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  1. ***Update*** My virus has fully matured. So I am making a helminth charger. Sorry guys, no more sickness present.
  2. I see nothing wrong with players going around spreading their disease.
  3. Alright. What's your ign? I will hop ingame and hang out with you in my clan dojo with intent to give you a warframe transmitted disease.
  4. Hello everyone. I have been infected ingame with a helminth cyst. I heard it can spread through clan interactions and stuff, so if anyone wants to join the infected group, feel free to leave a message here and I will hop ingame. :D (It is used to make a helminth charger, google it.)
  5. Hi guys. I read there is an option you can pick between standard and classic. Which option is better and what do the two look like?
  6. Would anyone like to team up with me and unlock the star chart? It's boring in solo mode although I can solo everything a rank 8 can...
  7. It's not affected by range? That's kind of disappointing... Why do I need duration on it? It has hitpoints and shield.
  8. Greetings. This mod gives ability duration but decreases ability range... I don't want my clone running off too far away from my main character. It just seems counter productive to let that happen... However I have not seen any build use it so far. Is there a negative thing about it? There must be something i'm missing. Second, should I use blind rage? I'm guessing that the only thing ability efficiency is... Would be how much energy is used for the ability. I may be totally wrong on that though.
  9. Hello everyone, there is no warframe builds section on forums that I am aware of so I thought I would ask here... If I use wukong and my clone is using a melee weapon, with pack leader mod equipped, will my wukong clone heal my pet when using melee attacks? I want to afk but I would like to use more than just my clone, a pet if possible, a kavat, which can pick up drops for me, leading to the ultimate afk missions. However I might lose too much dps because I would have to remove a mod from my main loadout in order to do this?
  10. I just passed rank 8 mastery. A friend of mine explained that bullet jump is the same height if you are running or from a crouching still place. I guess it's because I have played classic games like mario, where you are expected to build up speed in order to jump a certain distance, if you just jump you don't get as far, so I'm kind of used to that haha. It's a habit of thought.
  11. If I look up while bullet jumping I am unable to see the platform below me though, and I assume it needs to be done while running as well. That's a bit difficult for keyboard controls to do.
  12. I tried to do the rank 8 mastery, silver initiate. I am unable to double jump high enough. The only frame that could possibly do it would probably be zephyr (It can fly right?) ... And yes, I had multiple movement speed mods maxed out on my frame, I also tried bullet jump mods however bullet jump does not jump high enough although it is a bit longer distance than regular jump. There is no mod that increases jump height directly. So, my apologies if I seem rude, however not all frames can do all missions... I'm actually kind of stuck on rank 7 because of this. A friend told me I can continue to
  13. I have no idea how to obtain saryn frame... as for the prime version it probably costs 200p
  14. Actually... If I was running saryn I could probably solo those missions. Saryn has a wide area of effect so I can control all 4 or 5 points at the same time... with the right mods.
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