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  1. Players' waypoint markers should be a prioritized QoL update, please~
  2. I hope getting teleported to squadmates' location while not being inside Railjack is fixed, this has been the cause of so many other issues including black screen.
  3. Well.. yeah the space flow seems to have been made for the game of tag with 2 access points in every room but at least it is kind of fun chasing boarding party around this art installation interior xD and at least it's not so cramped like the Grineer Crewships.
  4. I'd rather NOT have more hud element. Warning can stay as natural dialogue BUT as you suggested, important messages should take immediate priority and interrupt his other chatter mid-sentence.
  5. While I don't think your rage rant is reasonable, I do agree that the current Kuva Lich system should be completely scrapped because it is anti-progressive and RNG is rage-inducing, I've had too many worse-case scenarios happened to the point I believe either it was rigged or something is not right about the calculations like the times they used bad RNG seeds and when Chesa Kubrow had 0% random incubation chance for my account.
  6. The "void" reward is still consistent today as well... I did encounter Infestation all over the place tho.
  7. Crewship Reactor's collision volume is unnecessarily complex that I usually get stuck while trying to rush the pilot.
  8. I found that if the key has been bound to other action, 'tactic' control is lower priority unless you enter pilot/gunner seat. *Railjack control bindings are near lowest section of option>control tab.
  9. Activating Railjack Recall again during the countdown will consistently get player stuck in countdown state: timer stay at 0, cannot use Recall again, cannot use operator, until revive.
  10. To answer the original post relevantly.... aim for the glowing jet engine first. It will temporarily immobilize the ship for the kill.
  11. Need the option to cancel partially funded wreckage repairs, especially when I found a better wreckage, there is no point in wasting resources for that unfinished inferior project and it would stay there forever.
  12. In desperate need of waypoint marker(s) in Railjack. Too much fun, I don't even like vehicle combat sim. ❤️
  13. One did fly away with me still inside and dropped me outside the universe bound without Archwing and I fell forever~ ~
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