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  1. Yup, and you should, Paracyst damage is very lacking, it worth only as a support tool against high-level enemies.
  2. I find them pretty easy to avoid/outrun as long as I heard them first and they die instantly when rolled over.
  3. Paracyst harpoon secondary trigger is fun and the gun has high status chance. Unfortunately certain menacing enemies are immune to both.
  4. We might be getting the same account "error". According to Wiki Nidus part blueprints should not be too difficult to get. Try teaming up with other and see if they get one when yours get switched.
  5. My instinct told me they simply forgot and give all the default max health.
  6. Token exchange deals should never run out, always generate more when a deal is taken. Hour cycle can serve to refresh all leftover deals.
  7. The Warframe de-spawn bug must have something to do with toggle abilities which I don't use, I played a lot but it never occur to me at all. I did got stuck because of fishing spear misfire pretty often, only way out is to get killed by enemy and if enemy's attack always miss, use sit emote hotkey (gear wheel not working) to sit where it can hit.
  8. Nice. Then there shall be no few stubborn survivors left around Obelisks :3
  9. I say any somewhat-tough Warframe of choice, Vazarin Protective Dash and/or Guardian Blast, Exodia Epidemic, Catchmoon secondary and some good reflex.
  10. ntyd1s


    There is a check box option for that.
  11. I have tested multiple tricks, stand on cliff near river in certain location, teleport to Necramech placed very far away back and forth, Void Dash upward very high and back down, in the end I settled with just staying in Warframe and running to barren area with no river and back to get fish to spawn. Usually get some spawn and despawn very quickly so it works but requires quick precision throws.
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Loss of one or multiple functionalities in Isolation Vault REPRODUCTION: Having close combat exchanges against hostile Necramech EXPECTED RESULT: I expect hostile Necramechs to not inflict persistent disabilities, maybe add extra trigger to clear all of those when they die OBSERVED RESULT: Operator Void Dash ability loss (still occurring after latest hotfix) and sometimes Operator's body stays half-invisible through Transference in and out until extraction [bug encountered too often] All personal Necramech's abilities loss
  13. We used to be able to transfer from Warframe to Operator as well before Update 29. Here is how I used that to spend time more efficiently (and have more fun) in Kuva Flood that I don't have to wait around on 4 siphons. (Enemies in 2 or more tiles away will be deactivated so they cannot complete siphon without me nearby) Skip to 4:15 for the wrap-up.
  14. There are multiple fun ways to teleport long distance in Warframe without specific build requirement that some people might see as exploits but I see them as consistent natural orders of things. Currently there are 4 that I know of, they may require a little bit of planning ahead to utilize in the field. 1. Operator to Warframe You can leave Warframe behind and return to it later (sometimes you do even without wanting to) by letting Operator die OR changing into Warframe without touching "stable ground" (midair or from a railing) and jump down a pit to get re-positioned where
  15. You know random offenders can become your savior when fishing spear get you stuck so you don't lose all progress when that happens.
  16. Something happened days ago while I was out scavenging Cambian Drift, a private message from a stranger wanting to buy Amesha Archwing (40P) I put on Warframe.market a while ago. I was a bit occupied at the moment and also my trader status is offline on the site so I was not in a rush to reply. Minutes later, the same guy whispered me again but this time the message seems to be for someone else, sent by typo mistake, an offer to buy Amesha (60P) from another seller. This time I was free to reply, and as always, I first tell customers that Amesha is obtainable from clan research so he can
  17. I had a problem with it since the first time in Cambian Drift attacking Jugulus in melee, HP bar would hover above its head off-screen due to its height. I tried toggling to static HP bar and discovered worse problems, it does not update instantaneously with where my crosshair is pointing at. This becomes more problematic in Profit Taker fight while trying to destroy 4 legs, it kept showing HP of nearby leg instead of the one I was point at. Though having only one spot on screen to check enemy's HP can be good, I think its position is a bit too far from center. Back to HP bar on enem
  18. I enjoy using Ivara's Quiver ability the most but I prefer combat up-close and personal.
  19. Updated the information according to current game version. This is me passed through, failing to grab a Scintillant during its white state ~ ~; It makes more sense now.
  20. There is no point worrying about bugs, of course this is Warframe! xD New client in session should not interfere with the ongoing interaction, logically.
  21. Vehicle owners should have an OPTION to allow teammate to ride their Railjack / K-Drive / Necramech with ability to recall or commandeer and eject the borrower at any time. Stronger player lending mech to weaker peer in mission will make a good squad interaction. Affinity should be distributed among borrower and lender's vehicle.
  22. To extra Forma capacity that can't be used... To extra Entrati Standings cost difference, I got screwed over twice in a row~
  23. Great... I don't get any refund for Forma on other slot while the capacity gained is now useless without the slot. 😒
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