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  1. Since the Gauss update any decoration becomes impossible to move or place as if its lagging bad, if I circle out to put decoration back to its original place it takes 5mn for that to happen. I've talked to other decorators who have the same issues, please look into this its frustrating. @[DE]Helen
  2. I can verify that I've had the same issues in addition to this the transcendence orokin interface the blue light no longer lights up. Please fix all of these issues @[DE]Helen
  3. Orokin Death Squad Shadow clan Ps4 Founding Warlord My dojo design remains to be very random and have a load of screen shots. Would like to thank major contributors to my designs without them it wouldn't be possible. Thanatos, Dirt Dahbber madkron echelon My designs mostly consists of creating different worlds and environments, I do have some actual rooms that are orokin related but I rather make a dragon or spaceship anyday. Throne of Thanatos http://imgur.com/a/mrTYQQw Madkrons arcade http://imgur.com/a/7xJQoN1 Forest of lost souls http://imgur.com/a/WAChQXH Deadman wonderland http://imgur.com/a/3hgpqIj DJ Dirty Dahbbers house http://imgur.com/a/GmU79vK Dirty dahbbers pool and spa http://imgur.com/a/TH5cFFy
  4. What I see in region chat is new players asking questions that have there chat comments quickly disappear because of the constant spamming of garbage that is not warframe related. The other night I watched region players trying to use the n word in different ways to bypass the kickbot for about 45mn. In order to answer a new players question I have to PM them because my answer will never get seen by them as an end result no other new players can see that question or answer to learn anything. The new player experience is pretty bad and when region is all you got if your not in a clan your screwed. This how you lose new players fast. I'm glad you have a great experience with region but my opinions stand. The moderation is broken as an end result of trying to control the crap and legit players are getting kicked for saying legit words in the meantime I still get to watch all the classy conversations. When a clan member pms me and says look at region and I see one of my members participating in racial bashing that will bleed into my clan chat eventually because they think it's ok to do that anywhere since you can in region. I'm going to kick them and tell them why. I guess I do have serious problems with trying to keep warframe respectable.
  5. If you take region out and make trade and recruitment very word specific so the cancer doesn't spread to those tabs all of the issues go away. Region serves as others have said no purpose. The players that complain the most want the right to be toxic and honestly I don't care whether you can turn region tab off or not I choose to keep it on because if I see any of my clan members participating in racial, gay bashing etc. obscenities they get kicked. The moderation is broken because of numerous attempts to fix the cancer problem. When you give people the freedom to say whatever they want this is what happens.
  6. I got decorations spinning and it's making me nuts, can't finish my creation in the dojo. Please fix it plz
  7. Region is an absolute embarrassment to warframe, everytime I bring new players to the game usually they see region chat, I wish it were up to me to decide, I would remove it from the game, new players can't get any help because most of the time you can't see there messages because of the spamming of obscenities. Region serves no purpose
  8. It would be for minor issues. Most clans have 2 or 3 warlords and I can do nothing to kick them, only PM them. It would eliminate alliance drama from alliance tab immediately. Major issues I kick the clan.
  9. Out of curiosity as an alliance owner there are times we have disruptive players that are at Warlord rank in there clan and unable to kick them from the chat. In addition to all the good things you have done to clean up region any way we can have the alliance owner able to kick warlords from alliance tab?
  10. Orokin Death Squad Shadow Ps4 Founding Warlord https://youtu.be/k9Lk_4Wi-r4 Warframe Dojo contest 2019 https://imgur.com/gallery/bLcgVbJ There are alot of screen shots, it's impossible to go through the dojo with a couple of each room. I have alot of Asian style architecture in mine along with eastern and western dragons. My spawn room features pagodas at night with Qingxin the ice dragon using a portal to punch into our dojo. I have another room with fire dragons from hades busting through the dojos defenses as well as shiny raquaza taking over the Loki room. They are all in search of our secret dragon lily garden. A sinister greenhouse that mass produces dragon Lilly's which are used for there immortality properties. Felucia is a Alice in wonderland type setting where everything is oversized with lots of plants and a plant creature waiting for the next victim. The rest of my rooms are fun rooms along with snowmen having a party. That's pretty much it. My clan has contributed alot of resources and couldn't do it without them.
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