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  1. I think it's fixed now. I'm on 6% and no failure at all yet.
  2. And now I don't even get a progress bar. DE, seriously. I'm not saying I could do better. But at least make sure ALL OF YOUR SERVERS are up and running before launching a massive update. A chunk of the community cannot play this game. I'm starting to feel that the Friday update was intentional.
  3. Tweekey

    Update Failures

    Why can some people successfully update the game today while others can not? What is this?!
  4. What? How? I can't even get an expected download time to show up.
  5. They did plan for a Thursday release, too. But that NEVER works out.
  6. Can't even update the game. I was at work all day so I didn't get to install the original update. Anyway, the launcher gets to about 2-3% progress in the update, then says it failed.
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