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  1. Some of the skill effects are getting out of hand, during my last Hydron run, I was not able to see anything but all kind of skill effect colors. Everything was blinking, pulsing and full of glitter. Was playing with Effects Intensity 100 (default). Also lowering Effects intesnity is not the solution for that, there are some effects I still want to easily identify ingame, but I had to reduce it to be able to see what is going on around me, once the disco starts again. I think for people with epilepsy (I am not one), it must be a horro to play this game
  2. I know the score will carry over to the next time the event starts, I just dont think I will play it then 😉
  3. Is there a different way to get the Opticor Vandal than playing the thermia fractures event? Personally I would even pay Platinum to buy that weapon than playing the event, just cant stand it and playing it till 100 points is just too much for me.. I tried it... really. Without an option to get it, I will never own that weapon.
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