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  1. Kind of rare for me to go to Hydron nowadays, unless there is a fissure there. Kind of odd to imply a "looter-whore" mentality since my sugestion are about increasing variety by diversifying content that is rarely used. In that sense Nightwave tasks, is a step in the right direction and a good substitute from the ancient alert system.
  2. You are right about me not paying attention, and the Disruption expansion is (partially) good news, my fear is that these missions ends up being just another dot in the star map, that i play it once and forget about it (kinda like already happened tbh). So i think they should add expansions AND timed events that already exists in order to increase player retention like Arbitration, Syndicate, Fissures, Invasion, Sorties, Nightwave, etc. Take the orokin derelict tileset for example, the missions most people play in this mod boils down to Ayatan hunt, capture and Sortie, also the lack of public matches in this tileset doesn't do much favors...
  3. Im just offering some suggestions in how to give life to content that feels dead or forgotten. I understand that some of these missions are bad or need fixing and i dread having to farm something in a boring mission (free roaming is the worst offender to me), but some of these missions are fine but nothing special so when you have to choose, you choose the ones that gives more stuff so some tilesets/gamemodes gets the short end of stick. Here's another sugestion: Time specific alerts for some story based quests, i don't care that much for those, but it would be a way to make players care more about the game story?
  4. I actually want to play more varied game modes, but the lack of people in public matches turns me off, i should also mention that i play defection in some sorties, but since i already farmed Harrow, why play defection when i can play a similar mode like Survival while opening relics/invasion/arbitration? "That's just the "loot-whore" mentality you're trying to satisfy which won't work because if that's the incentive, it's not a good one" Maybe but beats zero incentive.
  5. A full lobby is also a good incentive to play endless missions, a lot of meh game modes gets more attention if you throw some extra reward.
  6. I usually like to farm more than one thing at the same time (for example, Orokin cells and invasion rewards/relics, etc), but i think some of the newer and not so new game modes like Infested salvage, defection, kuva fortress and orokin derelict tilesets, the new game mode on the jupiter tileset) are poorly explored on alternative modes like Relic farming, invasion, Arbitration, sorties, etc. One of the probable reasons DE don't implement these modes probably have to do with farming restriction of frames/corrupted mods. So if farming frames while having fun is an issue, i would suggest cutting these kind of rewards(frame parts, corrupted mods) as a last resort so more people could enjoy more different content. Also, speaking of new content, i would suggest a rework of the free roaming maps, they are too small for free roaming, yet too big for random missions like exterminate,defense,interception, etc. and the side activities feels like a chore, but i guess overhauling this is a bit more complicated i guess...
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