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  1. Not my Saryn T_T lol, I must confess at never having been toppled for top damage and kills using my Saryn since her rework (only use her during Onslaught) but at least I'm always spinning around and killing fools 😉 Edit: Realized you must meant nuking with her 4...gross that's so boring.
  2. I've played this game far too long lol, anyways, those are the ones I am interested in lol, may you get your desired accessories as well!
  3. Liset Prime and Operator Suit prime were way older then those, I'm also slightly biased cause I have those warframes and unsure their accessories, focusing on the ones I want admittedly haha.
  4. Why hasn't there been some Prime accessories shown up again, yet others have come back multiple times. No Liset Prime, original Operator suit, or Nekros accessories (which is a pipe dream since Nekros was given at tennocon) yet we get Distilling Titan Extractor Prime multiple times.
  5. I know you just gave Nekros out at Tennocon, but c'mon. These guys again? I just want Nekros' Prime Accessories lol, and where is the prime Liset? And the previous prime Operator outfit? Will they ever come back? I got Wukong's Accessories just cause I figured since it had a dog it'd never see the light of day again lol.
  6. Nekros hasn't been unvaulted since he was placed in storage TT_TT
  7. Hopefully this means Nekros will be next? Dying to buy the accessories pack T_T
  8. It's the same that it's always been if nothing else, I suppose consistency is pretty neat? As stated from DE, they were hoping to get stuff out quicker (barring cert nonsense on Sony's end) and that frankly hasn't been the case, not upset cause it's the same it's always been, just wondering if their prior statement is still a goal, or achievable.
  9. So not to be nitpicky, and I'm sure with the launch on the Switch it's halted the progress at quick update releases. But didn't we undergo these UI changes so as to streamline the game and general mechanics so as to get updates to us faster then the 1 month+ timeframe we usually are behind PC? At this point we're what? Two updates behind? (Will be one once this update hits). Gotten used to the cursor and all that nonsense by this point but I don't see what the point was at making consoles have to conform to PC control mechanics when the updates have gotten no faster, and at times slower. Sorry for such a negative message, love the game and keep playing (at least logging in) daily (and let me tell you how puuuuuuumped I am for the Umbra Statue to finally ship, have a shrine in my ship waiting for that noggle lol)
  10. These two again? Super lame, where's Nekros? Want to buy his accessories pack.
  11. Why did we get the nonsense cursor UI stuff, which was supposed to help streamline consoles getting builds as it's bringing the base of Warframe closer between PC and Consoles, yet there's been no time change (if anything it's even longer then normal, even counting the Holidays) in how long it takes for us to get updates?
  12. Why weren't new brackets released for the PC recently? Means even longer for consoles, and thus, even longer before a MOA is truly invested in for anything other than fodder, not with those measly legs we have.
  13. When can we expect the hotfix pertaining to drop chance boosters working for Toroids?
  14. Mesa and her weapons are phenomenally designed, those prime accessories are honestly really horrible, and not remotely worth 60 whole dollars for such small items, so access great, accessories terrible, legitimately.
  15. New Primed ship in the accessories pack please 😄
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