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  1. A`ight, gonna make a concentrated effort to put at least a few posts out. Can someone run by me who needs the staff? Was someone stuck in the Lunaro arena practicing? (yes I remember that I promised some form of Lunaro rules)
  2. I`mma just refer you to the last section in the first post: So - technically it`s implied that every character sticks to only one suit (sort of how in the lore of the game, each warframe initially was a singular entity (if I remember the lore correctly)), but I guess I can see characters switching suits - they are exosuits after all. just... don`t overdo the switching part, so it`s not like a revolving door thing between all the warframes, `kay?
  3. Wow... you guys are keeping this thing active... I`m terribly sorry for my lack of involvement. Anything I should be instantly aware of?
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