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  1. I read that first reddit post about the mouse and keyboard functionality and seeing it referenced and knowing this will be fixed for them (and others), to get full cheesy, makes me a "Happy Tenno".
  2. I have a question, currently there are 2 PS4s in the household, so we can play, if we go to one PS5 and one PS4, will we be able to switch between the two to play with each other, or once one of us moves to the PS5 will whoever does that have to stay there? (Sorry if my question isn't super clear, I can try to explain better if need be)
  3. Hello! I'm looking to sell and looking to buy, also willing to work a deal for trades! I'll start with what I'm interested in/seeking - *A Helstrum Riven Unrolled (open to rolled with any variation of stats as long as there's a "harmless" negative) *A Masseter Riven with preferably CC/SC (SC hopefully 139%) and a negative (open to many various negatives) *An Imperator Riven with at least 100% Crit Chance and a negative, as long as other stats aren't super useless I'm not picky what else it has (If it has +MS also I'd love to chat about how to obtain it! For a price of cours
  4. Hello! I haven't played much since around Kuva Lichs being tradeable or however that works lol, what weapons have been released since that time that would be worth looking into? I don't have a particular play style or weapon category I lean towards, I like using almost anything and making it work so any suggestions work! (Also, my lord it's like a whole new landscape playing it's almost daunting) Sincerely, A player who's 4 digit hours played feels meaningless now lol
  5. Apologies, but for clarification do I need to do the Heart of Deimos quest to access the rest of this new open world, and is it completely solo only? If so how long does it take? Planning a recording so that's why I ask lol.
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