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  1. Sorry for the delay. work's been killing me. Did a small post only answering to WolfmanX9. I will find time to post the Lunaro rules in their fullest before my next prolonged hiatus, but right now know this - it is post based (so, 1 shot and 1 intercept/block attempt per post) and uses a d20 (google has a pretty nice dice roller as I discovered). Maybe at some point we can even organize Lunaro games. Just need to think of a decent way to separate the Lunaro posts from regular posts. Probably via the poster putting [TEAM NAME] or [TEAM NAME] at the top of their post... You are welc
  2. "Ah, just some refreshments, to restock Moon-side fridges. Nothing harder than a soda, I'm afraid." The young man stated, nodding to fridge in a tiny alcove, that was half-empty. Thaks would be able to recognize some of the bottles as Corpus make, and some were clearly in a simplified Orokin design. However none of the bottle batches were Grineer. Should he head to inspect the fridge, for refreshments, he'd notice that there was a full line of Grineer bottles, that had seemingly been undisturbed for a good while. The bottle had Grineer script on it's side and read "Kola". Not a popular on
  3. Hope I made the post in an okay fashion. need to do 1 edit. Otherwise, it's just an update on what some of the staff is doing. Lunaro rules coming tomorrow tho.
  4. Thraks would notice a young guy, not older than 20-22 come through the hallway, into the spacious Moon-wing recreational room, with a hover cart, laden with various bottles. The newcomer would give a friendly smile and a wave to the grineer, and pull the hovercart through a small door at the far end of the room. The young man was wearing casual clothing, akin to something only seen in dated holovids. He had a skinsuit covering his body to his knees and elbows, above which he wore large baggy shorts with oversized pockets. He also wore a very light button-up t-shirt with a flower pattern in s
  5. Alright. Actually sitting down and making a post. will write up Lunaro rules here after the post.
  6. I did already imply that people filter out checking in, leaving rooms and what not for the rest to pick up. There's no need to have the same repeated over and over, as Ashtare right now did nothing but repeat the same lines. I will address you as a new arrival, in a clear lobby, and state so in the IC post as well. :)
  7. Probably something akin to an actual leg replacement. depending on cash spent, I'd say it could still be just rigid metal with 0 articulation, or something mechanical. There's not much need for innovation, aside from more durable, or lighter materials. pretty sure used the wrong word there. let's put it as "prank". I must rectify my vocabulary. my brain has lied to me.
  8. @Owlrrex, seems good, welcome aboard. One question tho - how does Vydraixenne deal with having no legs outside her suit? Does she have prosthetic repulsion boosters or something? But overall is fine, welcome to The Embrace ---- @(XBOX)CI shadow2397, I have not gone over the incident within IC that caused the rift between you and 0nuku, but please be mindful of such blunders in the future. I will take on good faith that you did not intend anything malicious, perverse, or disturbing with said post, and it was just an awfully bad time, for an overall low tier gaff. This is not a repr
  9. Taking sides? Oh goodie! *cries in GM* Will do, post work
  10. wow... I am... jsut... oof. Double response to the same post.... Mkay. Psy, going dark for now.
  11. I don't recall if I missed you or not, but will check in a bit. :)
  12. oh wait, missed the last page. S#&$e... :/ Well, anyways... will do a post, and check things properly today
  13. Is fine. swamped in work. I'll take a look at the application in the evening, and make a main post, soon. Could someone update the cast call, about who is where, please?
  14. The constant conflicts of the war ravaged Sol System have died down to smaller and less destructive border conflicts. With both the Grineer and Corpus coming to a grinding stalemate, and the sides taking up a more defensive stance, a period of uneasy peace has set in. And with less conflict, there is less reason for Tenno to interfere. While some conflicts still called for the Warframe-clad mercenaries, from all factions of the system, not to mention the endless holdout against the Infested, that seemed to be indestructible in it's vastness, many more operators found time to relax, and tu
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