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  1. Yea good idea! So it can also be a kind of usefull resource sink. I was having fun to go runs for some kind of resources back then but now i can't even finish them even if i wanted to. Love you all, DE crew!
  2. Am I the only one who thinks it is still better to get at least some information about the update status with good or bad news instead of a dull waiting without any announcement for 2-3 weeks. I am developer myself too and really it's not that easy as you think. Okay, in theory, it seems there shouldn't be a problem with smaller releases but think about its planning phase they calculate build times and collaboration steps and when something went wrong you either replan or stick with delays. Also, it's not that easy to remove already implemented things. Trust me it might cause more delay if they try to change their plan and cut the update in smaller pieces right now. I know you all love Warframe and want to have more reasons to play just like me. But we should be patient I think. Go try other games or find a way to spend time without Warframe. Unless you are a content creator 😞 ugh, that's tough for you guys. Yea it sucks but there is nothing we can do for now so let's roll with the flow.
  3. Yea, of course, you are right. It was just you know things I did when I really bored of regular gameplay. Just to share some random ideas I thought maybe they can trigger better ideas on designers mind.
  4. Yess! So the story continues. That's what I really wanted.
  5. As a player with 1200+ hour ingame time. I understand that you are thinking of newcomers but as veterans, we really need something different than regular gameplay. Because we love this game and want to play it but we did that regular "survive sabotage rescue, killing, etc.." missions too much that I really feel like we need fresh challenges as "Spy in operator mode" which is different than regular gameplay. TBH I sometimes find myself trying to finish the entire star chart without any mods just for fun and challenge. I personally enjoy riven mod unveil challenges which can be also added in nightwave pool. Besides that -Finish X mission without a bullet jump. -Finish X mission (weapon type & 1 2 3 4 skill & even companion or sentinel) only -Kill or Scan (number) (enemy type eg. charger or elite lancer) -Scan (number) of X enemy at (planet) without being detected in Y mission type. (I prefer helios scan not count) -Capture target without killing anyone else. -Complete a bounty without getting down from Archwing. -Farm (number) (resource) (and maybe with a condition) -Kill (number) enemy while being affected by (arcane)(okay newcomers might struggle to do this) And please remove the missions which would make me waste resources in a rush. such as forma 3 times because I waste a bunch of forma when I had a lot of them and now I need them for some weapons but now I need to wait its crafting time. you know some weapons need 8 forma to maxed out. Please don't force players what to do with resources but tell how to play in different ways. Edit: Also Survive 60 min and 40 waves def were the only things that veterans would enjoy a little bit at least but you cut both in half is pretty much idk what to say. IF YOU CANT FIND BALANCE BETWEEN NEWBIES AND VETERANS THEN DONT TRY TO FIND BALANCE. Because you will lose either veterans or newbies on this run there is no middle ground for both. Just add veteran exclusive missions like arbitration more and push the limits even further. Warframe community plays way more effective then you think.
  6. Thats a bit from me Missions should definitely be making more sense. I would change the linear progression system to the tree branch progression system. like imagine a tree and as you beat challenges they become tougher. I also would remove the weekly limit which actually makes people bounded to the game with force & chains instead of loyalty. First, it might seem good but it could really damage the game itself at its core. Instead, I would put community goals to unlock the next tier challenges. And not remove old ones so if people miss it for a long time they still can grind it up with their hard work through "meaningful incremental difficulty missions". Here i draw an example
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