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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  2. Timer disappears in granham void after dying and reviving
  3. bump, this has become REALLY hard to get that poster
  4. they were not deleted all avionics became only one type and are your avionics were converted, nothing was "lost" yeah kinda sucks for people who grinded for the rarer ones but now things are more universal and are way better, imagine having 3 different serrations and only one being actually viable
  5. Nora tells me the glass has shown up yet nothing spawns, even ran around with a scanner searching has happened twice just didnt understand event. (must look for blue rift like void then enemies spawn)
  6. you can go of the old notes for the PTS but there is no guarantee they will be accurate anymore just have to wait and see
  7. Any Fix for Infinite loading after murex raids causing me to leave the Flotilla instance?
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