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  1. Void fissures do not spawn enough reactant in capture missions if squad mates join late. Sometimes capturing the target too early will cause not enough enemies to spawn causing 6/10 or worse because not enough corrupted enemies drop the reactant. Exterminates in lower level Meso or Lith fissures also don't spawn enough enemies due to the rate people join late. Sometimes I kill 50/80 and the 4 public person spawns and cannot complete their reactant count. My suggestion for every type of mission is to use the new parazon system to activate the relic. It can be that after "X" amount of fissure spawns (Lith 3, Meso 5 Neso & Axi 7) something special spawns with the parazon being the key to interact with it. After the interaction the relic is "open" even if the person joins late. Either that or increase the amount of fissures spawns or lower the reactant count.
  2. When sprint is set to toggle, aiming will cause you to not sprint when you're on controller. If you use a mouse and aim the sprint is still active, however aiming with controller disables sprint.
  3. Vauban's vector pads, no real use.
  4. Stance Forma unlike the rest of the blueprints are 24 hours long to build unlike it's 23 hours counterparts.
  5. TYPE: PC Profit Taker Fight DESCRIPTION: Radial Blast Damage does not work on the shields meaning penta, zarr, tonkor, etc. their blast damage does not affect the shield phase VISUAL: No Visual REPRODUCTION: Do the profit taker mission with a innate radial blast elemental EXPECTED RESULT: Before it use to damage the shields OBSERVED RESULT: Currently shields are not damage by radial blast REPRODUCTION RATE: Every mission in Profit Taker as of 3/17/2020
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