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  1. There are a lot of bugs on the Ludopex gamemode : Frame Fighter 

    1) We cannot change warframes

    2) Some of the base attacks are bugged (This also includes animations like the grabing one)

    3) Sometimes i can hit the enemy player before even the timer starts

    4) While leaving the game sometimes you get stuck on the loading screen and you have to close the game.

    5) Except from basic bug movements, there are also abilities bug movents.

    And much more, consider fixing them if possible.



  2. You can "delete" a lich mid way . Go to earth Iron awake on paladino.

    Also 1.30 hours for a special weapon is very easy and it takes little time. The rng is also not bad. I dont really think they should change something apart from the bugs of course.
    There are games were you have to farm for weeks / months or even a year to get 1 single item to the right lvl with the right stats.

    and if they reduce the time of kill liches or murmur the prices of the weapons will be lowered just as everything else. Nowdays when i new warframes comes out you need 250 plat for it the old days (like 2 - 3 years ago) you need 1500+ for a new prime frame that came out. Same with lich now you need a few hundreds of platinum to buy something. thats my point if you reduce the time of the farm then the trade system will fail again. Thankfully rivens are still in touch.

  3. 3 hours ago, (PS4)IIFrost_GhostII said:

    Yea thats pretty good at limiting their power, i think that adding a mechanic that causes the turrets to need repairs to help them function as good as they were when they were first placed also helps with limiting their power too. Making them useful but not overpowered 

    If you do put the turrets in all 1 ability, you could probably make this do something cool like change the element of whatever new 1st and 3rd ability ideas you come up with. Like if he using a fire hammer, his new 3rd ability lets him lay down a pool of lava and a Cold hammer lets him lay down a sheet of ice that enemies will slide on all the way to the point where you stopped placing the ice. You and your allies can slide on it too up until the same point.

    Your 1st ability can be something thats like a elemental rocket. Instead of exploding on contact, it explodes on a timer. Before that timer ends, the rocket can pick up enemies in its path by ramming into their chest and carrying them off. When the rocket explodes, it will almost look like fireworks. Something that might even be pretty funny to see, playing a mission and having a bunch of enemies stuck on a rocket. Hold the ability to fire more rockets

    Or maybe he upgrades his other weapons in some way, adding another damage type to them

    Some ideas


    Thanks all this ideas are really interesting thank you!❤️

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  4. 8 minutes ago, (PS4)IIFrost_GhostII said:

    Wait this doesnt make since, we have no clue about how much damage his turrets will do. If they were like mesa, their would be no sacrificed damage, only gained? Why r u assuming the abilities cant deal good damage?

    I like that your warframe uses turrets but i feel like you could put all the turret abilities in 1 ability, like Vaubans Mine layer. That way you can come up with more abilities that are more distinct from each other

    I seen 1 person a long time ago come up with a warframe called Vulcan using volcano like abilities and building mechanics. Could try something like that. Or maybe have his abilities temporarily buff his turrets or repair them.

    I like the overall idea of the warframe but i dont like that 3 abilities are being used for turrets

    Now that you mention it actually makes more sence, and as for the turets you are right the ability 1 applies 1 projectile per second or 0.5 second / and the miniguns are like mesas ulti without having to press left click. But the downside is that you can put them on your position and the way you look at + no upwards or downwards

  5. 5 minutes ago, krc473 said:

    This means the frame isn’t worth using. Our melee weapon’s are likely going to be more effective than the turrets. So why would we not use our melee? You should probably rethink the hammer. Also, you need a proper passive. Garuda has this with her claws, but also gets a passive.

    Explosions stagger you. This doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    Oo you are right forgot about that... as for the hammer its also correct did not think that clearly thanks for the information! ❤️

    But apart from those how's the warframes concept?


  6. Byron

    Byron ("baeron") is a frame based with high damage output and armor buffs that is being provided from his own turrets that he builds. Hit kit features 3 types of turrets for specific use and his own weapon (We will talk later about this.). Base frame for high end game and supporter frame.

    Byron Stats

    Armor : 50 (Rank 30 - 75)
    Energy: 150 (Rank 30 - 200 or 250)
    Health : 150 (Rank 30 - 250)
    Shield : 50/75 (Rank 30 - 100)
    Sprint Speed : 1.00

    Backstory & Lore:

    was used from the orokin to slain sentinels on the old war. He was big, strong with a few scratches and steam engines on his back and sides were used to unfocus the sentinels. With one of his hammer slams he could shatter the ground and before anyone notices from the dust he already had built his turrets for him and his tenno allies. One sight of his face was enough to bring terror to everyone. Although the war was “won” from the sentinels Byron was destroyed by them and was used to build the sentinels empyrean ships (Great place to farm him) or so they thought. Through a lost signal from the help of Cephalon Cy on the plains of Eidolon they were able to locate his parts on a sentinel “galleon” ship so he can stand one last time...


    Byron Main build

    will be (depends on the player) a very squishy warframe with high damage output, while still being supportive. Duration and Strength will be his main source of power.


    If not equipped with a melee weapon he gets his hammer (Can be either “small” hammer or hammer like Fragor). Note : Basically forces the player to not equip their own melee’s.

    Main damage from the hammer is Puncture and/or Impact.

    He uses it (mostly) to repair his turrets in the battlefield and change the damage types of his turrets.

    Ability 1 (Single Shot tower):

    Byron builds a turret at his aim cursor:
    It’s a turret that shoots single target projectiles in an 360° area (Can only have 1/2).
    Can be modified with hammer (right or left click to change the damage types) and change the damage type to Explosive and/or Puncture.

    Scales most with Range Mods and Strength Mods. Range mods increase the area of the turret.

    Ability 2 (Steam Engine):

    Byron extract steam from his back stun nearby enemies (similar to excalibur Radial Blind) and

    1) Gives him 10 - 30 Health points per second for the duration.
    2) Gives him movement speed

    (The choice here is yours: My opinion the first would be more crucial).

    Scales most with Duration Mods and Strength Mods

    Ability 3 (Flying Bomb Turrets):

    Byron builds a turret at his aim cursor:
    It’s a turret that produces bombs BUT they don’t fly towards enemies. Instead it flies towards Byron to apply one of the following buffs (If there are enemies near Byron they do take damage since it is an explosion turret.).:

    1) Status protection: Each bomb randomly gives a different buff like cold / explosion / corrosive / etc.
    2) Extra Armor: 50 armor pro bomb; that stacks 5 times
    3) Damage Buff: Each bomb gives randomly a different damage type that buffs his and allies weapon (Viral / Corrosive / Magnetic)

    Hammer: Can change between those buffs by hitting the turret

    Scales with Strength Mods and Duration Mods. Range mods increase the area of the turret.

    Ability 4 (Miniguns):

    Byron builds a turret at his position and the turret faces the way he looks (Turret cannot face upwards or downwards) and shoots multiple bullets at high speed.

    Can have a maximum of 2.

    Hammer: Can change the damage type Slash / Corrosive or Toxin / Fire or Cold

    Scales with Strength Mods and Duration Mods. Range mods increase the “beam” of the turret.



    Left Click : On the turret to “hit” it restores health points depending on the damage mods of the hammer.

    Right Click: On the turret to change it’s abilities.

    E : Will always be the Melee Attack.


    Augment mods ideas :

    Make it rain!
    (applies to 4 ability) : Can have an extra Minigun or Miniguns slow the attack speed and movement speed from enemies.

    Rank 1: Attack Speed 10% and Movement Speed 10%
    For Each rank till 5 : Add another 5% on Attack Speed and 10% on Movement speed
    Max Rank will be : 30% Attack Speed / 50 % Movement speed

    Too Hot! (applies to 2 ability): Enemies within 5-8 Meters are flamed and “panicked”(Similar to Embers augment mod) for a duration of:

    Rank 1: 0.5 Second(s)
    Rank 2: 1 Second(s)
    Rank 3: 1.5 Second(s)
    Rank 4: 2 Seconds(s)
    Rank 5: 2.5 Second(s)

    Double Trouble! (Applies to 1 and/or 3 ability) Can build an additional Turret.

    Thank you for reading this post. I would like to have a feedback on this warframe please send a message!

  7. The workong station sometimes prepares 2 boxes and then they stay there even tho you exit it 
    1.) The animation is a bit wonky when you call the station to build something.
    2.) The station repair multiple boxes.
    3.) The station sometimes is unfunctional (means we can't use it all in the whole mission).

  8. vor 7 Minuten schrieb K4RN4:

    Conclave is empty because warframe players don't want pvp, so adding more options does not help.


    And who would host this? Certainly not DE , because servers are kinda expensive.

    we could try or something 😛 but it seems clear to me i just gave an opinion 😛



  9. We could add some more Fun/Cancer on the game by adding Tenno Royale on the game (Conclave).

    Some examples would be like the Map Fortuna is decently big for about  30 - 50 People. Although some people will not like that idea.

    We could use warframes that don't one-shot other frames or unequip them with mods.(Saryn for example).

    and the guns could be normal guns from Tenno Lab or the MK1 guns with Special mods that can be bought with points from the conclave manager on any relay.

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