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  1. What's funnier, converting a coolant canister into diluted thermia takes ~15 minutes. Converting one into concentrated thermia is instant. Is it just me, or would it make more sense to swap those two?
  2. Just killed the Orb. Overall, I quite liked it, it's different then the usual "shoot it till it's dead" or "shoot it till it's dead when the invulnerability period ends". Just have one, big problem. I've spent over 20 minutes shooting the raknoids, watching the heat bar go up and down randomly, no matter what I did. Then I finally figured out you're supposed to load the canisters with thermia (If only you could do it as fast with the normal fractures...) and lob them at the Orb... A prompt from Eudico or Zudd would be really helpful... The big cache of minerals and fish parts was also a very nice surprise.
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