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  1. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Dojo decorating issues

    The dojo decorations spinning and being impossible to place with any accuracy continues, was looking for any update of how much longer this will continue. Hate to be complaining as I always appreciate your hard work for us.
  2. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Cannot decorate due to new PS4 controls

    The decorating debacle is getting worse in the dojo, I have to stop making my dragon lol thank you in advance for fixing.
  3. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    PS4 Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2.9 (+ Hotfixes)

    I got decorations spinning and it's making me nuts, can't finish my creation in the dojo. Please fix it plz
  4. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    Region is an absolute embarrassment to warframe, everytime I bring new players to the game usually they see region chat, I wish it were up to me to decide, I would remove it from the game, new players can't get any help because most of the time you can't see there messages because of the spamming of obscenities. Region serves no purpose
  5. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    It would be for minor issues. Most clans have 2 or 3 warlords and I can do nothing to kick them, only PM them. It would eliminate alliance drama from alliance tab immediately. Major issues I kick the clan.
  6. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    Out of curiosity as an alliance owner there are times we have disruptive players that are at Warlord rank in there clan and unable to kick them from the chat. In addition to all the good things you have done to clean up region any way we can have the alliance owner able to kick warlords from alliance tab?
  7. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Orokin Death Squad Shadow Ps4 Founding Warlord https://youtu.be/k9Lk_4Wi-r4 Warframe Dojo contest 2019 https://imgur.com/gallery/bLcgVbJ There are alot of screen shots, it's impossible to go through the dojo with a couple of each room. I have alot of Asian style architecture in mine along with eastern and western dragons. My spawn room features pagodas at night with Qingxin the ice dragon using a portal to punch into our dojo. I have another room with fire dragons from hades busting through the dojos defenses as well as shiny raquaza taking over the Loki room. They are all in search of our secret dragon lily garden. A sinister greenhouse that mass produces dragon Lilly's which are used for there immortality properties. Felucia is a Alice in wonderland type setting where everything is oversized with lots of plants and a plant creature waiting for the next victim. The rest of my rooms are fun rooms along with snowmen having a party. That's pretty much it. My clan has contributed alot of resources and couldn't do it without them.
  8. (PS4)FLamin_UniKorn

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Orokin Death Squad Storm clan Ps4 Founding Warlord Dojo designers are me, Ecompanyhotrod, Warqueen