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  1. Is there any news on the command intrinsic? Are there any plans for a kuva lich rework? Are there plans to shift the focus of the system from the weapon to the lich itself? Will there be more ways to interact with the lich, or changes to make them develop more dynamically? Will there be more ways to acquire murmurs? Is there any news on the Railjack economy rebalance?
  2. More kuva lich voice lines and personalities? We’re still missing lines for converted liches with quirks.
  3. These changes are a good start to making the gameplay of liches less tedious, but are there going to be more changes to make them more personal? Liches currently aren't as much of a "personal enemy" as they are a gun that laughs at you and takes 2-3 hours of murmur farming to build. Are we getting any changes towards making kuva liches more memorable?
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