'd like something that requires a bit of teamwork, considering it's all over Warframe trailers (including the most recent CGI one) that teamwork is vital and everywhere in Warframe. What it excludes is a nukeframe off camera pressing one button to destroy the map, while getting yelled at by their mom to come do chores or dinner is ready.


    further proof. They might put it in diferrent words but really endgame content is a combination of all the elemnts these folks bring up: it requires teamwork,it requires experience and "earning" the acces to it and most of all is something different that pushes the core game in original directions

    if i where to nitpick, the only thing i'd say is, like red thirst, i don't really care about rewards when playing raid-type content (but i get people need incentives) because achieving a good playthrough is fun enough  and although raids can be challenging(and most of the challenge is in the required teamwork btw) i have also speedran them; but you know that comes with the time you put in and that time was putted in because they were cool activities in the first place. Lastly, i disagree we need a complete overhaul of the system to start having this kind of content, it would be enough to tweak energy prices for every warframe that has nuke abilities (most of them i know, but usually just their fourth skill) and that would accomplish the balance that was spoken before where if you really want to nuke all you can, but if someone manage to look at you the wrong way you die...horribly.(or they could get rid of energy and just have cooldowns wich has been an argument for like forever and there's good reasons it never went away) 

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  9. i like different zones, however i too feel they could just make what they have better and deeper rather then just make a new open world each year

    honestly i'm starting to think de is simply evil, i mean the way they run the system it's quite apparent everything is in order to make more money not to develop a unique gaming experience at least not anymore

    just to give a very short version of the argument behind DE now beign just a corporate busyness:
    everything for everyone as long as you grind...lots of grind, so you are more incentivised to pay, if too many people are getting it's time to up the grind                                                        time gate stuff so you have to wait between grinds, bigger incentive to spend                                                                                                                                                                              keep promising content for long time player but,as a rule, never actually deliver instead ship out something that fits first statement                                                                                    never fix what is broken just put some eyecandy on it or people will start asking for other stuff to be fixed                                                                                                                           never ever moderate the forums in favour of constructive feedback, just make sure the fanboi point of view shine brighter                                                                                                       

    i mean i don't really believe they'r evil, regardless of all the subliminal sex content in the game, but their way of running things is a bit shady

    and i can predict the answers to this already:

    the game is f2p ,what do you expect? I expect them to have all your money soon so they can improove how to take it from you

    it's a grind game. Yes yes it is, but i have to have reasons in order to be motivated to grind otherwise might aswell go fishing or whatever i like best in terms of gameplay until it isn't fun anymore and that's not a healty way to keep players around because they are burned when they leave

    it's in beta. Ah, tha old joke!

    any number of "ad personam" and petty arguments to wich i say:bringin out your worst self only servers the pourpose of showing your worst self so cheers on that

    please don't take this post 100% seriously on the DE part, it's conspiracy theories not channel 5 news

  10. 50 minutes ago, PatternistSlave said:

    No.  That's not how the business model of Warframe is designed and not at all realistic.  There isn't even enough stuff TO buy for 1% to spend more than 99%


    okay keep lying to yourself, i don't see low mr players running around in full customized armour sets nor tennogen...but i see a bunch of high ranks that do that.

    Then you've no idea what you're even talking about.  There's years of content that can't be bought and no one is just sitting around waiting to spend more money on cosmetics.


    yuo took that out of context, a cheap move or proof it is you who know not what you are talking about

    also who's more likely to buy gins and frames, the people who are fresh in the game or those who already know the amount of grind they'll have to go through to get the new stuff?(i myself started buying stuff after a year and a half c.ca)

     most vets just buy whatever so they can experience the content at they'r own pace withouth having to farm hours of bounty or worst game mods

    I have nigh everything in the game so have no issue doing anything, but that's not reality for the vast majority of players.  What you're really asking is if I would rather have people to play with or have content be more challenging.  I'd rather have people to play with.  If I wanted real challenge I'd play a PvP game.


    no that's not what i asked, either reply to the question or don't reply at all, or keep making up stuff and twisting what others have said, it seems most of you naysayers just have to resort to that to justify your theyr

    The post right above this one thinks the only "endgame" is the old Void.  Have you played the old Void?  It was easy and boring.  Oh and still playable btw if you want to see.  Go try it.  Stay for a few hours in whatever mission.  Let me know how exciting that is and how not divisive it would be that were "endgame".  See.  I think it was boring and punished those who didn't have hours upon hours to waste and people said so at the time so it was revamped to Fissures.  But maybe that's just me.


    i played and i didn't like it,but again the vast majority of people arguing for endgame want teamwork and complex engaging mechanichs wich again could be brought by railjack if they don't butcher it on acount of whiners (or they could just make the eidolon and orbs better), they are not asking for 1h survival as we can do that already (play a reg operation for an hour isn't endgame by any means unless you are one of those who doesn't want endgame in wich case you brin that up with arbitration and ESO) then again i didn't say that content would be divisive i said there is not much division within those who ask for endgame (teamwork,fun loop,rewards, clan pvp,engaging gameplay twists on the core wf) meaning people are asking a definite thing so saying some people wuold be irritated because it's blue instead of purple its just petty (minutias make for petty arguments,generally). fissures are fine but the problem is they don't give full rewards (is like you grind for booster packs wich have pieces of different cards inside rather then a full one) and don't require any teamwork so it feels like the rest of the game


    so interlocked my reply with your post, in spoiler that have bold dark blue writing  just to avoid confusion.

    now about what i said on fissures: i'd be find with them if they were its own tileset with minibosses like thumper that have to killed in order to obtain reactants and eventually open the relic, i'd also make the miniboss partially or fully immune to cc for the purpose of making it near impossible to solo and encourage teamwork.Lastly the relic openin shouldn't just be a menu but rather rapresented physically because descrbing the opening of a relic as it is now is underwhelming(and thats an understatemen)

    and so that is just a quick idea for content feasible for endgame but it can be broken down in basic things like nearly all suggestion ever given on endgame by anyone.(mechanics, teamwork, rewards, satisfying/fun loop; it doesn't take much imagination to make something a bit special if you already have a good core like WF)

  11. On 2019-07-23 at 12:09 AM, SnowWarFr said:


    unpopoular opinion: de makes less thought out content because they are in crunch, since people don't like "sustainable" game loop("endgame") and everything has to be quick and easy they just have to release stuff as soon as its (barely) presentable otherwise those same folks are going to scream bloody-murder-content-drought

    i agree with you wholeheartedly

  12. 2 hours ago, LSG501 said:

    Oh good god... your replies are getting even more ridiculous because you're just not reading what I'm posting so you can keep posting your random rubbish which has no relevance to what I'm posting.  Just stop posting replies to me, it will be much better for all of us. 

    edit: actually I've just realised you're even contradicting your own last post....

    just don't talk to that guy, trust me he's just a pro troll, and i mean PRO

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  13. 59 minutes ago, SilentMobius said:

    It is, that's why I don't play those game, I play this one. (Also, those participations numbers are nonsense.)

    If I was arguing for solo content that didn't allow groups to start the mission and gave rewards to solo only players I'd expect team oriented player to rightly complain and prevent such idiocy.

    I'm just doing the same when team oriented players ask for solo-excluding content.

    Eidolons can be soloed, nothing about them hard locks out solo players. I'm not happy with the tridolon scaling, but that can be worked on.

    The market is not an excuse, "you have to spend money because we locked you out of content" is never an acceptable response

    So I'll keep doing the same thing, loudly insisting that all content is soloable, and all gameplay rewards are available to a solo player.

    DE have all the numbers regarding their actual income and player numbers from solo vs team players so they know which side their bread is buttered. (Hence Trials being removed and all content being soloable)

    you don't speak like its an opinion, also those number are way too low depending on what game you look at. In AO (allods online) during its bright years right before beign given to another distributor in europe wich #*!%ed it up basically everyone was in for the endgame pve/pvp raids with flying ship wars in the ether. People were into AO final content because it was just Good, as a matter of fact most people who got into AO were there to eventually reach and play endgame content.(AO isn't warframe, it's just an example on how wrong you are in your assumption of people not caring about endgame while the reality is just that people don't care about mediocre content)

    asking for all the content to be doable solo is the same thing, cooperation has to be rewarded and it has to feel needed in order to be so. If you don't want to make "internet friends" you don't have to,soldiers are not all brotherly like despite what pop culture says, and they still cooperate in missions successfully because they just respect each other

    if you feel that way play solo games offline, don't come to an online co-op game and expect people to go along with content that doesn't require teamwork

    terry is about the only soloable eidolon if you want decent efficency,no one wants it to be solo content, just you and a bunch of other egothistic people,make a tread about it in feedback and lets see, i won't post in it i swear

    muh platinummmmm!

    i'll just repeat,you want a solo experience play a solo only game, i can't wait to see what you'll say about railjack wich by the way shows that DE is wisening up about the joke that is a cooperative experience tailored to solo players.


    about content ment for 4-8 players beign a way to lock people out well that's just inaccurate, you can always play with rando and if what you say is true and everyone is soloing you should just work under the assumption that everyone does its own best and that will in turn benefit the group

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  14. 21 minutes ago, stormy505 said:

    each company, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo don't want any players leaving their platforms for another platform. while DE on the other hand wins whichever plat form the player plays on. its why you can go from pc to console at the launch of a console but not the other way around.

    yes, i well aware, i'd never argue for player from console to come to pc anyway but the opppsite should be possible whenever, nintendo was happy about getting warframe enough to promote it (also no nintendo sub required for playing) and i wouldn't immagine them saying no to potential new customers buying the platform and i honestly don't care about the other consoles since the tread is about switch specifically but just to be fair microsoft already stated in the past they are all for crossing account regardless of the game and it just make sense considering they operate on both pc and platform.

    the only real stingy company about cross play and migrations is sony,wich again it makes sense since it's always been they position from the start

  15. 40 minutes ago, (PS4)SithDave said:

    Trading on the Nintendo Switch is a disaster it really needs to be fixed.   

    For example Ash Prime and Vauban Prime sell for over 1k, this is just stupid.  PC scammers that migrated inventory over when Switch warframe came out say its all supply and demand, that is a load of BS.  They are vultures that have been picking the bones clean of users since day 1 of release.

    It's no wonder 90% of the star chart is barren more than half a year after it was released on the switch, Why would people continue to play warframe on the switch when they can just turn on their PC  PS4  or XBOX and play it there and get more for  A LOT LESS plat.

    DE can keep people on the switch by putting vaulted relics up for sale in the market at least for 1 month to get more out there,  I  am sure most people would rather buy platinum and spend it on vaulted relics to farm the frames they want (and to sell) than to waste it by giving it to scammers from the PC.





    or they could just let you migrate whenever, wich is what they should have done in the first place

  16. 10 minutes ago, SilentMobius said:

    It all depends.

    If you're talking about no unique content (Maps, Mission Types, Quests) and no unique gameplay Rewards (Mods, Arcanes, Especially Weapons, Warframe and Companions) being locked behing requirering teaming, then fine, I have no issue with that.

    Otherwise, hard no.

    I still see no reason for content to not be solable.

    Sure, reward groups that cooperate with more things if they enjoy doing that. even add optional mechanics that anyone can do solo but you can't do all at once solo, thats fine too. But the moment you do what raids did "You need X players for a chance at Y and you have better have pre-filtered your group" I'm going to be spitting tacks.

    Here's the thing, I would love to play Warframe with my friends, love to, but they don't like it, and at my age I've already done the "Internet friends" thing and I'm not doing it again, it always, always adds more toxicity than it adds fun, you just have more energy available to waste when you're young.

    Here's the fundimental thing, if you really enjoy playing together.. you can, you don't need content that excludes the solo player. Every piece of content that doesn't lock the player into a solo session (The only bits of that are cutscene-heave content that DE can't cost effectivly make multi-player.) If available for up to 4 players. If you don't find it fun because it doesn't include specific mechanics to exclue solo players... that is your problem, not the game's

    If you create content that requires 4 or 8 players then you are locking players out of it, which is a waste of content, so no, not all needs are equal.




    so your problem is just greed and bad past experiences,you know your experience is not universal right? (wich you seem to be conviced of) and that warframe isn't an offline solo game?

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  17. 44 minutes ago, 844448 said:

    You just ignore what I mentioned before with many excuses, profit taker orb has its own exclusive mechanics of sentient shielding and if you look at raids in destiny as a whole, almost everything is something you always do. Do you prefer those nonsensical puzzle put everywhere in order to progress as endgame? Sorry to say but if that's the requirement for endgame, it's not really a good endgame when you don't have much action in it especially with pace of combat in warframe so tell me, why as a fast killing machine, we should have endgame that tells you to take things slowly?

    what did i ignored? i conceeded to you about the orb, i never said puzzlY mechanics (the orb sentient shielding is a puzzly mechanic, the lures of the hunt are too but also the ropalolyst mechanichs are, would you consider that to be endgame too?) must be all there is about endgame, it's just a possible solution(that still has to be balanced with other gameplay aspects ,its not like i want a round of super mario maker for warframe final loop wich btw ironically enough we kinda have), if railjack doesn't end up a butchered rando fest then that's feasible endgame to me too, so would be solar rails, hell i'd take a gambit prime for endgame too. The point is endgame should push out of regular gameplay(meaning all i said already about endgame, in other treads also) and also be meaningfull(experience wise but of course also reward wise for those who need incentives) in order to be aspired to and appreciated.

    that said you are still lying about Destiny raids,they are a balance of mob shooting and either miniboss(with puzzle mechanics like you can find in orbs or eidos),boss prelude encounters (also with puzzly mechanics), actual puzzle type rooms or platforming( and sometime a mix of these last two also), you don't do much of any of these in the regular game except for minibosses and what little to nothing platforming there is in the story and a couple of elite missions and even then the platforming in the raids is more complex and thought out (except for the dreaming city secret area wich has probably the hardest platforming in the game and is almost a mini raid itself).I don't mean your opinion about it its wrong i mean it doesn't actually represent that content in that game as whole.

    lastly i believe i never gave you excuses, nor do i feel the need to,i just expressed opinions you can disagree with but it doesn't mean my opinion is invalid or that yours is superior and the same goes for me mind you, we can have a debate or you can just focus on saying i am wrong, wich makes for a boring conversation anyway.

  18. 15 minutes ago, SilentMobius said:

    I don't think you grasp how many of warframe's players are solo only.

    Other games pivot from a fun game into a social-darwinism hellhole the moment they get to whay they call "Endgame" there is a reason the "50DKP minus" crowd existed well before that video brought them into stark relief.

    Forced teaming content is always a toxic mess that ultimatly destroys games. I don't want it in this game and I'll fight against it as will other, and so far we're not doing so badly at it.

    Character vs Character PvP and Social Player vs Player (Raids, Clans leaderboards) activities are just two of the worst, most toxic types of "Player Created Content" and that is the only type of content that can keep players occupied past what DE can produce.

    Lets have innovative Player Created Content instead of trying to keep players occupied by punching each other or making cliques to bad-mouth each other.

    again it's just you opinion and the always part it's just false plus if what you say were true there would be no clan system in WF, not all social interactions are bad, i've had great clan friendship and nice aquaintances through gaming

    from what you say i bet you are going to hate railjack and ask for the content to be doable solo

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  19. 6 minutes ago, SilentMobius said:

    For reference all three of those things are preciecly why I don't play Destiny and do play this game. 

    I've been playing online games for over 20 years now, I've done Raids and PvP and all of that stuff, and they universally suck. Without exception the games that employ those toxic mechanics would be better without them.

    That's why I play this game. It didn't have any of that (to start), and when DE tried to, they found they playerbase just didn't play them..



    you are very toxic though, while i've actually played raids in destiny, wow and other games and experienced far less toxicity then in regular warframe or even regular content inside one of those game, should i bring in my old and current clan mates they'd tell you the same

    so you know, that's like you opinion man.


    also raids were played, the argument was made that de just didn't want to invest in it because it just wouldn't generate revenue as much as the rest of the game does

    oddly enough they pulled them just as they were gaining traction like they did with solar rails

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  20. 18 minutes ago, PatternistSlave said:

    No it really isn't.  "Veterans" don't keep f2p games alive unless they're stupid pay2win content to milk whales.  "Concerning" would be if they ignored most of the playerbase and started catering solely to the few "hardcore".  (which, full disclosure, are impossible to please anyway because they all have different ideas of what "endgame" is.)

    in the specific case of warframe vets are actually the higher spending portion of players since there's nothing else but getting shinier, at least from what i've seen

    if railjack was gated behind hours and hours of ranking your clan and building the ships would you refuse to play just because it could be considered endgame ,if it was really challenging would you cry about it asking for it to be easier?

    and i don't think the people who want endgame are divisive on what endgame is, that is just something that is trown around in the forums as a quick escape from the discussion

  21. 5 minutes ago, 844448 said:

    So you're going to ignore the exclusive part with various reasons like that and say not a new mechanic when those are in your definition of endgame? Because if we want to see raids like in destiny, it's the same thing you do on normal gameplay so it's not new mechanic then?

    please elaborate,as it stands ithe only thing i can say to you is that destiny raid are not just a point and shoot, there are specific mechanics exclusive to each one that need to be understanded in order to progress through the stages

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