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  1. Gamma With 5 minutes left till, presumably, pain and suffering, Insali simply downloaded all of the accessible data, and got to squeezing through the gap in the wall. It was not fast, it was not pleasant, and it most definitely was more than unsafe.
  2. Gamma Insali was less than thrilled at the prospect of having to carry out the purge on himself, via squeezing between obviously unstable hull plating. Furthermore, he'd have to pass the atmospheric shielding, that kept the vacuum of space from violently jellyifying the Excalibur, by pulling him through the crack with crushing force. Insali weighed his options, staring at the console. Not like there were many options to consider. But before engaging in what was seemingly a surefire way to gain a few new whole-body scars, the Symbiote Tenno inspected the console that should be hacked open by now.
  3. "Wow... It's almost like this is some game..." Insali chuckled to himself, pulling out a Cipher, and attaching it to the console port. These little data carriers were a godsend to someone who was not on good terms with tech and hacking. Like Insali. Now it should take but a second for the encrypted script to run and bypass the lock, cancelling the purge command.
  4. Gamma "Ain't that a kick in the head..." Insali muttered, after noticing a dagger flash for less than a second. "Guess I'm on my own now..." the Excalibur mused, slowly approaching the console. He wasn't entirely comfortable with the placing of it. And the sudden change of where what had been, did no good to his mental map, he'd been keeping.
  5. Gamma With a little effort and a bit of diversion, Insali managed to slip past the sensor and the door, taking a step in the empty room, as the doors closed behind him. The Excalibur noticed the console, and had no inclination of touching it. Best let Palutu get to it first. He decided it'd be best to check the walls for any loose panel, or masked doors. Not the Grineer standard, but this obviously wasn't a standard Grineer ship.
  6. Gamma Seeing Dov move forward, without saying anything clued Insali in that the cephalon was probably giving directions to his teammate, and as the current surroundings were devoid of anything else worthwhile, the Excalibur followed the others.
  7. GAMMA "This is not good... Trap or not..." Insali muttered, rising up. "We should find out more."
  8. Gamma "Well, this is odd... I'm pretty sure we should be hearing the engines, or something." Insali muttered, kneeling down, and checking the bisected Lancer's headgear for a comm piece. He cast a cursory glance at the room, and the console, while checking the body, trying to discern something of note, aside from the console. The Excalibur had no inclination to approach it. He was better at taking guys out, not cracking codes.
  9. Gamma In a fluid motion, Insali darted forwards, unsheathing his Skana and making a broad slash, with the intent to cleave the other Lancer in two. It seemed like these two were the only ones currently present Should be an easy job to silence them.
  10. Gamma "Oh... so you can hear me..." Insali commented on the voice in his head, adding a though about going insane. "Cephalon, give me at least some notification, that you're accessing my audiovisual feed." the Excalibur addressed Palutu, before going dark. He paid no attention to Ordis' chatter, and exited the Liset, before having his Archwing hooked up, and silently floating towards the marked entry points. Inside his head though Insali was cursing and lamenting every second of the Archwing flight, and looking from the side it was clear that he was a rather clumsy pilot. Not the worst, but definitelly struggling with the contraption. "The best idea, trapped in the worst design..." he half-muttered to himself.
  11. The flight to the ship had been quite serene. Ordis kept up his incessant chatter for the most of it but Insali had managed to filter it out and get some semblance of rest. Not like there's much else to do while hurtling through the black void of interplanetary space. "I really wish you'd stop doing that..." Insali thought at the voice in his head. The Symbiote got his armor pieces, and started reattaching the Excalibur suit's armor plating. "Cephalon, do you still require my audiovisual feed? The connection could jeopardize the stealth aspect of our insertion." He asked Palutu, switching off the broad-range radio. ((I'll fix the colors in the evening. For now, suffer minty overload))
  12. Γ "Perfect. Looks like we're already getting along." Insali responded, feigning misinterpretation of the slight. Seeing one of his squad mates, the one presumed to be Dov, pick up the datamass in a very aggressively non-specific manner, Insali got back into his own Liset, submerging himself in it's grey asketicism. "Welcome back, Operator! While you were gone I counted the-..." "That's nice, Ordis. Now, connect to this frequency and put it on speakers." Insali interrupted the cephalon, walking up to the inactive foundry. He proceeded to remove the armor plating from his upper half, and placing it on the constructor panel. Once he was stripped enough to feel the chill of the cold, sterile ship interior on what remained of his unaugmented flesh, the Symbiote drew his Skana, and produced a whetstone out of a storage locker. The Excalibur sat down in the cockpit, entered the coordinates to move his Liset to just outside the docking area of the relay, and started to slowly and carefully run the whetstone along the blade of the Skana.
  13. Inb4 everyone forgets Palutu in the hangar.
  14. Γ "Another one..." Insali groaned, connecting to the channel. "I hope you're not as chatty as that pile of data trash, that calls himself Ordis." He took another slice of bread, placing the now empty glass on the table, before heading out of the hall, and making his way towards his Liset. If an order to move out is to be received, it would be better to be ready to act fast. By all accounts this ship was one that waited for no one, and they had been placed on a last minute boarding list. As a note, Insali refused to share his perception with the apparent team member yet.
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