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  1. Hey! I'm little duck how is it going? We can have a special experience 🙂 Killing spiders I have a special friend from Quillis they can help us as well 🙂
  2. we could try or something 😛 but it seems clear to me i just gave an opinion 😛
  3. i know fortnite its cancer but the conclave seems way too low and many people dont play at all lunaro was an idea but people got bored and the original pvp is bad
  4. We could add some more Fun/Cancer on the game by adding Tenno Royale on the game (Conclave). Some examples would be like the Map Fortuna is decently big for about 30 - 50 People. Although some people will not like that idea. We could use warframes that don't one-shot other frames or unequip them with mods.(Saryn for example). and the guns could be normal guns from Tenno Lab or the MK1 guns with Special mods that can be bought with points from the conclave manager on any relay.
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